WWE Survivor Series 2015 rumors & match updates

wwe star Batista
Is Batista headed back to WWE again for the Survivor Series 2015 pay-per-view event?

The Survivor Series 2015 rumors are kicking into full gear after the recent news that WWE World Heavyweight Championship would be vacated due to Seth Rollins’ injury in Dublin. That has led to all sorts of speculation about who will win the title as the new champion, and whether or not The Authority will get involved. Also, rumors continue to circulate over who will possibly join up with Kane and The Undertaker for an elimination match against The Wyatt Family, in traditional Survivor Series format.

The biggest news going has been Seth Rollins hurting himself during a live show in Dublin in his match against Kane. The legit injury will have him sidelined about 6-9 months, and will mean he’s got to give up the championship belt. WWE announced they’ll hold a tournament to decide who the new champion will be, but the wrestlers involved in that have yet to be revealed. Most fans are speculating that Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Sheamus and Kevin Owens will all be a part of it. Smart money so far is on Reigns, Ambrose or Sheamus leaving the PPV with the belt. Some even believe The Authority will get involved, and there could be either an Ambrose or Reigns’ heel turn, or Sheamus cash in. That makes for an interesting situation coming up this month.

Another wrestling rumors site, Sports-Kings.com has suggested that Batista might make a big return at Survivor Series, based on previous comments he made that he’d be willing to work some appearances in the future for WWE. The WWE certainly needs more star power now too with Rollins, Cena and Orton among those currently not around. Brock Lesnar could possibly be back for Survivor Series too.

Two guys who are expected to be around for the pay-per-view are The Undertaker and Kane, who were recently taken off TV or the pay-per-view by The Wyatt Family. The story has Bray Wyatt saying he’s consumed their souls, but it’s expected that they’ll end up facing all four Wyatts in a traditional elimination match. Right now it would be just 2-on-4, and that’s not far fetched. However, some have suggested that Sting may possibly team with them, if he’s medically cleared, while other rumors suggest The Rock would make a big return at the event.

Nonetheless, Survivor Series 2015 is certainly becoming more interesting by the moment as WWE is scrambling right now to re-configure their plans for the championship and roster.

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