WWE Survivor Series 2015 Results (Part 2)

WWE Survivor Series 2015 results part 2

The WWE Survivor Series 2015 results continue here at Ringside Results with part 2 of our ongoing match-by-match updates. Among the big matches scheduled for Sunday night’s pay-per-view were The Undertaker and Kane versus two members of The Wyatt Family, Paige versus Charlotte for the WWE Divas Championship, and a match to determine the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. See all of the latest match-by-match updates, recaps and results below for the second half of our coverage! View Survivor Series Results Part 1 here.

Paige vs. Charlotte – WWE Divas Championship

Charlotte took control of things in the ring early on with several takedowns, but it soon moved to the side apron where Paige managed to shove the champ off to the outside floor. She beat up on her some outside the ring before bringing her back inside for a rest hold. Charlotte made a bit of a comeback after Paige had a hold on her back and Charlotte dropped her to the mat. Charlotte went for a Figure Eight but Paige countered into a small package pinfall for a near fall. Charlotte eventually got the hold locked on Paige with Paige yelling in pain. She managed to rolled to the ropes and Charlotte leaned out of the ring to keep the move locked. Eventually she broke it as the ref warned her. Moments later, Charlotte dropped Paige face first onto the apron then yelled “This is My House” to mock Paige.

Paige managed to toss Charlotte into the crowd barrier on the outside and then climbed on top of the barrier to yell “This is My House” and play things up to the crowd. Charlotte got up with her and fought a bit before tackling her to the outside floor. Charlotte tossed Paige back inside and then put the Figure Eight on her. Paige tried to fight it but Charlotte put the full move on and Paige was forced to tap out.

Winner: Charlotte won via submission over Paige to retain the WWE Divas Championship.

The Undertaker & Kane vs. Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper

Taker took down Wyatt with a big clotheslines from against the ropes so Bray quickly tagged in Harper. Taker went Old School standing on the top rope and came down hard on Harper, then rolled him onto the apron for a big leg drop. Kane tagged in to continue beating up Harper a bit, but Harper came back with a big clothesline to the outside. Kane landed on his feet and grabbed Bray for a chokeslam, but Strowman came up from behind Kane, grabbed him and tossed him over the commentators table. The commentary stopped for a bit as the ref held off Taker from trying to get at Strowman. Bray beat up Kane a bit near the table then brought him back in the ring for more stomping before Harper tagged in.

At one spot, Kane and Bray both hit the deck from moves. They struggled a bit to get back up. Kane eventually managed to get over for a hot tag to Taker as Bray tagged in Harper. Taker took it to Harper and set up for a Chokeslam. Wyatt rushed in, so Taker grabbed his throat too. Strowman stood up on the apron and Taker released the holds to go clothesline him down. Harper and Wyatt double clotheslined Taker to the outside, where he landed on his feet facing Strowman and grabbed his neck for a chokeslam. Kane saw it and came out to help, tearing off the top of the Spanish commentary table and then helping double chokeslam Strowman through it.

Back in the ring, Wyatt managed to gain control on a cheap move with Harper against Undertaker. The ref was warning Kane not to get in the ring as the move went down and Wyatt hit Sister Abigail. Harper tried to pin Taker, but Kane came in and broke it up. After Harper connected on a twisting clothesline to level Kane, both Brothers of Destruction were side by side down on the mat. Harper and Wyatt got to corners of the ring to get revved up. Wyatt did his upside down crab walk towards Taker as Harper went towards Kane, but the two brothers both sat up, then stood up. The two grabbed each of the Wyatts by the throat and hit double chokeslams. Kane left to the apron and Taker signaled a cutthroat then hit a Tombstone on Harper for the win.

Winners: The Undertaker & Kane won via pinfall over Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper.

Post-match, Kane got back in the ring and nodded to Taker about their win tonight. Eventually, Taker knelt down on one knee as the lights dimmed. Kane stood in the background posing as the Brothers of Destruction celebrated. They eventually left the ring and walked to the top of the ramp where they both raised their arms in the air before heading backstage.

Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose – WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

Early on, Ambrose was able to semi-Sunset Flip Ambrose off the corner. Ambrose went for a flying move but Reigns got up for a Superman Punch in mid-air to take him down for a near fall. Cole talked about how the title win opportunity keeps seeming to slip away from Reigns. He set up for another Superman Punch but Ambrose countered and tried for Dirty Deeds. Reigns punched him to the ropes with Ambrose bouncing off for his clothesline move. Reigns connected on a spear for the near fall with Ambrose barely getting out.

At one point, both guys were down on the mat and started to slap and punch each other as they got to their feet. Reigns tried to go for a run against the ropes but Ambrose ran into him with a knee. Ambrose punched on Reigns on one of the ring corners and then ran to the opposite corner to gain momentum. He jumped off the corner with one leg and turned to run back towards Reigns, who came rushing at him and connected on a big Spear for the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns won via pinfall over Dean Ambrose to become new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Post-match, Reigns was down on one knee with Ambrose clutching his gut in the background. Ambrose crawled over to Reigns and hugged him giving his some words of praise for the victory. The two stood up and Ambrose eventually left the ring to give Reigns his moment. Confetti blasted off into the air and fell down as Reigns got emotional holding up the title in celebration. Eventually, Triple H’s music hit and he came down to the ring with Reigns seeming puzzled. HHH nodded at Reigns and raised his arm, then clapped for him with Reigns seeming shocked by it all. HHH offered a handshake, but Reigns just looked at his hand and then turned to leave the ring. He got to the ropes, paused to look at the WWE belt and then rushed for a spear to take down HHH. Reigns got up and celebrate with the crowd over the big moment.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Reigns turned and Sheamus was there with a huge Brogue Kick to boot him down to the mat. He handed over his briefcase to the ref to cash in his MITB contract.

Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns – WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Sheamus took the pinfall as the ref called for the bell. The ref dropped and counted it with Reigns getting his arm up before 3, shocking Sheamus and the crowd. Cole said the title match was official and now underway. Reigns tried for a big clothesline, but Sheamus ducked it and then came back to connect on a second Brogue Kick. This one was good for the 3 count, giving Reigns a two-minute title reign and making Sheamus brand new champ. HHH returned to the ring, where he celebrated and hugged Sheamus as he raised his arm. It appeared Sheamus may have become the new member of The Authority.

Winner: Sheamus defeated Roman Reigns via pinfall to become new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

The two continued to celebrate as they walked up the ramp together towards backstage. Meanwhile, a dejected Reigns was shown crumpled in a heap in the ring with Cole and the commentators signing off from Survivor Series 2015.

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