WWE SmackDown Results 12/20/16 for Detroit, MI Episode

Welcome to the WWE SmackDown results for the Tuesday, December 20, 2016 episode. This week’s installment of the show takes place Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. Among the scheduled matches are WWE World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles defending the title against James Ellsworth. Also, an Intercontinental title match is on the card as well as Dean Ambrose taking on Luke Harper of The Wyatt Family. Below are all of the latest WWE SmackDown results for the professional wrestling program.

wwe superstar AJ StylesAJ Styles defeated James Ellsworth via pinfall to retain the WWE World Heavyweight title. The match lasted just over a minute. Styles had control early and had his back turned at one point, so Ellsworth went for a Superkick. Styles caught it and hit a spinning backfist before getting the pin. Post-match, Styles destroyed Ellsworth with multiple move including throwing him against the ring supports underneath the apron and then slingshotting him into the supports. He finished with a snap suplex into the barricade.

Styles got on the mic and said he was sorry not sorry the crowd witnessed that. He bragged about being champ and said he doesn’t need anything from Santa. Dolph Ziggler interrupted to remind him he was facing him for the title. Styles said Ziggler is only good at losing so he’s not worried. Dolph said he put his career on the line for a final shot at the IC title so imagine what he’d do for the Heavyweight title.

Baron Corbin came down to the ring and told Ziggler he should be the one with the title shot. Ziggler said he earned it while Corbin was walking the red carpets during a week off. Corbin said all Ziggler ever does is lose. He said Dolph gets opportunities and loses them. From there, Corbin sucker punched Dolph to close things out.

The Miz defeated Apollo Crews via pinfall to retain the WWE Intercontinental title. In the late part of the match, Crews rolled up Miz with a near fall. Miz went for a move but Crews caught him mid air and hit a German Suplex for another near fall. Moments later, Miz poked Crews in the eye and hit a Skull Crushing Finale for the win. Post-match, Renee Young got in the ring to ask Miz about his obsession with Dean Ambrose during last week’s main event match. Miz asked Renee what her obsession is since she’s the one sleeping with Ambrose. Renee calmed herself a bit but then slapped Miz in the face. The commentary team said Miz crossed the line with that.

Natalya was in the ring after break and asked Nikki to come to the ring so she could talk about all these rumors. Nikki’s music hit and she arrived to the ring with a mic ready to listen. Just then, Carmella’s music hit and she arrived down the ramp with a mic. She said she wanted to listen to how Nattie worms her way out of this one. Natalya told her to shut her mouth. Carmella got on the apron and said Natalya was crying on her shoulder about how Nikki and Brie got all the attention and she didn’t. Natalya tried to shut her up but eventually said it was all true. Carmella nodded and then Nattie said it was all her fault and chased Carmella up the ramp. She got ahold of her and tossed her through some of the Christmas settings on stage. Carmella managed to get back up and headed backstage.

Natalya was going to chase her, but stopped and turned back to look towards the ring. She got on the mic and looked at Nikki saying “Ok, I said it b—h.” She told Nikki she’s always despised her and her sister because they get handed things due to being beautiful. Nattie said she’s wrestling royalty and Nikki is nothing. She said John will never marry her. Natalya stared at Nikki some more to end the segment.

Dean Ambrose defeated Luke Harper via pinfall. Harper seemed to be in control late, but Ambrose managed to grab a surprise rollup pinfall to get the win. He didn’t get much time to celebrate as Orton and Bray hit the ring to beat him down. They gained the advantage and Bray set up for Sister Abigail. He waited and Orton dropped down to pound the mat, then got up. Wyatt sent Ambrose to him for the RKO. Eventually, The Wyatt Family posed in the ring with Harper hoisting up the WWE tag team title belts.

La Luchadora defeated Alexa Bliss in a non-title match. A masked woman in a purple mask with blue and red spandex ring gear was pitted against Alexa Bliss. The mystery competitor got the best of Alexa during the match, hitting a variety of impressive moves. At one point she put a leg scissors lock on Alexa and rolled her around the ring a bit keeping it locked on. Eventually, Alexa regained control and hammered down on Luchadora’s back repeatedly. Moments later, Luchadora managed to grab a surprising win. She left the ring and rushed around to slap hands with various fans in the front row sections. She got back into the ring and undid her mask to reveal it was Becky Lynch. Alexa quickly left the ring and Becky motioned as if she was going to win the belt. The commentators reminded fans next week that Becky gets to challenge Alexa for the title.

Ryan Phillippe from USA’s “Shooter” was walking backstage. He went up to some WWE staff guys and asked if they’d seen Randy Orton around. They said they hadn’t so he walked down the hall some more. He ran into Mojo Rawley and said what’s up, then asked if he knew where Orton was. Mojo said Orton’s become a different dude around there so he may not want to see him. Philippe seemed confused by that remark. Just then, Curt Hawkins came up and started making jokes about Philippe and Mojo. Eventually Rawley said if he likes jokes they could have a match and Hawkins can be his punchline. Hawkins accepted it and referenced the movie “Cruel Intentions” for how he’d deal with Mojo in the ring.

They showed a promotional bit for John Cena’s return to WWE SmackDown next week.

MoJo Rawley defeated Curt Hawkins via pinfall. Ryan Phillippe was on guest commentary. Rawley blasted Hawkins in the corner with a huge clothesline move to take him down for the pinfall. Post-match, Mojo called Phillippe into the ring and raised his arm up with his. The two each posed from different ring corners to celebrate the win.

A female interviewer was backstage waiting outside James Ellsworth’s locker room. She said she just learned he was being taken to an emergency medical facility for the injuries suffered against AJ Styles earlier. The door opened and some trainers came out followed by Ellsworth who was all wrapped up in slings and bandages all over his body. The interviewer asked him several questions but Ellsworth got out groans and moans with short answers. Suddenly, Carmella showed up and told the interviewer to back off. She asked Ellsworth if he was ok and then offered to assist him in walking. Carmella walked off with Ellsworth shocking the interviewer and the commentators ringside.

Dolph Ziggler vs. AJ Styles resulted in a double count out. The winner was supposed to become No. 1 contender to face AJ Styles for the title on next week’s SmackDown. Styles was on guest commentary during the match. Late in the bout, he appeared to actually be rooting for Ziggler to win it. Things spilled to the outside, and Corbin got the best of Ziggler. He tossed him across the commentators table right onto Styles, causing Styles to fall over in his chair. Once Ziggler got back to his feet, he started to punch away on Corbin. The two fought at ringside as the ref continued his count and hit 10, then called for the bell. Styles came over with a steel chair and smashed Ziggler down with it. He turned, look towards Corbin and then bashed him with the chair as well. Styles did it to both guys several times. Eventually, Daniel Bryan’s music hit and came out onto the stage. Bryan said if Styles wants top competition he’ll get it next week in a Triple Threat match against Ziggler and Corbin with the title on the line.

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