WWE SmackDown Results 07/11/17 for San Antonio, TX Episode

Welcome to the WWE Smackdown results for the Tuesday, July 11th episode. Tonight’s show took place from San Antonio, Texas. Among the superstars appearing on the show were the brand new US Champion AJ Styles, John Cena, Rusev, and Jinder Mahal. The show would build up the latest hype towards the Battleground PPV and SummerSlam 2017. Here are the latest WWE SmackDown results from the San Antonio, Texas episode.

wwe superstar AJ StylesThe new US Champion AJ Styles was introduced and made his way to the ring. He talked about winning the title and said he planned to defend the title against all challengers in an open challenge, starting tonight. He waited to see who the first opponent would be. After several moments, John Cena’s music hit and out came Cena to a loud ovation. Cena declared his intention on the mic to challenge for the title and they called a ref down.

Once the match was about to start, Kevin Owens’ theme music hit and out came the former champion. He said the people don’t want to see another Cena-Styles match. He said what’s important is that he gets that title back that he deserves. He told Cena to leave because nobody wants to see him here. Cena replied on the mic that it’s not he doesn’t want to see him, it’s “You can’t see me.” He told Kevin Owens to get in the ring and do something about, but if he does he’d run through him. Cena turned and told Styles after that he’ll run through him. Suddenly, Rusev got in the ring and took down Cena to beat on him. Styles grabbed Rusev and threw him off Cena, but Owens got in the ring. He whipped Styles to the ropes and hit a Pop Up Power Bomb to put him down. Rusev got in the ring again to superkick Cena and put him in a Camel Clutch submission. The two heels headed up the ramp with Cena and Styles down in the ring.

Jinder Mahal defeated Tye Dillinger via pinfall in a non-title match. After the win, Jinder cut a promo about speaking the truth every week but the people still disrespect him.

Xavier Woods defeated Jey Uso via pinfall. The ref ejected the other New Day guys and Jimmy Uso early on. Xavier got the win after a move near the corner.

Backstage segment with Naomi asking Shane who her next challenger will be. She said it better not be Lana again. Charlotte Flair came in to make her case, followed by Becky. Natalya, Tamina, and Lana showed up. Shane said that there will be a Five woman’s elimination match at Battleground. The winner takes on Naomi at SummerSlam. He booked Charlotte and Becky to take on Tamina and Natalya tonight. They all left and Carmella showed up. She handed Shane a petition from her attorney to reinstate Ellsworth immediately. Shane looked it over and then tore it apart. He handed it back to her and said to give it to her attorney, the decision stands. Carmella stormed off and Naomi chuckled.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Baron Corbin never got started. The pair fought ahead of the match with Shinsuke going after Corbin on the ramp. The two fought towards the crowd barrier where Baron threw Shinsuke into the crowd. They kept on fighting there and then back out near ringside. Refs had to rush down to pull them apart. Eventually, Corbin backed up the ramp as Shinsuke’s music played.

Tamina & Natalya defeated Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch via pinfall. During the match, Lana came to the ringside area to watch. It ended up being a distraction late when Charlotte tried to deal with her and ended up getting superkicked by Tamina who took the pin.

Before commercial break, Maria knocked on the door for the male locker room. Chad Gable answered and she asked for Sami Zayn. He yelled back for him and said he’s not there. Maria told Gable to tell him “the first lady of wrestling is looking for him.”

After break, Maria and Mike Kanellis were backstage having a love moment between them. Sami Zayn interrupted and Maria said she’d been looking for him because they’re owed an apology. Zayn said he’s apologized twice now and not even sure why he’s apologizing now. He asked Mike if he even wrestles. Then Zayn suggested Mike’s the lover and Maria’s the fighter. Maria chuckled then slapped Zayn in the face. Mike grabbed a flower vase and smashed it over Sami’s back, causing him to fall to the floor. Maria knelt down and told him he just witness the power of love and “sometimes, love hurts.”

Fandango and Tyler Breeze had a backstage segment as “Walker Texas Rangers.” They went up to Ryder backstage with a lasso of truth but Breeze had lassoed himself. They talked with Ryder a bit until Mojo showed up and asked what was going on. Fandango suggested it was strange that the day Ryder returned to SmackDown, Breeze got jumped and attacked backstage. Mojo and Ryder fought a bit over what went down between them in the battle royal. Mojo told him they need to get on the same page and walked off. Ryder walked off next. Breeze and Fandango noticed that the fake horse stick toy Fandango had brought there was gone.

John Cena & AJ Styles defeated Kevin Owens & Rusev via pinfall. The close saw Cena tag in and take it to Owens. He hit his move set including Five Knuckle Shuffle. He hoisted up Owens for the AA but Rusev came in and delivered a Superkick to drop Cena. Styles jumped off the side rope and hit Rusev with a Phenomenal Forearm. Owens went at Styles who avoided him and came back with a Pele Kick. Owens stumbled back and Cena grabbed him for the AA for the win. Post-match, Cena handed the US title belt over to Cena and showed him some respect for the win. He went face-to-face with Styles in the middle of the ring post-match. He held up Styles’ arm as Styles held up the title belt. The two winner sposed from opposite ring corners as SmackDown ended.

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