WWE SmackDown Results 06/06/17 for Rochester, NY Episode

Welcome to the latest WWE SmackDown results for the Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 episode. The latest episode from Rochester, New York continued the brand’s build towards the Money in the Bank 2017 pay-per-view. Among the featured superstars were U.S. Champion Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Jinder Mahal, AJ Styles, and Dolph Ziggler. Here are all of the big highlights and match results for Tuesday’s episode.

All five women who will be involved in the MITB ladder match were in the ring as Shane McMahon came to the ring to dance around. The briefcase was hanging over the ring with a table in the center. Shane gave each of the five women an introduction. He had the briefcase lowered to show off an all-white briefcase with Money in the Bank written on it in green. Shane asked which of them wants it most and talked about the match’s history. Inside the briefcase is a contract for a SmackDown women’s title shot at any time or any place. Each woman cut a promo on why they’ll win the match.

Eventually, the arena went dark and out came women’s champion Naomi to her glow entrance. She said she wished she could compete in this match because it’s going to be “Lit!” She said whoever wins has to go through her. Just then, the arena went dark and out came Lana to her new entrance, dancing down the ramp. In the ring, she said Naomi can’t compete in the match but she can. Naomi laughed and asked Lana who she’s even beat. Lana told her she can beat her. Naomi laughed that off and Shane told Lana a championship match is earned not just given away. Lana threw a fit and stormed backstage.

Carmella, Natalya & Tamina defeated Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch & Naomi via pinfall. Late in the match, Lana came back down to ringside. As Naomi was attempting a move from the apron, Lana snatched her leg to trip up Naomi causing her to hit back-first on the apron. Once back in the ring, Naomi was taken down by Tamina for the pinfall. Lana laughed from the ramp behind the rest of the heel team in celebration.

AJ Styles defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall. The match went nearly 10 minutes. Styles went for Phenomenal Forearm late but Ziggler rushed him at the ropes. Styles avoided any contact and did a sunset flip over Dolph into the ring. Styles grabbed Ziggler and put him in the Styles Clash for the win.

They had a Fashion Files segment where New Day visited Breezeango’s office saying they had a case to offer them. Breezango kept responding to New Day in their unheard narrator voices so New Day was confused. Eventually, Breezango accepted the case and handed file boxes to New Day who walked off.

Jinder Mahal defeated Mojo Rawley via pinfall in a non-title match. Earlier in the show, Shane told Mojo if he defeated Jinder, he’d earn a spot in the MITB ladder match. Late in the match, Mojo had momentum. He hit a Stinger Splash and picked up Mahal for a fireman’s carry. Jinder raked Mojo in his eyes and shoved him to the ringpost when the ref was distracted. From there, Jinder hit the Cobra Clutch for the winning pinfall.

New Day defeated The Colons via pinfall. The match lasted nearly seven minutes. Towards the close, Big E gained control with a running splash on Epico, and Woods hit a tope move on Primo on the outside. Woods tagged in and they hit the Midnight Hour for the win. Post-match, The Usos came out to talk trash at New Day and reminded them “It’s not paranoia, it’s the Usos.”

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kevin Owens via pinfall in a non-title match. Baron Corbin was on guest commentary. Nakamura connected on a Kinshasha kick late in the bout to score another pinfall on the champ. Post-match, as Shinsuke celebrated in the ring, The Lone Wolf came in to surprise him and hit End of Days to plant Nakamura on the mat. SmackDown went off the air as the commentators plugged the MITB pay-per-view for 2 weeks from now.

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