WWE SmackDown Results 05/23/17 for Toledo, Ohio Episode

Welcome to the WWE SmackDown results for the Tuesday, May 23rd episode. The latest show was held in Toledo, Ohio and featured the fallout and follow-up to Sunday night’s WWE Backlash pay-per-view. A women’s tag team match was featured on the show as well as the celebration of the new WWE World Champion Jinder Mahal. Also during the show, a major announcement was made for the 2017 Money in the Bank PPV. Here are the latest WWE SmackDown results for Tuesday’s show.

Shane McMahon came out and talked up the Money in the Bank PPV. He announced there are five competitors for the ladder match and each made their entrance. They are AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler, Baron Corbin, and…then WWE US Champion Kevin Owens’ music hit. Owens came to the ring with a mic in hand but Shane told him that he knows he’s not one of the competitors.

He had the fifth man introduced, Shinsuke Nakamura, who made his lengthy entrance. Owens eventually butted in after Shinsuke’s intro and complained to Shane that he beat AJ this past Sunday yet AJ is in the ladder match instead of him. Shane heard him out and said that was a good point. He added Owens as the sixth man for the match. Shane also booked Sami vs. Corbin for later and then a tag match with Styles and Nakamura vs. Owens and Ziggler.

Becky Lynch & Charlotte defeated Natalya & Carmella via submission. Late in the match, Tamina got on the apron to go after Charlotte on the corner. Naomi hopped up and went for a kick but Tamina dropped off. However, Naomi leapt off to take Tamina down on the floor. Later, it came down to Carmella vs. Becky Lynch in the ring. James Ellsworth got on the apron to try to extend his hand to Carmella. Naomi got back up and kicked his hand causing Ellsworth to drop off. Becky put Carmella into the Disarm Her and made her tap out.

Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin. Corbin attacked Zayn ahead of the bell and kept up the beatdown outside the ring. He smashed a steel chair on Sami and then beat him up more in the crowd. After a commercial break, the commentators reviewed what just happened. They showed footage of Sami being taken away on a stretcher during break.

A new episode of The Fashion Police’s “Fashion Files” was shown. It started with Shane McMahon backstage at a desk with a bulletin board set up with various fashion crimes. Shane was puzzled over who did it. Fandango and Tyler Breeze walked in and said they were handing in their badges after losing to The Usos at Backlash. They started to turn in all their items from a box and even their “guns,” two water guns they had. Shane asked them if they realized they aren’t real cops. He then told them they belong on SmackDown and he’s giving them each a singles match against one of The Usos tonight.

Jinder Mahal’s Punjabi Celebration – A drummer was on stage with dancers in costume who did moves as he hit the drum in a rhythm. The Singh Brothers came out next and a bit after that, Jinder was introduced. He arrived out in a suit with the WWE Championship belt. The dancers danced around as Jinder and the Singh Brothers got inside a decorated ring. Jinder put over his championship win as huge in India as 1.3 billion people are celebrating his victory at Backlash. He talked about the hatred he endured and still defeated Randy Orton to become champion. He said Orton is just like America – on the decline. Jinder called himself greatest WWE Champion of all-time. Jinder finished his promo in his native language, then posed on the ring corner as fireworks went off above the ring and up on stage.

A backstage segment had Shane McMahon in his office on the phone when Natalya entered to interrupt. She said Shane told her before if she wanted a shot at the women’s title all she had to do was ask. She said she won the tag match fair and square this Sunday and now she wants her shot. In came Carmella with James Ellsworth to talk about why Carmella deserves the shot. Becky Lynch and then Tamina each came in to ask for their shot. Charlotte Flair was the last women’s contender to arrive in to say she deserves a shot. Shane announced a match between them all to determine who will face Naomi at Money in the Bank for the title.

AJ Styles & Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Kevin Owens & Dolph Ziggler via pinfall. Early on, Shinsuke came in against Owens and took control with several moves include a boot to him in the corner. Owens responded by snapping Nakamura neck-first against the top rope. The heels went to work from there by doubleteaming Shinsuke to isolate him and keep him from a tag. After commercial, Shinsuke avoided a charging Ziggler in the corner and then crawled over to finally tag in Styles. AJ took it to Ziggler with multiple moves including a flying forearm after running the ropes.

The close saw Shinsuke score the Kinshasha on Kevin Owens and pin the United States champion. Post-match, Nakamura’s music played on as AJ applauded him from the ring corner. Shinsuke did various poses as his music kept going. Eventually he and Styles faced off in the center of the ring with the Money in the Bank briefcase hanging overhead.

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