WWE SmackDown Results 04/18/17 – Louisville, KY Episode

Welcome to the WWE SmackDown results for the Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 episode. The latest installment of the blue brand took place in Louisville, Kentucky and had several matches to determine No. 1 contenders for championships at future events. Among the stars in action were Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper, Charlotte, Naomi, Sami Zayn, and more. Below are the quick results for Tuesday’s SmackDown episode.

wwe superstar AJ StylesTo start off the show, Charlotte came to ring demanding a title shot saying it’s been seven days and she’s wondering what’s taking Shane and Daniel Bryan so long to give her one. The champion Naomi came out and said let’s do it now because she’s never scared. Naomi took down Charlotte and knocked her to the outside. Charlotte tried to re-enter ring but a referee stopped her. Shane McMahon came out and told Charlotte if she beats Naomi one on one tonight she’ll get a title match next week. Charlotte got back in the ring and took down Naomi but then Naomi got the upper hand and knocked her out of the ring again.

Backstage segment with Natalya complaining she should’ve got a title shot not Charlotte. Shane said all she needed to do was ask. Carmella came in with James Ellsworth and contended she should get the title match. Tamina showed up and suggested it should be her. Natalya told them to stop arguing because she had an idea so they should go talk it over.

Jinder Mahal defeated Sami Zayn via pinfall in a Sixpack Challenge to become new No. 1 contender for the WWE World Championship. Sami Zayn, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Jinder Mahal, Dolph Ziggler and Mojo Rawley competed in the match with the winner getting the title shot at next month’s Backlash PPV. Towards the finish, most of the stars had big spots and near finishes with kick outs by the person they pinned. The ring was cleared and Sami Zayn hit a big dive out to take down one guy, then hit a backflip off the top rope to take down another. Back in the ring, Zayn hit the Exploder Suplex to send Jinder into the corner. Moments later, Zayn prepared for the Helluva Kick from the corner. Two guys wearing white shirts appeared near the corners of the ring from the outside and held Zayn’s legs so he couldn’t go. Zayn was distracted and turned to get hit by a finishing move from Jinder for the win. Post-match, he declared he might not be the people’s stereotypical American but he will be the next world champion.

Randy Orton came out to talk about his upcoming “House of Horrors” match. He told Jinder he’s going to suffer the fate of an RKO, then addressed Bray and said if this is anything like the last house he brought him to, he’s going to burn it down all the same. Bray appeared on the big screen to tell Orton he would never walk out of the House of Horrors.

Charlotte Flair defeated Naomi via pinfall in a non-title match to earn a title match next week. At one point, Naomi appeared to tweak her knee so Charlotte worked it over. The close saw Naomi go for the Rear View but Charlotte stopped short of her and kicked her in the back. She followed up with the Natural Selection to collect a pinfall win giving her the title shot next week.

The Colons defeated American Alpha via pinfall. Primo and Epico scored a surprise victory over the former champions.

Kevin Owens defeated Gary Gandy via pinfall in a non-title match. The match was an “open challenge” match with a local competitor losing to Owens in quick fashion. After his win, Owens snatched his title belt from outside the ring and got on the mic. He told everyone “As long as I remain United States Champion I will remain the face of America.” Owens claimed that Jericho, Styles or nobody else will take that from him.

AJ Styles defeated Baron Corbin via pinfall. Kevin Owens remained on commentary for the match. Corbin had the upper hand late as he beat up Styles outside the ring before tossing him back in. Styles got his feet up when Corbin rushed at him in the corner, but Corbin kept coming back. Corbin did the move where he slid out of the ring then ran around the side and got back in the ring. He rushed at Styles in the corner but AJ moved away and tossed Corbin into the ring post

Later on, Styles and Corbin fought on the outside. Styles tried to set up a move right in front of Owens at the table. Instead, Baron Corbin backflipped Styles right at Kevin Owens. Styles fell on top of Owens who fell out of his chair and hit the floor. From there, Corbin tried to hit another move but Styles escaped it and hit the Pele Kick on the outside. He was able to send Corbin into the crowd. With the ref’s count nearing 10, AJ slid back into the ring and beat the count to get the win. Styles posed from the ring corner post-match as Owens was still collecting himself from being knocked onto the floor.

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