WWE SmackDown Results for 03/21/17 from Uncasville, CT

Welcome to the WWE SmackDown results for the Tuesday, March 21, 2017 episode of the weekly program. This week’s installment took place at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. The show featured the continued build up of WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, Florida. Among the featured superstars on the latest show were AJ Styles, Shane McMahon, John Cena, Nikki Bella, The Miz, Maryse, The Usos, and American Alpha. Below are all of the latest WWE SmackDown results for Tuesday’s episode on USA network.

wwe superstar AJ StylesDaniel Bryan was backstage when AJ Styles walked in all smiles. Bryan suggested he wouldn’t have been any part of this but Shane isn’t like the rest of the McMahons. He said that Shane wants to work things out in the ring like a man instead of ambushing someone like a coward. AJ asked if Shane was there and Bryan said he’s on his way. Styles said he was going to go out to the ring and talk about how good it felt to attack Shane last week. Styles did go to the ring to talk up how he attacked Styles, then said he’s going to do the same thing again this week.

The Usos defeated American Alpha via pinfall to become new WWE tag team champions. The Usos knocked Jordan out of the ring at one point. Gable survived one move but got superkicked down and then hit with the Samoan Splash. He still kicked out just before three. Moments later, Jordan was back in action to help set up a double team move for a near fall, but the other Uso pulled Jordan out of the ring to break it up. As the teams recovered at ringside the crowd chanted “This is Awesome.” Gable hit a Moonsault but then got thrown over the crowd barrier into the crowd. Jordan rushed over to tackle the Uso there. He went to toss one Uso in the ring but as he tried to get back in himself, the other Uso yanked his leg, crotching him against the middle rope. Back in the ring, The Usos captured the easier pinfall win to become new tag champions.

AJ Styles was shown waiting in the Mohegan Sun Arena’s parking garage for Shane McMahon to arrive. The commentary team ran down some of the other stories coming up on SmackDown.

They showed the “never before seen footage” from “Total Bellas,” but it was a mock version of it with Maryse playing the parts of Nikki and Brie Bella, and Miz playing John Cena. They played up John Cena acting like a robot who has all sorts of rules for everyone that’s at his house. Nikki (Maryse) got yelled at for having her feet on the furniture. Cena (Miz) told her to obey the rule and she took her feet down so he said “Good Nikki” and patted her head. He said he would “pop the question for her.” She got excited but Miz/Cena took out a big balloon with “Question” on it and used a pin to pop it causing Nikki/Maryse to look upset.

Randy Orton defeated Baron Corbin via pinfall. Late in the match, Corbin charged at Orton but Randy moved so Baron hit the steps instead. As both men were laid out and got into the ring. Dean Ambrose showed up on a forklift and asked Corbin if he was busy. The distraction allowed Orton to hit an RKO for the win. Post-match, Ambrose hit the ring to accept Corbin’s challenge for an Intercontinental title match at WrestleMania. Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds on Corbin as payback for the forklift attack weeks ago.

Orton was doing a backstage interview with Renee Young. Suddenly, the lights flickered and Young left the scene. Randy yelled for him to show himself because he knew who it was. The lights went completely out. When they finally came back on, Orton was surrounded by about 10 guys in sheep masks. They ganged up on him and held Orton against the wall. Bray Wyatt showed up with some sort of cross item which he used to condemn Orton and placed it in front of him. Wyatt thanked Orton for purging his one flaw and helping to make his one weakness his greatest source of power. He sang “he’s got the whole world in his hands” at a helpless Orton.

John Cena defeated Fandango via submission. Fandango brought Tyler Breeze with him. Breeze was dressed up like Nikki Bella. Fandango mocked Cena on the mic prior to the match and called him out for various violations such as being a bad boyfriend, bad wrestler, and wearing Jhorts. He mentioned Breezy Bella was there with him. Cena pointed to the stage and Nikki Bella’s music hit, she came to the ring. Late in the match, Nikki got into the ring and took down Breeze. Both Cena and Nikki put Fandango and Breeze on their shoulders. Cena hit the AA while Nikki hit a slam move. From there, they put on dual STF submission locks to make them tap.

Carmella defeated Becky Lynch due to disqualification. James Ellsworth was ringside for Carmella. Natalya was on guest commentary. The match didn’t last very long as Natalya soon got involved in the ring and clotheslined Carmella down causing a DQ. Mickie James rushed to the ring and attacked Natalya, but soon after Alexa Bliss came to the ring too. Everyone brawled. Becky hit a big jump off the corner to try to take down Carmella but Carmella shoved James Ellsworth in her way to take the hit. Eventually, everyone was knocked out except for the champ. Bliss held up her championship belt as her music played out.

They had another edition of Miz and Maryse’s version of “Total Bellas.” This time they did a tour of Cena’s house with Miz-Cena teasing Maryse-Nikki with the idea of a proposal or ring, but each time it was a gag. It featured with Nikki getting upset and Cena saying he had something to cheer her up. He got down on one knee and said it was time to tie the knot, but then tried to tie his sneaker. He gave up saying he needs velcro shoes. Maryse started to cry.

Renee Young tried to interview AJ Styles back in the parking garage. He started to speak but a car started to pull up so he rushed over to wait near an ambulance. The back door opened and out stepped Rhyno with Heath Slater. They said what’s up to AJ and he nodded as they walked past.

In the arena, Shane O-Mac’s music hit and a beat up Shane went down to the ring, slapping hands with fans. In the ring, Shane said he heard AJ was looking for him, well here he is. Back in the parking garage, Styles was sitting on the hood of the car that had pulled in. Renee Young rushed over and told him that Shane is in the arena right now waiting for him. AJ shook his head as SmackDown went to break.

After a commercial break Shane was still in the ring waiting. He talked about how Styles keeps trying to find him and ambush him. He said now he’s in the ring so he can come to him. The fans chanted for AJ Styles. Styles was shown walking backstage for a while and finally came out with a mic in his hand. His music started up after he got onto the stage. He told Shane to calm down about what happened. He said he went off the deep end for not having a big match at WrestleMania. He apologized to Shane for what he did last week. Styles said he would get into the ring with Shane, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. As Styles got in the ring, Shane attacked him. He ended up knocking Styles out of the ring. On the outside, Styles hit a suplex to slam Shane against the timekeeper’s barrier.

Shane tore apart the commentators’ table and grabbed Shane for a move, but Shane backflipped him. Shane went over to the table to pull more things off it. He slammed a TV monitor against Styles then put him onto the table while punching away on him. Shane went back in the ring and got onto the ring corner. Shane jumped and landed a flying elbow to land on Styles and bust the table. A ref rushed over to check on both guys on the ground.

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