WWE SmackDown Results 02/14/17 for Anaheim, CA Episode

Welcome to the WWE SmackDown results for the February 14, 2017, episode. The latest installment was held in Anaheim, California and featured a rematch involving John Cena taking on Bray Wyatt for the World Heavyweight title. Also appearing on the show were the new Women’s Champion Naomi, Randy Orton, The Miz, Dean Ambrose, and Baron Corbin. Below are all of the latest WWE SmackDown results.

wwe star bray wyattBray Wyatt arrived out wearing his new WWE World Championship with the lights out. He waited out a “You deserve it” chant and then cut his promo saying she said it would never be easy. Bray said he knew this day would come, though. Bray held up the belt and said “I can truly say I have the whole damn world in my hands.”

Wyatt knelt down with the title in hand and was about to continue until John Cena’s entrance music hit to interrupt. He came down to the ring with the mic in hand and waited out some boos and cheers. Cena gave some congratulations to Wyatt and said it seems he brainwashed some of the fans who were saying “you deserve it.” Cena said everything is earned here and now Wyatt has a big target on his shoulder. Cena suggested they get to their rematch right there, right now. Wyatt looked like he was ready to get started.

AJ Styles’ music hit and he came out onto the stage with a mic in hand. Styles said if Cena thinks he’s getting a rematch before him, he’s wrong. Styles said he’s beaten Cena several times and he knows he can beat Wyatt. Styles demanded his rematch right there, right now. Daniel Bryan’s music hit and the SmackDown GM came out onto the stage to cheers. He congratulated Bray on winning the championship and said they have a conundrum on their hands with the rematch situation. He said both Cena and Styles are owed rematches so he made it a Triple Threat match for the title.

Backstage, Dean Ambrose was shown angrily walking down the hallways yelling for Baron Corbin and hitting equipment as he kept going.

American Alpha defeated The Ascension. Late in the match, Jordan and Gable survived a doubleteam attack from Ascension to hit their own doubleteam finisher. They celebrated the win but The Usos showed up on the Titantron and delivered a message to them to be on the lookout for when the hairs stand up on their necks or they get goosebumps because it means the Usos are coming for them.

Backstage, Carmella was with James Ellsworth who suggested they go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day. She told him to keep things professional. Dean Ambrose showed up and was still looking for Corbin, then mocked Ellsworth for how he was dressing. He told him that Carmella’s using him. She said James shouldn’t let that gas station attendant talk to her like that. Ellsworth started to stand up to Ambrose a bit, as Daniel Bryan showed up. Ambrose said he wants to beat up that schmuck right now. Bryan said Dean probably needs to take out his frustration on someone after what Corbin did to him Sunday so he booked Ambrose vs. Ellsworth for tonight. Bryan and Ambrose left. Carmella told Ellsworth he now gets a chance to teach Ambrose a lesson.

Dean Ambrose vs. James Ellsworth never got started. Ambrose’s theme music hit but it was several moments before anyone arrived out. Baron Corbin came walking out dragging a beat up Ambrose on the ramp. He kicked him again and then fought him off the stage area. Ambrose fought back, but Corbin picked him up and slammed him near some electrical equipment causing a big spark to happen. Corbin looked down towards where he threw Ambrose as referees rushed over to get him out of there and check on Ambrose.

The commentary team showed some footage of what happened backstage after Nikki Bella and Natalya’s match at Elimination Chamber. They showed Nattie attack Nikki and Nikki ended up falling into Maryse who was nearby, getting powder all over her. Backstage, Nikki was with Daniel Bryan who said this has to stop. Nikki complained she needs to defend herself because Nattie attacks her wherever she is. Daniel said he has a way to end this and thinks she will like it. Natalya showed up to complain that Nikki’s brother-in-law was helping her out again. Daniel said she’ll like his idea too. Just then, Nikki and Nattie got into another brawl with one another. Daniel yelled for security who came in and held both women back. Bryan yelled at them that next week they’ll resolve this in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Backstage, Dasha Fuentes tried to get some comments from Baron Corbin about what just happened. He said people shouldn’t be so stupid to need an explanation of why he did what he did out there. Corbin said Dean Ambrose is heading to the hospital, because of why, Baron Corbin. He walked off from the interview.

Renee Young interviewed Dolph Ziggler backstage asking about him attacking Apollo Crews and Kalisto. He said after Sunday, the only sore losers are Kalisto and Crews because what he did at Elimination Chamber was a wake-up call to all the superstars of the “new era.”

Mickie James defeated Becky Lynch via pinfall. Becky had control of things late in the match, until a move seemed to cause Mickie injury to her right shoulder or arm. She got down near the ropes holding the arm between her legs and the ref checked on her. She told him something seemed hurt and he started to call for a WWE trainer to the ring. As Becky was nearby to the ref, Mickie got up and delivered a big kick to drop her to the mat, then took the winning pinfall with a grin on her face.

Naomi was in the ring holding her brand new championship belt and wearing a leg brace on her left leg/knee. Renee Young asked her about how it was reported she suffered an injury during her championship win. Naomi said she was so caught up in the moment she didn’t realize it, but she’s gone through a lot in her eight years and that includes a variety of injuries. She said what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and she’s bringing this championship to WrestleMania.

Alexa Bliss’ music hit and she came out with a mic in hand asking if the “Glow worm has a boo boo.” Bliss told Naomi she won the title on a fluke and fans know it as does Naomi. In the ring, she told her that she knows Naomi woke up the next day realizing she’s not her, but nobody is. Alexa said she would give Naomi a week to get better before they have their rematch. She told her “Yeah Naomi, feel that glow,” before leaving the ring. Alexa backed up the ramp and mocked Naomi’s hurt leg injury as Naomi stared out at her from the ring.

Bray Wyatt defeated John Cena and AJ Styles via pinfall in a Triple Threat WWE Championship Match. Late in the match, Styles delivered a big splash off the crowd barricade onto Bray on the announcers table. It didn’t break, so moments later, Styles got on the barricade again and hit a flying leg drop to crash through the table with Wyatt. With Bray outside the ring, Styles went back in but Cena was ready and grabbed him for an AA. Cena hit the move and stood up with Styles to go for another. Styles escaped it and rolled Cena into the Calf Crusher submission. Cena managed to withstand the move and turned it around into the STF. Bray came back into the ring finally and mangled to hit a Senton Bomb on Cena to break things up.

All three men were down for a bit with Bray and Styles getting up to fight. Bray ended up tossing Styles out of the ring and then went to the corner to do his upside down move. He rushed towards Cena who picked him up and hit the AA. Cena had the pinfall with Bray barely escaping. Styles returned moments later and grabbed Cena for the Styles Clash. He had a pinfall with Cena barely kicking out. Moments later, Styles got on the apron and prepared for a Phenomenal Forearm. Cena got to his feet and rushed over to hit the ropes, crotching Styles who fell to the outside. Wyatt took advantage by quickly grabbing Cena for Sister Abigail to get the pinfall win, keeping his title.

Wyatt celebrated his championship post-match for a while in the ring as Styles and Cena recovered near ringside. Suddenly, Randy Orton’s theme music hit and he came out from backstage. Orton slowly walked down the ramp staring at Wyatt in the ring. Wyatt watched as Orton got to ringside and then got a microphone before going into the ring with him. Orton walked up to Bray so he was about a foot away from him. Fans chanted RKO as Wyatt told him “don’t listen to this.” Orton spoke telling Bray he won the Royal Rumble and all the privileges that come with it, but he’s the WWE Champion.

Orton told Bray “As long as you are the master and I am the servant I refuse to face you at WrestleMania.” Orton pledged undying allegiance to Bray Wyatt and handed him the microphone before kneeling before him. Wyatt told Orton, “you now have the keys to the kingdom my friend.” Wyatt dropped the mic laughing and his music came on. Wyatt knelt in front of Orton who did his pose as the lights dropped and SmackDown went off air.

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