WWE SmackDown Results 01/24/17 for Toledo, Ohio Episode

Welcome to the WWE SmackDown results for the Tuesday, January 24, 2017, episode. This week’s show was held at the Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio. Among the big stories for tonight’s episode are the upcoming Royal Rumble as well as The Wyatt Family and their latest issues. Randy Orton is set to take on Luke Harper in a match requested by Bray Wyatt to get them on the same page. Also, Mickie James will sit down with Renee Young for an exclusive interview after her actions last week to assist Alexa Bliss in her steel cage title match against Becky Lynch. Below are the latest WWE SmackDown results for all the matches and big events of the show.

wwe superstar AJ StylesDaniel Bryan opened the show backstage with an apple in his hand, when The Miz and Maryse walked in. Miz complained again about Dean Ambrose and how things are going around there. He asked Daniel to make things right. Bryan said he’d give him his rematch for the IC title tonight. Miz was pleased with that and asked him to make it a No Disqualification match. Bryan said no since then Maryse could interfere. Instead, he said the SmackDown roster members can be at ringside to make it a Lumberjack match.

Randy Orton defeated Luke Harper via pinfall. The commentary team reviewed the recent incidents that took place involving Harper and Orton before the Wyatt Family made their entrance. Bray took a seat in his rocking chair outside the ring to observe the match. At one point, things went to the outside with Orton slamming Harper on the announcers’ table. Harper came back and leveled Orton with a big boot and both men fell to the outside floor. Bray walked over and looked at them, then got Randy up to toss back in the ring. He went over and looked at Harper and threw him back in the ring too as SmackDown went to break.

The close saw Harper gain control and go for a power bomb. Orton slid off and then did a schoolboy pinfall but Harper kicked out. As they both got to their feet, Harper went for a discus lariat, but Orton avoided it and came back with the RKO. He looked out at Bray Wyatt who didn’t have a response. Orton made the pinfall for the win. Post-match, Wyatt got into the ring and went over to Harper against the ropes. He picked him up as if hugging him, then hit Sister Abigail to plant Harper on the mat. Orton smirked as Wyatt and he left the ring to head up the ramp. The commentators questioned if Harper’s out of the family.

The commentary team reviewed what went down in last week’s women’s steel cage match for the title including La Luchadora being unmasked as Mickie James at the end after assisting Alexa Bliss. Mickie James was shown walking backstage in street clothes ahead of her upcoming interview.

Renee Young was in the ring after a commercial break and introduced the newest member of the SmackDown roster, Mickie James. Renee asked her “why” she returned as La Luchadora. Mickie ran down her accomplishments as five-time Women’s champ and a one-time Divas champion. Mickie said she may have been away for a minute but never stopped watching WWE. Mickie talked about how Becky and these new women’s stars acted like they are the ones who kickstarted a revolution for women’s athletes. Mickie said only Alexa has been fighting the “self-righteousness of the women’s revolution” since day one. She said only Alexa remembered all of her major accomplishments and none of the other women’s wrestlers did. Mickie talked about her respect for Alexa saying if it wasn’t for her she wouldn’t be standing there right now.

Mickie kept talking until Becky’s music hit. Becky stormed to the ring and Mickie tried to attack her but Lynch tackled Mickie down to beat her up. Mickie managed to roll away and got out of the ring. She tried to escape over the barrier. Becky went over but Alexa Bliss came rushing through the crowd and punched Becky. From there, Mickie and Alexa took Becky to the ring for the double team. Mickie hit a spinning roundhouse kick and then Alexa jumped off the corner with her splash move. On the mic, Mickie told Becky she should’ve learned this from Alexa a while ago “Always be one step ahead.”

They showed a segment with James Ellsworth and Carmella shopping at a fancy men’s wear store. Ellsworth picked out various stuff to try on which Carmella disapproved of. Finally, Carmella told him enough messing around and said she’d pick out his outfit for him. Ellsworth came out wearing a baseball cap and a shiny gold shirt in Carmella fashion. She told him he looked “Fabulous” and the shop owner said “it’s certainly a choice” and walked off.

Baron Corbin made his entrance before break to join the commentary team for a Battle Royal where the winner would get a spot in Sunday’s Royal Rumble match.

Mojo Rawley won a battle royal to earn a spot in the Royal Rumble match. Curt Hawkins, Mojo Rawley, The Vaudevillains, Slater and Rhyno, Ascension, Tyler Breeze and Fandango were all part of the match. At one point, Mojo knocked Curt out of the ring. Later, Slater managed to pull one of the Ascension over the top. Slater held on and stayed on the apron but the other Ascension member charged and knocked Slater off to the floor. Three guys teamed up and tossed out Rhyno and the remaining Ascension member. Breezeango and Mojo were left, so Breeze and Fandango teamed up on Mojo. He managed to elude Fandango on the apron and then pulled him into the way when Breeze tried for a Superkick. With Fandango on the floor, Breeze rushed at Mojo who dumped him out over the top to win the match.

They had an earlier interview when Nikki was arriving at the arena with her luggage. She talked about how Nattie kept alluding to her getting where she was because of Cena. Natalya showed up saying she doesn’t see her own face on the truck anywhere. Nikki went to attack but Nattie ducked her and threw Nikki face first into the side of the truck leaving her laid out.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles made his ring entrance. The commentary team reviewed what happened in his non-title match against The Miz last week when John Cena got into the ring and hit the AA on The Miz, ducked the Phenomenal Forearm and hit the AA on Styles too. Styles had the Royal Rumble poster shown with Undertaker, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, and John Cena in front. Styles pointed out how he’s way in the back of the poster. Styles blamed Shane McMahon for not showing him respect, then called Cena to get out there now. Cena’s music hit and he arrived to the ring.

Styles brought up Cena appearing on The Today Show on Monday. The hosts kept talking about how Cena is taking on a “guy from Atlanta” on Sunday at the Royal Rumble. Cena played it up on the show and vowed to beat him. Styles took exception to how Cena referred to him and reminded him he’s “the champ that runs the camp” and has been the guy holding down SmackDown since Cena’s been gone.

Styles talked about how he’s replaced Cena now as the top guy on the show and held it down. He said Cena keeps coming up with excuses, and the last excuse he has left is himself “a sorry excuse for a wrestler.” Styles asked what he has to do to earn some respect around there and asked if he’ll get it when he beats Cena at the Royal Rumble finally. Cena asked Styles why he’s talking about “respect” when he’s held this place down for six months. Cena said he’s been holding it down for a decade. He said he wasn’t built for the Indie scene, he was built for the WWE, SmackDown, and the Royal Rumble and moments like this. He told Styles he’s only champ because Cena let him be, and if he’s so upset about a poster to photoshop himself over him. He said Styles is just another guy like the guys before him all trying to be like Cena. Cena said he’s still a “bad bad man” and his “time is now.”

Dolph Ziggler defeated Kalisto via pinfall. Dolph went for a clothesline quick, but Kalisto escaped using a backflip and then kicked Ziggler. Kalisto tried to follow with a springboard move, but Dolph caught him with a superkick for the quick win. Post-match, Ziggler rolled out of the ring to grab a chair. JBL yelled at Ziggler a bit, and then Apollo Crews showed up to attack Dolph from behind. Crews grabbed the chair and went to hit Dolph but he moved away from the ringpost and retreated up the ramp. Crews went in the ring to check on Kalisto.

Naomi vs. Natalya match never took place. Naomi made her ring entrance, but before Natalya could, Nikki Bella retaliated for the earlier attack that Nattie gave her outside the arena. Eventually, WWE personnel had to break things up as this feud continues. Later in the show, a six women’s tag match was booked for the “Royal Rumble” featuring the team of Alexa Bliss, Mickie James, and Natalya taking on Nikki Bella, Naomi, and Becky Lynch.

Dean Ambrose defeated The Miz via pinfall to retain the Intercontinental title in a Lumberjack Match. Maryse was on the outside along with various lumberjacks including The Usos, Vaudevillians, Apollo Crews, Curt Hawkins, Baron Corbin, Heath Slater, Rhyno, Breezeango, and American Alpha. The Miz gained control after they rested on the mat and hit “Yes” kicks. He went for the big kick but Ambrose ducked that and did a rollup pinfall attempt. Miz kicked out. Ambrose went to the outside and beat up some of the heel Lumberjacks. Later, Miz got knocked to the outside and the lumberjacks tried to get him up but Ambrose dove out to take them all down. A huge brawl broke out with various superstars outside the ring but Miz and Ambrose got back in. As Ambrose was going through the ropes, Maryse grabbed his leg for a bit. He got free and turned into a big kick from Miz for a close near fall.

Moments later, Miz was knocked to the outside from the apron. He tried to escape into the crowd but lumberjacks grabbed him to prevent it. They started to bring him back to the ring but Ambrose was set up on the top rope and dove off to take down the Miz and the lumberjacks in a pile. Back in the ring, things ended up breaking down when Ambrose had a pinfall and Corbin came in to attack him. The rest of the lumberjacks all got in the ring for a huge brawl. The ref didn’t call for the bell as eventually everyone got cleared out. Corbin was the last man and threw Slater and Rhyno out, then went for Ambrose. Dean ducked and held the top rope for Corbin to spill to the outside. As Miz and Ambrose went back and forth, Ambrose managed to hit Dirty Deeds later to get the winning pinfall and retain the title. The show signed off with Ambrose celebrating as his music played and the commentators hyping up Sunday’s Rumble.

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