WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Results Coverage (Updated)

Welcome to the WWE Royal Rumble 2017 results coverage. This article will feature the latest match-by-match winners and recaps for the latest WWE pay-per-view on Sunday, January 29th from the Alamodome at San Antonio, Texas. Among the big matches are AJ Styles vs. John Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight title, Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Championship, and the 30-Man Royal Rumble match. Below are all of the latest Royal Rumble results for the pay-per-view.

Royal Rumble Kickoff Show Results:

Naomi, Nikki Bella & Becky Lynch defeated Alexa Bliss, Natalya & Mickie James via pinfall. The close of this six women’s tag match saw all the competitors get involved. Mickie James came in to break up a pinfall from Naomi on Bliss. Lynch rushed in to take out Mickie. Natalya ended up grabbing Becky Lynch and tossing her into the ring post. Nikki got back in and tackled Nattie down and took her to the outside. Back in the ring, Naomi survived Alexa’s attempted move near the apron and roundhouse kicked her. She followed with a springboard flip off the corner to splash Alexa for the pinfall win.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson defeated Cesaro and Sheamus via pinfall to become the new WWE Raw tag team titles. There were two officials on hand for the tag title match. At one point, Sheamus went for a Brogue Kick by Gallows avoided it and Sheamus booted the ref down. The other ref got in as Cesaro did the Cesaro Swing on Anderson and then put on a Sharpshooter. He had the hold for a while until Gallows came in the ring to boot kick Cesaro, allowing Anderson a near fall. Sheamus got in to break it up and all four men were in the ring. Sheamus got frustrated and pulled his fist back causing the ref to trip over Anderson. Gallows took a shot to punch Sheamus and he hit Magic Killer with Anderson. Cesaro rushed over to clothesline Gallows out of the ring, but Anderson rolled up Cesaro and held the tights for the winning pinfall.

Nia Jax defeated Sasha Banks via pinfall. The matchup lasted over five minutes. Towards the end, Banks did a double knee press from the top rope but seemed to tweak her knee injury a bit. She went for a pinfall with Jax able to kick out. Nia came back and hit a Samoan Drop to collect the pinfall victory.

After more discussion from the Kickoff Show panel, Shawn Michaels’ music hit and he came out to an ovation. HBK talked about winning the WWE Championship in this building 20 years ago.

Royal Rumble Main PPV Results:

Charlotte defeated Bayley via pinfall to retain the WWE Raw Women’s Championship. At one point, Charlotte began bleeding from her mouth. Later on,¬†Charlotte was able to come back and hit Natural Selection on the apron and then covered Bayley for the pinfall victory.

Kevin Owens defeated Roman Reigns via pinfall to retain the WWE Universal Championship. Before the bell, Owens and Jericho teamed up to attack Reigns. Roman eventually got the upper hand to knock Owens out of the ring and slammed Jericho against the shark cage, then closed him inside. The cage was raised above the ring as the bell rang, and Owens got back in to attack. Later, Owens set up a tower of steel chairs outside the ring but was unable to power bomb Reigns from the apron. In another later spot, Jericho threw brass knuckles down from the cage to Owens. Owens eventually used them for a mock Superman Punch on Reigns.

Owens finally seemed to have a winning pinfall, but Reigns kicked out late. In another later spot, Reigns smashed Owens through the chairs outside the ring and then power bombed him through an announce table. Reigns put Owens back into the ring and was ready to go in for the pinfall. Suddenly, Braun Strowman came to ringside from out of the crowd and grabbed Reigns. After beating him up, Strowman chokeslammed Reigns on one of the announce tables. He brought Reigns back into the ring and hit a running powerslam through a table set up in the corner to leave Reigns laying on the mat. Strowman left and Owens crawled over to make the winning pinfall.

Neville defeated Rich Swann via submission to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Late in the match, Neville and Swann fought up on the corner area. Neville managed to hook Swann and hit a huge Superplex off the corner to take him to the mat. He covered for the pinfall, but Swann still kicked out.¬†Neville quickly locked an armbar submission hold on Swann and kept it locked in. Swann tried to fight it momentarily but eventually couldn’t and tapped. Neville briefly kept the hold locked with Swann frothing at the mouth a bit. Neville finally released the hold and was given the Cruiserweight belt.

John Cena vs. AJ Styles (c) – WWE World Heavyweight Championship

That had a video clip showing that WrestleMania 33 is 63 days ago in Orlando, Florida.

Jerry “The King” Lawler made his way to the ringside area to join Michael Cole and Corey Graves on commentary. They ran the Royal Rumble by the Numbers video package.

30-Man Royal Rumble Match – Big Cass and Enzo’s music hit as Cass was the No. 1 spot in the Rumble. They cut a promo about the Rumble and San Antonio before Cass got into the ring. Chris Jericho came out at the No. 2 spot. Early in the match, Cass took the advantage and nearly tossed Jericho out but Y2J grabbed the rope and stayed on the apron. Cass delivered a big boot as entry No. 3 came to the ring, Kalisto. The first-time Rumble competitor hit a barrage of offense on Cass for a while until getting leveled by a big boot kick. Mojo Rawley came out fourth and took it to Jericho, then went against Cass a bit.

Cruiserweight division member Jack Gallagher was fifth and brought his umbrella to the ring to use as a weapon. He managed to knock down most of the competitors and then Jericho knocked him down. However, Gallagher grabbed the umbrella to crotch Jericho with before dropkicking him down. Mark Henry came to the ring next and splashed Big Cass. Gallagher went at him and Henry tossed him out through the middle ropes meaning Gallagher was not officially eliminated. Gallagher got back on the apron and had his umbrella open as he jumped at Henry. Henry grabbed him and tossed him out of the ring. Out next was Braun Strowman.

View the complete Royal Rumble order of entry and eliminations.

Strowman came in and was able to immediately take it to multiple superstars getting a quick group of eliminations. Chris Jericho remained roaming on the outside floor as he was never officially eliminated. Sami Zayn was to the ring next with Strowman eagerly waiting for him to get in the ring with him. Strowman started to destroy Sami until the clock counted down for the next entrant, Big Show. He was able to go toe-to-toe with Strowman for a while and even chokeslammed him to the mat. The two giants traded near powerslams near the ropes, but Strowman was able to eventually dump Big Show out.

Tye Dillinger was in at the No. 10 spot and helped Sami for a while as they went against Strowman. James Ellsworth was out at No. 11 but Carmella couldn’t convince him to get in the ring. The clock eventually ran down for the next entrant, Dean Ambrose, who came down and riled up Ambrose to get in the ring. Ellsworth rushed in and Ambrose watched as Strowman knocked him down and then chokeslammed Ellsworth over the top rope. Ambrose finally got in to help Zayn and Dillinger try to triple team Braun. Baron Corbin came out next and tried to help the other three guys beat on Strowman. Strowman overcame the numbers and then tossed out Dillinger.

Moments later, Strowman was in the corner and caught a Helluva Kick from Zayn. Braun rested against the ropes and Corbin rushed over with a huge clothesline to finally eliminate Braun from the match. Kofi Kingston from New Day came down for the No. 14 superstar and got into it with Zayn and Ambrose. Eventually, Corbin attacked Kofi from behind. Later on, Big E, Sheamus, and Rusev were entrants. The Bulgarian Brute came to the ring with a protective face mask on.

At one point, all three of New Day were eliminated by Sheamus and Cesaro. Sheamus turned against Cesaro a moment later and started trying to toss him over the top rope. Chris Jericho rushed over to dump both guys out together. They had a brief staredown on the outside before leaving for backstage. Lesnar came in at the 26 spot and eliminated three or four superstars. Moments later, Goldberg was in at the No. 28 spot. When Goldberg got into the ring he immediately hit a Spear and took down Brock. Moments later, Goldberg clotheslined Brock out of the ring, eliminating him.

Undertaker came out at one point with the lights going out. They came back on and Taker was in the ring. He and Goldberg went face to face for a bit, but then got attacked from behind. Taker continued to eliminate multiple superstars and at one point was caught by a Goldberg spear. At one point, Taker got control and managed to toss Goldberg out over the top. Roman Reigns came in as the No. 30 entrant. He and Taker went at it for a bit, with Taker able to land a chokeslam on Reigns. However, later still, Reigns was able to make the most unpopular elimination of the night, clothesline Taker out over the top rope. An angry Undertaker glared at Reigns from the outside as he was officially eliminated.

The final four came down to Jericho, Orton, Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns. Jericho started to gain some control and Reigns tried to toss him out. Jericho landed on the apron and then punched Reigns as he ran at him. From there, Jericho ran to the corner for a kick move, but Reigns caught him with the Superman Punch, eliminating Jericho. Wyatt and Orton started to gang up on Reigns, but he turned the tables and was able to knock Wyatt over the top rope to the outside. He went at Orton who caught him with the RKO and then quickly sprang up to rush over and toss out Reigns for the win.

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