WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Results Coverage (Part 2)


Welcome to part 2 of the WWE Royal Rumble 2016 results. The second half of the pay-per-view featured the WWE Divas Championship match between Champion Charlotte and challenger Becky Lynch. Also featured was the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match. In the match, Roman Reigns was scheduled to enter as the No. 1 entry. His WWE World Heavyweight Championship was on the line, meaning if Reigns does not win the Rumble, whoever else wins it is the new champion and headlines WrestleMania 32.

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Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte – WWE Divas Championship

At one point in the match, things spilled to the outside. Ric Flair got in between the two and Charlotte shoved him aside to try to swing at Becky. Becky avoided it and knocked her down. Flair grabbed Becky and planted a big kiss on her, stunning her. Charlotte hit Becky down from behind and then took advantage in the ring for a bit. Later, Becky gained momentum and hit multiple big moves include clotheslines and a flying kick. She hit a splash on Charlotte in the corner but Charlotte avoided the exploder suplex and then hit a neckbreaker from the corner. Becky kept hitting leg drops later and had a near fall.

The fans in attendance started to rev Becky up. Becky tried for a Dis-Arm Her and Charlotte avoided it then speared her down for a near fall. Becky got the Dis-Arm Her locked on but Charlotte managed to turn over and then stood up. Eventually she slammed Becky down to the mat and had another near fall. Charlotte got frustrated and went for another spear but Becky moved out of the way and Charlotte hit into her dad. Becky took advantage and grabbed Charlotte into a submission hold. Ric Flair got up on the apron with his jacket off and tossed it onto Becky’s head causing her to have to break her hold. Becky stood up and tossed the jacket back at Flair with the ref yelling at him for it. Meanwhile, Charlotte took advantage of all the commotion and speared Becky down to get the win.

Post-match, Ric Flair celebrated in the ring with his daughter as she held up her championship belt. Suddenly, Sasha Banks’ music hit to interrupt the celebration. She walked slowly down the ramp to the ring as the fans roared for her. In the ring, Sasha walked over and looked at Charlotte and then quickly kicked Becky out of the ring. Sasha said “its my spotlight Becky,” then went over to look at Charlotte. The two ultimately slapped hands like the old days on NXT. Charlotte seemed to think they were on good terms and held the ropes open for her dad to leave the ring. Charlotte turned and went over to say something to Sasha, then started to leave the ring. Sasha watched then rushed over, grabbed Charlotte and hit a Backstabber on her. She locked on the Bank Statement with Ric Flair trying to get into the ring to stop it. Eventually Sasha stopped the hold and left the ring, backing up the ramp smirking about it.

Winner: Charlotte won via submission over Becky Lynch to retain the WWE Divas Championship.

30 Man Royal Rumble Match for WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Roman Reigns made his entrance as the No. 1 competitor in the Royal Rumble match. Announced for No. 2 was Rusev, the man who was eliminated by Reigns to win last year’s edition of the match. The two immediately started beating on each other. Michael Cole announced that only two superstars won the match after starting out as No. 1 and two superstars won it from No. 2 meaning the odds aren’t good for Reigns or Rusev. Reigns got tossed out through the middle rope so he wasn’t eliminated. He came back with a driveby kick on the apron and then speared Rusev down inside the ring. From there, Reigns tossed Rusev out of the match then waited for the countdown to the next competitor.

The crowd went wild as new entrance music hit and AJ Styles came out to make his WWE debut. He took his time to enter the ring and finally he and Reigns went at it. Styles went for the Styles Clash but Reigns countered to block it. Next entrance was Tyler Breeze at No. 4 but he was eliminated fast by the combo of Reigns and Styles. Curtis Axel made his entrance at No. 5 with the Social Outcasts bringing him out. Axel got eliminated quickly too, even though the Outcasts all tried to help on the apron. Chris Jericho made his entrance sixth and went int the ring to take on Styles and Reigns. Styles and Jericho went at it for a bit with Styles trying to hit his big move but Jericho blocking it and trying for Walls of Jericho. Reigns punched Jericho to break it up. Kane came out next.

Ryback came in ninth and started to take down everyone in the ring. He knocked down Jericho and Styles several times then flew over to punch Reigns in the corner. Several guys hit Ryback and Goldust tried to dump him out. Jericho tried to help out but Ryback managed to hang onto the bottom rope and get back into the ring. Next entry was Kofi Kingston who came down to the ring with Big E and Xavier Woods. Goldust tried to throw Styles out at one point but Styles held the top rope and slipped back in on the apron. Titus O’Neil made a huge entrance, taking it to everyone in the ring. He ended up eliminating Goldust by running into him on the apron.

R-Truth made his entrance and immediately grabbed a ladder from under the ring. He put the ladder into the ring and quickly set it up then climbed to the top. At the top he went to grab a title or briefcase and then realized it wasn’t that type of match. As Truth got down off the ladder, Kane was there to hit him and toss him out of the match. Moments later, Mr. McMahon showed up at ringside with League of Nation. He told them to grab Roman Reigns and they did, then started to beat him up outside the ring with Mr. McMahon watching and laughing.

Stardust entered at No. 14 as League of Nations set up Reigns on the Spanish commentators table. Rusev got on the other table with Cole yelling at him to get down from there. Rusev ran and then jumped onto Reigns crashing through the table. Mr. McMahon led the League of Nations backstage as a medical crew brought a stretcher over for Reigns. The medical crew brought Reigns backstage as Cole reminded fans he was never officially eliminated from the match.

Braun Strowman made his entry as the second member of the Wyatt Family. He made quick work of Kane in the match to eliminate him. He was able to put a hold on Show and put him out then lifted him over the top rope to eliminate him next. Kevin Owens limped to the ring showing the effects of his earlier match against Dean Ambrose. He was able to go after Styles quickly and the two started pounding on each other. At one point, Neville tried to toss Styles out but Styles hung in and then went for Clash of Styles. Owens delivered a huge superkick to drop Styles. He picked him up and then yelled “Welcome to WWE” as he tossed him out of the match. The fans booed for a bit at the elimination and then chanted “A-J Styles” as refs helped him backstage.

Sami Zayn got in at the no. 20 spot and went at Owens immediately, reviving their feud from the NXT days. Zayn ended up grabbing Owens and tossing him out of the match to eliminate him. Cole noted the match was two-thirds of the way through the field now. Erick Rowan made his entrance and Cole told fans that 3 of the 4 Wyatt Family members were now entered together. Rowan tried to eliminate Neville but he hung onto the ropes. Harper leveled Neville with a side kick and he fell to the floor becoming eliminated.

Moments later, Stardust got super kicked off the apron by Harper to get eliminated. Mark Henry was in at No. 22 but his time in the ring was short-lived as Rowan, Harper and Strowman teamed up to lift him out over the top rope. Sami Zayn was out next courtesy of Braun Strowman.

Brock Lesnar’s music hit and he was out at No. 23 with Paul Heyman trailing him down the ramp. Lesnar got in the ring and exploded at the Wyatt members, supplying Rowan and Harper each and then going at it with Strowman. He managed to clothesline Rowan out over the top for the elimination. Swagger entered at No. 24 and lasted just 15 seconds as Lesnar hit him with the F5 and then tossed him out. Cole noted Chris Jericho was the longest man in the match so far at 35 minutes, failing to mention that Reigns would be if he was still considered eligible.

The Miz came out at No. 25 and stared at Lesnar who stared back. Miz paced around the ring and then walked over to the commentators, grabbing a headset from Byron Saxton. Cole asked if Miz was supposed to be in the match. Miz said he would wait for the perfect opportunity to enter. Alberto Del Rio came out at No. 26 with Miz still yet to enter the ring. As Bray Wyatt made his entrance at No. 27 he stopped on the ramp and put his arms out like a cross staring at Lesnar. The other 3 eliminated Wyatts got on the apron and then converged in the ring to attack Lesnar together with Bray. Lesnar fought off the other 3 Wyatts and tossed them out of the ring then came face to face with Bray. He hit a suplex on Wyatt and put him up for an F5. Harper rushed into the ring and super kicked Lesnar to prevent it. The Wyatts ganged up on Brock and Bray hit Sister Abigail. From there, the other 3 eliminated Wyatts grabbed Lesnar and dumped him out.

Miz finally made his entry into the ring and tried to quickly eliminated Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler skinned the cat and stayed in the match. As Sheamus was announced at No. 29 he came down the ramp and suddenly Roman Reigns came rushing down the ramp and hit him down from behind. In the ring, Reigns took it to everyone and eliminated The Miz and then Del Rio. The No. 30 was finally announced and Reigns looked up the ramp as Triple H’s music hit. The crowd exploded and HHH finally got in the ring to stare across the way at Reigns. HHH hit a Pedigree on Dolph and then Reigns speared Wyatt. The two finally started to trade shots in the ring with Reigns knocking HHH down.

Sheamus got back up and attacked Reigns. Eventually, Wyatt and HHH went face to face and nearly hit their main moves on each other. Wyatt had Sister Abigail set up but Sheamus Brogue Kicked Bray down. It came down to a final four of Sheamus, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Triple H. Sheamus got hung up on the top rope and then was on the apron with Reigns running over to hit a Superman Punch on him to eliminate Sheamus. As Reigns hung over the top rope tired, HHH rushed over and dumped him out of the ring.

It came down to Triple H vs. Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Ambrose was able to hit his catapult clothesline and seemed to have control. He managed to knock HHH over the top, but HHH held onto the top rope. Reigns rushed across the ring and rammed into Triple H’s gut but he still managed to hold on for dear life. Ambrose tried to do it again but this time HHH got a knee up to block. He lowered his head under Ambrose through the ropes and then backdropped him out over the top rope. Triple H was announced as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Stephanie and Vince joined him in the ring to celebrate the big win as Michael Cole signed off for the pay-per-view.

Winner: Triple H won the 2016 Royal Rumble match to become new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

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