WWE Raw Results 12/12/16 for Philadelphia, PA Episode

Welcome to the latest WWE Raw results for the Monday, December 12, 2016 episode of the weekly professional wrestling program. The latest installment of Raw was held at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Among the big matches was a Triple Threat for the tag team titles involving New Day defending against Gallows and Anderson as well as Sheamus and Cesaro. Raw also continued build-up towards Sunday’s pay-per-view Roadblock: End of the Line. Below are all of the latest results for the latest episode of WWE Raw.

wwe new day tag team smackdown
The New Day was in action on the latest episode.

New Day came to the ring for an opening promo. They talked up how they were about to break a 25-year record for holding the tag team titles and it was for all the fans wearing New Day shirts or who chant New Day rocks. They talked about having one last obstacle, tonight’s Triple Threat match. Out came Gallows and Anderson, followed by Cesaro and Sheamus for the opening match.

The New Day won via pinfall over Gallows and Anderson to retain the WWE tag team titles in a Triple Threat match. Late in the match, Sheamus hit an Irish Curse on Big E who rolled out of the ring. Gallows and Anderson connected on a Magic Boot to lay out Sheamus for a pinfall but Cesaro came in to break it up. He got the tag moments later and then went on a melee to take out just about every opponent. He had the near fall but Gallows kicked out. Later, Cesaro and Sheamus were about to take the win but Kofi came in to hit Trouble in Paradise and New Day somehow stole a pinfall. It was announced that New Day has made history and broken Demolition’s all-time record as they celebrated on stage and a backstage party was shown ready for them.

Michael Cole noted that WWE Network is celebrating a milestone after surpassing 7,000 hours of original content on the network.

The backstage party was shown with various WWE staff, stars and personalities there such as Bayley, Mick Foley, and Stephanie all there. New Day came dancing in and hugging or slapping hands with people. Stephanie congratulated them. New Day shook up some champagne and let the corks go but it sprayed all over Stephanie. The party quickly went silent. Steph screamed and smacked a big bowl of Booty O’s out of Big E’s hand before storming off.

They talked about the ongoing situation with Sami Zayn and Braun Strowman as well as Mick Foley stopping things before Zayn got in his face to argue. Strowman headed to the ring for a match before commercial.

After break, Stephanie was asking someone to get her clothes as she took a towel to dry off some. Kevin Owens came up and told her what just happened with New Day was disgusting. He said he had an idea and maybe they need to be taught a lesson. Steph told Owens to sit tight as she’d go dry off and then come talk to him.

Braun Strowman defeated Curtis Axel via pinfall. Strowman finished him off with a huge front-facing slam to the mat and pinfall. Byron Saxton went to interview Strowman post-match. Saxton asked if Strowman has a response to Zayn’s tweet about him. Strowman said Mick Foley is protecting Zayn because nobody can last two minutes in the ring with him. Nobody can.

Mick Foley was shown watching on a monitor backstage. Zayn came walking up and demanded a match against Braun Strowman. Foley said he can’t. Zayn told him he doesn’t need to be saved, and asked Foley who he’d be today if someone had stopped him or saved him. Foley told Zayn that he wants to beat Strowman 1-2-3, but Strowman wants to end his career. Zayn said it’s obvious his boss doesn’t believe in him. He said if that’s the case maybe Raw isn’t where he should be. Foley said if he really feels that way he’ll call Daniel Bryan right now to work out a trade.

Ariya Daivari vs. Lince Dorado ended in a no-contest. Before the match, they showed what Daivari did to Jack Gallagher in last week’s match. The two cruiserweights went to shake hands but Daivari shoved Dorado’s hand aside and then leveled him with a clothesline. Gallagher came out from backstage to the ramp with a mic and said he normally doesn’t condone poor sportsmanship but after last week he considers Daivari a scoundrel in need of a thorough thrashing. Daivari left the ring and Gallagher immediately punched him down. In the ring, they got into it and Gallagher got the apprehend with Daivari fleeing the ramp and backing up the ramp.

The Rollins Report – Seth Rollins came to the ring to host his Rollins Report. He hyped up the crowd but then said he wants to remind everyone that he wants Triple H. He said that involves him going through Kevin Owens, but first through his maybe best friend Chris Jericho. He said he has the chance to get rid of Jericho on Sunday. He said he’s wondering if Sunday will be just him against Jericho, or also with Owens getting involved. Rollins called out Owens to the ring for answers.

Owens’ music hit and he walked out onto the ramp, then turned and went backstage. He came back out with his own stool, then set it up a little ways down the ramp. Owens said the only reason he came out was to make an announcement. He told Rollins that Jericho will have his back in his match against Roman Reigns, while Owens will have Jericho’s back in his. Owens said after talking to Stephanie McMahon, she booked the New Day in another tag team title match tonight against Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho. Owens continued talking but Jericho’s music hit and he arrived out on stage carrying the list and a mic.

Jericho got on the mic and asked Owens if he’s crazy. He reminded Owens about what he’s done the past two weeks. He asked if he really thought he’d agree to be his tag team partner tonight or any night ever again. Owens apologized and told Jericho to stop thinking about the past, but think about the present and future. Owens said Jericho can stay mad at him or they can try to win the tag team titles together later. Rollins butted in and said it sounds like Owens is trying to tell him what to do.

Jericho yelled at Rollins to shut up. Rollins asked “or what” he asked if he was going to put him on “The List.” Jericho played it up and put the pen up but then placed the list down and said he was going to put Rollins on the disabled list. He started down the ramp but Owens went down wit him to help out. They got the upper hand on Rollins outside the ring and continued to beat him up at ringside.

Roman Reigns’ music hit as they tossed Rollins into the ring. Reigns rushed down the ramp and into the ring, ducking Oewns’ chair shot. He beat up on Jericho and Owens some but they ganged up. Rollins got back to his feet and helped Reigns clear them out.

Brian Kendrick defeated TJ Perkins via pinfall. The match lasted over eight minutes. At one point, Perkins was in control and hit a missile dropkick. Kendrick came back later and hit Sliced Bread No. 2 for the win.

Backstage, Rollins and Reigns were walking side-by-side after the earlier events. Mick Foley walked up to them and said they looked good fighting together out there earlier. He said it reminded him of a brash young tag team that won the titles way back when. He said he’s giving them an opportunity tonight because the main event is now a Triple Threat with them against Owens and Jericho and New Day for the tag team titles.

Bayley defeated Alicia Fox via pinfall. They showed an earlier backstage incident where Alicia Fox had torn up one of Bayley’s bears because she was mad that Bayley was talking to her man. In the match, Fox was dominant for a while but Bayley came back to hit the Bayley to Belly for the pinfall win.

Sami Zayn defeated Jinder Mahal via pinfall. After the win, Mick Foley came to the ring. A commercial break took place first and then in the ring Foley announced he talked to Daniel Bryan and arranged a trade for Zayn to Smackdown for someone of equal value. He said all Zayn has to do is sign the contract he has. Zayn asked one more time if he would give him a match against Strowman. Foley shook his head no. Zayn said he’d sign wherever he has to. Foley asked if he wants to know who he’s being traded for. Foley said they decided that they would trade him straight up for – Eva Marie.

Zayn went off on Foley and said he’s worth 100 Eva Maries. He told him he wants Braun Strowman. He screamed it in Foley’s face again. Foley told him to remember this moment and bottle it up to use it Sunday night when he faces Braun Strowman at Roadblock. Foley pulled out a blank sheet of paper saying there was never a trade and he wouldn’t ever trade Zayn. He told Zayn he has always believed in him but needed to know if he has it within him to tap into the anger and bitterness to take on Strowman. He told him he’s got a 10-minute match against Strowman Sunday to show what he’s got.

New Day defeated Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens via pinfall to win a Triple Threat match to retain the WWE Tag Team titles. Late in this bout, things broke down after Owens pushed Woods to Jericho for a Codebreaker. Jericho hit and Owens rushed across the ring to keep Rollins away. Rollins shoved Owens forward as the ref was counting Jericho’s pinfall. The count hit two as Owens fell onto Jericho to break it up. Later on, Rollins shoved Owens into Jericho and then hit a Pedigree on Jericho. Before he could make the pinfall cover, Big E yanked Rollins out of the ring. Woods managed to drape an arm across Jericho on the mat to get the winning pinfall.

Post-match, Owens yelled at Jericho in the ring corner that it was Rollins who caused it all to go south. They kept arguing about it. Eventually, Roman Reigns set up from across the ring for a Spear. Jericho backed off as he saw it and exited the ring, while Owens turned around and took the Spear.

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