WWE Raw Results 10/31/16 for Hartford, CT

Welcome to the WWE Raw results for the Monday, October 31 episode of the weekly pro wrestling show. This week’s episode was held live at XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut. Among the big stories heading into the show are the fallout and follow up of the 2016 Hell in a Cell pay-per-view Sunday night. Also expected to appear on the show was Bill Goldberg to answer Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar’s message from last week’s show. Below are all of the latest WWE Raw results for the episode.

WWE GoldbergGoldberg’s theme hit. He was shown walking backstage and then made his ring entrance complete with pyro. When he got to the ring he began to address Brock Lesnar. However, he was interrupted by Paul Heyman. The Hartford fans kept chanting for Goldberg even after Heyman said it was pissing him off. He told Goldberg that his client conquers streaks and is an impatient beast. He said he wants to see Goldberg face-to-face ahead of Survivor Series. Brock’s theme music hit and the crowd went wild. Heyman laughed in the corner and then said he fooled everyone.

Heyman pointed out Goldberg’s son and wife in the crowd and said they were disappointed, but not as disappointed as they’ll be when Goldberg loses to Brock. Rusev made his entrance to the ring and taunted Goldberg saying he doesn’t believe he has it in him any more. He eventually threw a punch at him, but Goldberg took it and smiled at Rusev. He kneed Rusev and then tripped a bit, but got up and hit a Jackhammer. Heyman stood over Rusev with his arms out and then Goldberg turned around and hit a spear on him.

Enzo Amore defeated Luke Gallows via pinfall in a Trick or Treat fight. The match had all sorts of Halloween props around the ringside area as weapons including pumpkins, fake skeletons and a kendo stick. Enzo was dressed as Buzz Lightyear with Cass dressed as Woody from Toy Story. The close came when Cass put a pumpkin over Gallows’ head and then Enzo hit a top rope leg drop on him for the win.

They showed an ambulance leaving backstage from the building and said Paul Heyman was being taken to a local hospital after Goldberg’s spear.

TJ Perkins defeated Brian Kendrick via countout. The match was for the Cruiserweight title. At one point in the match, Perkins took Kendrick to ringside with a hurracanrana over the ropes. Perkins landed on the back of his head. Kendrick ended up getting counted out with the broadcast team saying it was intentional. Post-match, Perkins attacked Kendrick and put the kneeler on  him on the outside. The refs were able to talk Perkins into releasing the hold.

Mick Foley was backstage showing off his Halloween shirt to a crew member. Braun Strowman came up to him and demanded to be on Team Raw at Survivor Series. He boasted about beating two and three men by himself in a match. Foley told him he’d need to earn it. He said there’s a Battle Royal tonight and the winner gets a spot on Team Raw.

Foley came out to the ring after commercial break and talked up Hell in a Cell. He said most everyone worked their hearts out but Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens left a bad taste in his mouth. Owens’ music hit and he and Jericho came to the ring. They came to the ring to ask what they did last night that was so wrong. Owens said it bothers Foley that he won at HIAC and left as champion because Foley was just a loser in cell matches. They said Foley lost four HIAC matches during his career. Foley told them they made a mockery of the match and nobody will be showing footage of that match 18 years from now. Owens and Jericho said that Foley needs them on Team Raw. He said that’s true, but Stephanie only wanted Owens on the list and wanted to suspended Jericho. He said he feels Jericho is devious enough to help them win.

Foley said he needs another guy for the team – “the guy.” Out came Roman Reigns. The fans booed and chanted “Roman sucks,” to which he said “Happy Halloween to ya’ll, too.” Reigns called Owens and Jericho Sponge Bob and his best friend. Jericho was ready to add Reigns to “the list” but then said he doesn’t deserve it. He said nobody there or in the U.S. deserves it. He said he hates the United States but would make a better US champion that Reigns. Jericho said he could beat Reigns for that title tonight but Reigns is probably too sore from HIAC last night. Reigns said yes he was beaten up but won’t back down from the opportunity to shut up Jericho. Foley booked the title match for later on.

Braun Strowman won the Battle Royal to become a member of Team Raw at Survivor Series. Among the competitors were Strowman, Bo Dallas, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, Sheamus, R-Truth, Goldust, Curtis Axel, Titus O’Neil, Darren Young and Jinder Mahal. It came down to Strowman, Neville, and Zayn. Strowman was able to toss Neville over the top rope, leaving it just him and Zayn. At one point, Strowman overpowered Zayn but Sami held on to Strowman with his legs wrapped around and tried to pull him over. Strowman held himself up with an arm and dumped Zayn to the floor to win it. Team Raw now has Reigns, Owens, Jericho, Strowman and one spot to fill.

Rich Swann, Lince Dorado, and Cedric Alexander defeated Ariya Daivari, Drew Gulak, and Tony Nese via pinfall. Late in the match, Alexander and Dorado took Gulak and Daivari to the floor area. Swann connected with a big kick to Nese for the pinfall win.

New women’s champion Charlotte was carried on a throne to the ring by four guys. Once in the ring she boasted about last night’s match and told Sasha to lift up her head from her hospital bed. She said there’s no shame in losing. She said she pushed Sasha to her limits at HIAC but Sasha was second best, just like every other women’s wrestler is compared to her. She then bragged she is the captain of Team Raw for Survivor Series. She said she needed to call out one weak link on the team: Bayley.

Bayley came to the ring in her Halloween costume. Charlotte laughed her off when she congratulated her on winning the title in an amazing match last night. Charlotte asked Bayley when she’ll realize this isn’t NXT anymore. She told her that their team at Raw is only as strong as its weakest link. Charlotte said Bayley will face one of their Survivor Series teammates next. Out came Nia Jax for the match.

Nia Jax defeated Bayley via pinfall. The match went just under six minutes. Late in the bout, Jax pulled Bayley into the corner. Bayley managed to catch her on the ropes and went for the suplex, but Bayley dropped her out over the ropes. Bayley was favoring her knee. Jax hit a big splash on Bayley against the barricade. Back in the ring, Jax hit a Samoan Drop on her to get the win.

Sheamus and Cesaro defeated The Shining Stars via submission. The match went four minutes. The close saw Sheamus put a Cloverleaf on Epico. Primo tried to come off the top rope to interfere but Cesaro hit him with an uppercut. Epico tapped out.

Roman Reigns defeated Chris Jericho due to disqualification to retain the WWE United States Championship. Owens accompanied Jericho to the ring for the title match. After 13 minutes, Jericho was able to put Walls of Jericho on Reigns. The champion rolled through and then punched Jericho before kicking him off. Reigns hit a power bomb for a near fall. He went to the corner and nailed Owens with a shot to send him off the apron. Jericho got a surprise rollup for the near fall. He tried to follow with a springboard move but Reigns hit a Superman Punch. Reigns went to the corner and then set up and hit the spear on Jericho. He had the pin but Owens came in to break it up.

Post-match, Owens and Jericho teamed up to give Reigns a beat down. Owens tossed Reigns up for a Popup Powerbomb but Jericho hit a Codebreaker. Suddenly, Seth Rollins came rushing out and fought off both heels. He hit suicide dives and then a flying knee on Jericho. After the heels were cleared out, Rollins and Reigns looked at each other a for a bit. They continued to have a stare down from a distance. Eventually, Reigns’ music played and he nodded at Rollins. The two kept the staredown going as Raw went off air.

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