WWE Raw Results 10/17/16 for Denver, CO Episode

Welcome to the WWE Raw results for the Monday, October 17, 2016 episode. The latest installment of the weekly pro wrestling program was held at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. Among the superstars expected to appear were Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, New Day, and Mark Henry. Also, Goldberg was expected to make his big return to WWE Raw to answer the challenge given to him last week by Paul Heyman for a match against Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series. Below are all of the big match results and highlights from this week’s WWE Raw.

sethrollins-wweKevin Owens’ music hit and he arrived out with Chris Jericho for the start of the show. They called the fans idiots and told them to be quiet, then talked about how Mick Foley has a vendetta against them. Jericho talked about how dangerous Hell in a Cell matches are and it’s a nail in the coffin. They brought up Rollins and Owens said he’s the man now and will retire Rollins in two weeks. Rollins came out to disagree.

He told Jericho to put his friendship with Owens on the list. Rollins reminded Y2J how Owens watched as he got Pedigreed two weeks in a row and didn’t help him. Owens said he needed to stay strong for the team. Rollins said Owens stays strong as Jericho stays week. Jericho got irritated and brought up all his accomplishments. He bragged he could beat Rollins. Rollins headed to the ring for a match but then stopped to asked what Owens will do. Jericho said Owens should leave so he can show everyone who he is. “I’m Chris Jericho damnit” he said and Owens eventually left.

Seth Rollins defeated Chris Jericho via pinfall. During the match, Owens came to ringside anyways and tried to pull the ropes back to help out Jericho. The ref caught Owens in the act. A bit later, Rollins was able to block the Codebreaker and then finally hit the Pedigree on Jericho for the win.

They had a sit-down interview with Lita talking to Charlotte about her upcoming Hell in a Cell match against Sasha. Charlotte played up how she is a superior athlete and it’s in her blood. She said Sasha needs the fan support because she might not be at 100 percent for the match, unlike herself.

R-Truth, Goldust and Mark Henry defeated Titus O’Neil and The Shining Stars via pinfall. Henry hit World’s Strongest Slam on O’Neil to get his team the win.

Backstage, Jericho got irritated with Owens saying he told him not to come down to the ring for his match. He almost called him a “stupid idiot” but stopped himself. Owens said he was just trying to help and that he’s the Universal Champion. Jericho told him he’s a six-time champ and not Owens’ lackey. Stephanie came into the scene and told them to get on the same page and not let Rollins in their head. She said she needs two of her best at their best for the Survivor Series match against SmackDown.

Big E defeated Sheamus via pinfall. Cesaro, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston were all ringside. In the late part of the match, Cesaro was using his phone to film for Facebook. Sheamus came out to ringside and took the phone, then yelled into it, then handed it back to Cesaro and told him to film him. Back in the ring, E hit a splash on Sheamus in the corner and got the rollup pinfall for the win.

Bo Dallas defeated Neville via pinfall. Curtis Axel was ringside for Bo. Late in the bout, Neville hit some flips across the ring. Bo hit a neck breaker on him for the finisher. Post-match, Axel got in the ring and got excited about Bo’s win. Suddenly, Bo attacked Axel from behind and then beat him up around ringside. He tossed him into the barricade several times.

Dana Brooke defeated Bayley via pinfall. During the match, Bayley went to the top rope but Brooke pulled her down and slammed her into the ring post area. Brooke brought Bayley into the ring and then was able to score a pinfall for the win.

Paul Heyman appeared live via satellite from Stanford, Connecticut. He said he knows Goldberg is coming to Denver to say yes to Brock’s challenge. He talked about how Lesnar is pissed about how Goldberg beat him 12 years ago and thinks he can do it again now. He said the fans believe it too because they keep chanting Goldberg’s name at events. Heyman said if Goldberg says “yes” tonight, he’ll be “beaten, victimized and conquered.” He said he’s going to be embarrassed, humbled and humiliated by the top attraction in WWE, the guy Goldberg fantasizes he can be.

Braun Strowman defeated The Mile High Trio via pinfall. Byron Saxton interviewed the three men ahead of the match and one said not a man in the world can beat the three of them. During the match, Strowman squashed all three, throwing one guy out onto the other two outside the ring at one point. Later, Strowman chased down one guy who tried to run from the match. He won by slamming one of the men face first onto one of the other for the pinfall. Post-match, Strowman told Foley he was coming backstage to take matters into his own hands since he hasn’t had real competition. Sami Zayn made his way out to the ring. Strowman shoved him down to the mat and then went backstage.

They had a segment with Lana and Rusev coming to the ring to talk about how great Rusev and his family are. They showed different photos of Rusev, his mother, his father, and his dog, among other relatives. Eventually Reigns came down to interrupt. Lana slapped him and then Reigns delivered a Super Kick. Reigns continued to work him over and tossed him into the ring steps outside. Later, he locked The Accolade onto Reigns on the ring steps.

Big Cass defeated Karl Anderson via pinfall. The match lasted only a minute or so. Luke Gallows and Enzo Amore were also ringside. Enzo cut a promo before the match. Late in the bout, things broke down as Cass threw Enzo at Gallows. Back in the ring, Cass was able to hit a side slam to get the pinfall win.

Brian Kendrick, Tony Nese and Drew Gulak defeated TJ Perkins, Rich Swann and Cedric Alexander via submission. Things broke down late as Perkins hit a kick move off the apron. Back in the ring, Swann went to the top rope but got slammed off by Gulak to the mat. Kendrick tagged himself in and immediately put his submission hold the Captain’s Hook on Swann. Nese grabbed TJ Perkins’ foot from the outside to prevent him from getting in the ring for a save. Swann eventually tapped out.

Mick Foley and Stephanie had a conversation backstage about Hell in a Cell PPV. Stephanie praised Mick for coming up with three HIAC matches for the pay-per-view. She brought up the fact they almost were able to make a Triple Threat HIAC match for the Universal title. Foley suggested that next week the main event for Raw should be Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens.

They showed footage of WWE 2K17 video game featuring Goldberg against Brock Lesnar. Cole talked up how Goldberg would be out next.

Cole was in the ring after commercials. He brought up how Goldberg appeared on ESPN and talked to Coach saying there’s a lot of guys he hasn’t worked with in the ring yet, but he’d be remiss if he didn’t say he owed Brock Lesnar a rematch. They showed last week’s Raw segment where Paul Heyman set up the challenge for Brock Lesnar versus Goldberg.

Cole said now it was time for the greatest champion in WCW history, Goldberg, to give his response. They had the theme entrance with his music as Goldberg was shown walking backstage with various superstars along the sides of his path, cheering him on, clapping or nodding. Goldberg eventually hit the stage with the pyro going off and then headed to the ring. He slapped hands with various people and kissed a little girl. He got in the ring and then waited out a “Goldberg” chant and “Holy S—t” chant.  A “This is Awesome” chant was next. Goldberg got teary eyed and said on the mic “it’s been a long time and you didn’t forget.” Cole finally handed the mic over to him to make his speech.

He thanked the fans for the humble return saying he never thought he’d be in the ring again. He said his wife and son were there to see him live for the first time ever. They were shown in the front row next to the Governor who also had been invited on his behalf.

He told the crowd he thought about how maybe he should just let the whole concept of him being in the wrestling ring stay in the new video game. He brought up how he was going to leave things alone until Brock issued this challenge through his fat stooge Paul Heyman. He said he got to thinking how maybe he’s got one last spear in him and maybe he’s got one last devastating jackhammer in him. He told Brock “not only does that mean that you’re next, but most importantly it means Brock Lesnar, you’re last!”

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