WWE Raw Results 09/19/16 for Memphis, TN

Welcome to the WWE Raw results for the Monday, September 19, 2016 episode of the weekly show. This week’s installment comes from Memphis, Tennessee and is the final episode of Raw before the Clash of Champions 2016 pay-per-view. Among the stories to watch will be the Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins title feud, Roman Reigns and Rusev’s ongoing feud, and the Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte women’s title feud. Below are the latest match-by-match results for WWE Raw!

wwe star kevin owensThe opening segment featured Roman Reigns coming out to the ring to talk but he was interrupted by Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon. She told him she has a show to run and understand why he’s out there but she and Mick Foley have a solution. Foley came to the ring and apologized for letting last week’s show get away from him while Steph was off on business. He ends up booking Seth Rollins vs. Rusev in a non-title match tonight. He then adds Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens for the Universal title in a steel cage for the main event.

Seth Rollins and Rusev fought to a double count-out in a non-title match. The close of this match saw Rollins gaining momentum and going to the top rope. Rusev rolled out of the ring to escape a move. Rollins dove out onto Rusev, sending him into the barrier. Rusev comes back in but Rollins hits another dive. The two end up brawling all the way up the ramp to the stage and get counted out. Post-match, the fight continues, with Rollins countering a move near the announce table. The fight finishes when Rollins pulls the top off the announce table, climbs up and hits a cross body onto Rusev to lay him out.

Backstage, Dana suggests to Charlotte that they find Mick Foley to suggest that Sasha is not No. 1 contender because her shoulders were done against Bayley too. Charlotte tells her to just watch and listen as she talks to Mick. They find Foley backstage and Charlotte starts to make her case. Dana suggests he cancel their tag match tonight and make a new No. 1 contender match. Instead, Foley says Bayley is added to the Backlash title match to make it a Triple Threat for Charlotte’s title. Foley leaves the scene and angrily Charlotte shoves Dana down to the floor.

Braun Strowman defeated Sin Cara via pinfall. Strowman controlled the match throughout. He beat up on Cara on the mat and put a vice grip on him. Cara attempted to break the hold, but got tossed out of the ring for his efforts. Later, Cara gets in and dropkicks Braun through the ropes as he’s trying to get in the ring. Cara goes for a moonsault but Braun catches him and then finishes him off.

Charlotte & Dana Brooke defeated Sasha Banks and Bayley via pinfall. Late in the match, Charlotte had a near fall on Sasha. Dana tagged in again and hit some more offense to get a pin attempt of her own. She showed off a bit and tagged in Charlotte after some boos. The two heels kept tagging in and out. Charlotte goes for a Figure Four on Sasha but she blocks it, then makes a hot tag to Bayley. She hits the Bayley-to-Belly finisher on Charlotte but Dana makes a save to stop it. Sasha goes after Dana on the outside. Meanwhile, Charlotte uses the distraction to get a winning pin on Bayley.

Backstage, Seth Rollins confronts Stephanie about how he has fond memories of the past and wonders why she threw it all away for Kevin Owens. Steph insists she had nothing to do with Triple H did and ends up telling Rollins not to threaten her. He says she used to be a shrewd businesswoman but seems to have cracked since Shane returned.

Bo Dallas defeated Gary Graham via pinfall. Dallas cuts another “Believe in Bo” promo before the match. During the bout, the amateur opponent nearly gets a pinfall. Bo comes back and beats up on Graham. Things go to the outside. Bo brings the guy back in, hits a clothesline and then his finisher to win it.

Cesaro defeated Sheamus via pinfall in the Best of Seven Series sixth match. The close saw Cesaro duck the Brogue Kick and nearly get a pinfall win. Sheamus blocked a Sharptshooter and hit the Irish Curse for his own near fall. He hits a Celtic Cross into a backbreaker on the knee for another pinfall attempt. He locks on a Clover Leaf but Cesaro manages to escape it. After some back and forth, Cesaro is finally able to hit the Neutralizer and get a pinfall. The series now tied at 3-3.

Backstage, Mick Foley is on the phone and says the final match between Cesaro and Sheamus should take place at the Clash of Champions pay-per-view. Chris Jericho burst into the office and started to tell Foley about his list of grievances towards him as GM. Foley calls him a “stupid idiot” and is going out to talk about the Cruiserweights. Jericho says he’s going out to tell everyone about his issues with Foley.

After commercial, Jericho was in the ring and began to list off all his grievances towards Mick Foley. They included him trying to drive a division between Jericho and his good friend Kevin Owens. He also says Foley has terrible fashion sense. He says he’ll cross Sami Zayn off the list at Clash of Champions. Enzo Amore and Big Cass come out to interrupt the promo.

Enzo Amore, Big Cass, Sami Zayn, Big E & Kofi Kingston defeated Chris Jericho, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and the Shining Stars via pinfall. The match came about during Jericho’s rant after Enzo and Big Cass came out, leading to all the other guys also coming out to get involved. In the closing moments of this one, Zayn and Jericho fought. Zayn hit a DDT and went for the Helluva Kick but Jericho moves causing Zayn to kick Primo instead. Enzo gets in and Cass hits the Rocket Launcher with him onto Prim for the win.

Mick Foley came out to talk about the Cruiserweight division coming to Raw. He introduces four guys: Gran Metalik, Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander and Brian Kendrick. Foley talks about the division going forth on Raw and how every title on Raw is defended including TJ Perkins’ Cruiserweight title. He announces that one of them will compete for it, after they fight in a Fatal Fourway to determine the No. 1 contender, next.

Brian Kendrick defeated Rich Swann, Gran Metallic and Cedric Alexander via submission to become new No. 1 Cruiserweight contender. There were plenty of exciting spots throughout. Towards the end Metalik tried for a Moonsault on Swann who got his boots up. Swann had a near fall but Cedric came in to break it up. Moments later, Kendrick prevents a Swann pin on Cedric and tosses Swann to the floor. Kendrick puts a submission on Cedric but Metalik is able to break it up. Eventually, Kendrick is able to put the submission on Cedric to make him tap out. With the win, Brian Kendrick will now go on to face TJ Perkins on Sunday at Clash of Champions.

Roman Reigns defeated Kevin Owens in a steel cage match. Towards the end, Reigns managed to avoid a Popup Powerbomb from Owens. They went back and forth in the middle of the ring unloading blows on each other. Owens hit a Superkick, but Reigns blocked his Powerbomb with a Superman punch for a near fall. Moments later, Owens hits the Popup Powerbomb for a near fall. Owens climbs up the cage, but Reigns grabs his leg. The two fight up on the top rope with Owens slamming Reigns head-first into the steel cage wall. Reigns hits a Superman Punch from up top and the two guys fall to the mat. Owens asks for the door to be opened. He crawls out the door while Reigns climbs the cage wall. Reigns is able to get to the floor just a second before Owens makes it out the door. That gives Reigns the non-title victory.

Post-match, Rusev runs down to attack Reigns, but Roman gets the upperhand. The two guys brawled on the outside and the heels team up on Reigns. They bring him into the cage to work on him more. Seth Rollins’ music hits and he rushed down to the cage. He climbed the cage as Owens tries to stop him. Rusev gets knocked off the cage wall and then Rollins leaps off the top of the cage to take down both Rusev and Owens. Raw goes off the air as everyone’s trying to get back to their feet.

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