WWE Raw Results 07/17/17 for Nashville, TN Episode

The show opened with Ambrose in the ring calling out The Miz and his cronies. Seth Rollins came to the ring. Ambrose kept saying he can’t trust Rollins after his Shield brother stabbed him in the back. Rollins said it was three years ago and he’s moved on. He turned his back to Ambrose and offered for him to hit him with a chair as many times as he needed to. Ambrose eventually tossed the chair he had to the side and had words with Rollins off the mic. Miz and his Miztourage came to the ring with Miz mocking what just happened in the ring. He, Axel, and Dallas circled the ring. Ambrose went after the guys at ringside, but Miz managed to sneak into the ring and hit a Skullcrushing Finale to plant Rollins on the steel chair.

Bayley defeated Alexa Bliss via pinfall in a non-title match. Nia Jax came to ringside during the match causing a distraction. Sasha Banks came to ringside to attack Nia. Bayley was able to hit a Bayley to Belly to cover Alexa for the pin in the ring.

Mustafa Ali & Jack Gallagher defeated Brian Kendrick and Drew Gulak via pinfall. Late in this one, Gallagher hit a headbutt on Kendrick and tagged in Ali who hit the inverted 450 Splash to get the pinfall win.

Enzo Amore came out to talk about Big Cass betraying him again. Eventually, Cass headed to the ring too, and then Big Show came down to attack him. Cass ended up getting the best of Show and blooded his nose a bit. Enzo tried to get in the ring to help Show and Cass delivered a big boot to level Enzo.

Finn Balor defeated Elias Samson due to disqualification. The match lasted just over five minutes. Balor hit a dropkick to send Samson into the barricade outside the ring. However, Samson got up and grabbed his guitar and then smashed it over Balor’s head. The ref called for the DQ. Trainers eventually helped Balor to his feet as he was bleeding from his head after the guitar shot. As they were helping Finn, Bray Wyatt appeared on the big screen laughing. He said he liked what he saw and said he feels the need to put Balor in agony. Wyatt said he’s not a myth unlike Balor. He said he’s the worst nightmare Balor has ever had and he’ll enjoy every part of it.

Backstage, Sasha Banks and Bayley showed up to tell Kurt Angle why they each deserved a title shot against Alexa Bliss. He booked Sasha vs. Bayley in a No. 1 contender’s match for next week’s Raw with the winner facing Alexa at Summerslam.

Ariya Daivari defeated Akira Tozawa due to ref stoppage. The match lasted just over three minutes with Titus O’Neil at ringside. Late in the contest, Daivari had control and started to stomp away at Tozawa. Titus got up on the apron and yelled for the ref to “stop it.” The ref called for the bell, awarding the match to Daivari. Tozawa shot O’Neil a glare, then left the ring. Titus followed after him and Tozawa told him he never quit.

Kurt Angle came to the ring to make his big announcement. He talked about information he found out about an action earlier from his life that had a consequence. He talked about dating a woman in college and just recently found out that she gave birth to a baby boy nine months after their last date. Angle talked up the boy who was put up for adoption and raised by great parents. Kurt said the boy excelled in sports and eventually went into wrestling in college. After graduating, he pursued a pro wrestling career and got into WWE. Now he’s a WWE superstar. Eventually, Angle introduced his son to the crowd, Jason Jordan, who is now a member of Raw. Jordan came down the ramp all smiles as Angle got teary in the ring. Eventually, the two of them hugged in the ring to end the segment. Corey Graves told Cole he had formed a special bond with Jordan while in NXT and that’s why he had confided in him with this information.

The Revival defeated The Hardy Boyz via pinfall. Late in the match, Jeff went to the top for a Swanton. Wilder was illegal and tripped Jeff up, allowing Dawson to get the pinfall.

Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns fought to a no contest. The match lasted about 20 minutes. After the 16 minute mark, Reigns went for his Superman Punch but Joe caught him and put him down with an inverted atomic drop. He hit a running senton for a two-count. Reigns came back after and hit his punch. Suddenly, Braun Strowman’s music hit and he came to the ring with his elbow wrapped up. Strowman yanked Joe to the outside and left him lying out there. He tried to get in the ring to attack Reigns, but Reigns blasted him with an uppercut. Reigns and Strowman fought on the outside with Braun shoving Roman into the barricade and then sending him back in the ring.

Joe got back up and started to go at it with Braun at ringside. Strowman hit a clothesline on him and tried to get back in the ring. Reigns hit him but Braun grabbed Roman by the throat. Joe got into the ring and put a Coquina Clutch on. Reigns charged at both guys and Strowman hit a bit boot to level him. Strowman eventually got out of the Clutch after Reigns hit a Superman Punch. Strowman power slammed Joe down, then slammed Reigns twice before leaving.

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