WWE Raw Results 06/04/17 for Wilkes Barre, PA

Welcome to the Monday, June 5th results for WWE’s Monday Night Raw. The latest episode took place at Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. The latest show was the followup to Sunday’s big Extreme Rules 2017 pay-per-view. Among the superstars on the show were Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins, Alexa Bliss and more. Here are the latest WWE Raw results.

wwe superstar roman reignsRoman Reigns defeated Bray Wyatt via pinfall. Late in the match, Bray fell escaped out of the ring before Reigns could hit a move on him. As Bray propped himself on the apron to rest, Reigns went around the ringside area and hit the Drive By dropkick to knock Wyatt to the floor. As Reigns walked over, Wyatt quickly responded with a big clothesline to level him. Both guys got back in with Reigns barely beating the 10 count. Bray grabbed Reigns for a Sister Abigail but Reigns countered into a near fall schoolboy. With Wyatt back on his feet, Reigns hit another Superman Punch followed by a Spear to finally get the pinfall win.

The Drifter did another song in the ring. An angry Dean Ambrose came to the ring and beat up Samson, tossing him out of the ring and then over the crowd barricade. Ambrose went back in the ring to speak and The Drifter managed to get back in and lay him out.

Samoa Joe came to the ring to cut a promo about being envious of Brock Lesnar for having the schedule he does, and an advocate to do his errands for him. He said he wants Brock’s title most of all and that he doesn’t fear Brock. Out came Paul Heyman to interrupt and said Brock doesn’t fear him either. He said he wanted Finn Balor vs Brock but now that it’s Joe it’s the worst case scenario for his client because Brock won’t leave the ring the same after fighting Joe. Heyman offered Samoa Joe a handshake and he took it. Heyman went to leave the ring but Joe took him and backed him to the corner. He explained to him that he had a message he wanted him to give his client and to describe how it feels in excruciating details. Joe grabbed Heyman and locked the Coquina Clutch on him and dropped to the mat. Eventually Heyman passed out. Referees got in the ring to get Joe away and checked on Heyman.

Backstage, Kurt Angle chastised Samoa Joe asking what he was doing out there. Joe told him nobody will get in his way of getting to Brock Lesnar and the title. He asked Angle if he’s in his way. “No but I am,” Seth Rollins said as he moved in front of Angle to go face to face with Joe. He congratulated Joe on becoming No. 1 contender but said he beat Finn Balor, not him. Rollins said Joe tried to end his career and he hasn’t forgotten about it. Angle said it sounds like a great match and booked it.

Sheamus and Cesaro defeated Rhyno and Heath Slater via pinfall in a non-title match. During the match, Cesaro and Rhyno ended up in a fight outside the ring. That left Sheamus along with Slater. The Celtic Warrior connected on the Brogue Kick to level Slater for the pinfall. Rhyno tried to get into the ring but Cesaro prevented it.

TJP defeated Mustafa Ali via pinfall. Prior to the match backstage, TJP went up to Neville and said he thinks it’s time he honors his word about a title shot since he helped him take care of Austin Aries. Neville eventually agreed and said if TJP goes out and takes care of business against Mustafa Ali, he’ll talk to Kurt. Ali went up for a move on the top rope but TJP tripped him up to cause him to fall of f the ropes. From there, TJP hit his finisher the Detonation Kick for the pinfall win. Post-match, Neville’s pyro went off and the champ came out with his belt and the mic in hand. Neville informed him that he spoke to Kurt and that he couldn’t work a miracle for him. TJP told him that they’d go back and talk to Kurt Angle right now. TJP turned to start walking backstage. Neville got an angry look on his face and attacked TJP from behind. He yelled at him “You think you’re on my level?!” He yelled at him “You’ve got your shot tomorrow night on 205 Live.”

A Shattered Dreams Production had Goldust promo to R-Truth. Goldust said “The golden age is back” to finish it off.

Sasha Banks, Mickie James, and Dana Brooke were talking in the locker room. Alexa Bliss walked in with the “Raw” women’s title and said hey guys. Banks gave her a look and said “Yea, uh no” and walked off. Mickie and Dana went to walk away too but Alexa stopped them saying it should bother them that Nia Jax has a title shot ahead of them. She gave Dana and Mickie her pitch on why they have a Nia Jax problem. They laughed and said they don’t have a Nia Jax problem, she does.

The commentators were talking over an upcoming match when Raw GM Kurt Angle walked out and told Corey he needed to talk right now. Graves walked over to the side and talked with Angle about something on his smartphone for a bit with Cole and Booker T confused. Kalisto made his entrance for the next match.

Angle was shown walking backstage towards the exit when Tom Phillips asked him for a comment about what was going on. Angle said it was a private matter and left the arena. A hand was shown reaching in to stop the door and Dean Ambrose returned to the building despite Angle telling him to take the night off earlier.

Kalisto defeated Titus O’Neil via pinfall. Akira Tozawa was shown watching the match on a backstage monitor. Cole said he would sign to the Titus brand after Titus wins tonight. In the match, Titus went for a lazy pin at one point but Kalisto rolled it into one of his own and secured the pinfall for the win.
Crews was ringside and laughed at the mistake.

Backstage, The Miz and Maryse were shown walking and then stopped to look to the side. Someone was underneath a part of the backstage equipment as if just attacked. A referee rushed in to move the equipment and it was Big Cass. Enzo came rushing in and asked if he saw what happened. The ref said no. Cass was slow to sit up and handed his chain over to Enzo as Raw went to commercial.

Maryse was in the ring with a bear mascot and a sign saying “Congratulations” along with balloons and balloon letters spelling “MIZ.” She introduced the new Intercontinental champion and Miz made his entrance. When he got into the ring, fans started a “you deserve it” chant. Miz smirked and said, “that chant would mean something if they didn’t do it every time someone won a new crown around here.” Miz and Maryse toasted with glasses of champagne. He told her she outdid herself with the balloons and decorations and a dancing bear. Maryse looked confused and said she didn’t get the bear. Miz said he didn’t either. They looked at each other and then Miz rushed the bear and attacked it. After the beatdown, he grabbed the mic and held the bear head up.

Miz pulled the head of the costume off saying it was Ambrose but it was a regular guy. Miz told him “Well kid at least you got beat up by the Intercontinental Champion” and he tossed him out of the ring. A big package was wheeled down to ringside and Miz thought Ambrose was inside the gift box. He went over with a steel chair and started beating the box up, smashing it on the floor. Maryse screamed at him to stop several times and said it was from her. When Miz opened the top of the box he found he had smashed a grandfather clock Maryse got for him. She got upset and stormed backstage. An angry Miz told Ambrose on the mic this was all his fault and asked him to come show himself. He was yelling out at the ramp up towards the stage. Meanwhile, inside the ring, a cameraman started to remove his hat and disguise. It was Ambrose. Miz turned around and tried to fight but got planted by Miz with a Dirty Deeds.

Enzo Amore & Big Show defeated Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson via pinfall.¬†Enzo came to the ring and cut a promo saying he’s not just a G but 4G so he’s well connected. He said he called in a favor and he’s seven foot tall and you can’t teach that. Big Show’s music hit and he came to the ring to join Enzo as his tag partner. The close of the match saw Show drop one of the opponents and then lift up Enzo overhead. He tossed him at Gallows for the pinfall win.

Backstage, Show and Enzo were joking around after their win out in the ring as they walked down the hall. Big Cass walked up to them with clear wrap on his shoulder. Enzo asked if he saw them win and what Show just did. Cass smirked and said it was convenient that Show’s been away for weeks and is there the night Enzo needs a tag partner. Show asked Cass what he was suggesting. Enzo broke in between the tension and suggested they all go grab a table in the casino. Show told them to go ahead without him. Cass said good idea and walked off with Enzo leaving Show standing there.

R-Truth did a “Pulp Fiction” promo telling Goldust he was going to “get got.”

Alexa Bliss was interviewed backstage and said she regrets being on a roster where all the women there have no pride or respect. She said she deserves way better than how the division treats her.

Alexa Bliss defeated Nia Jax due to disqualification in a WWE Raw Women’s Championship match. Nia dominated things early. Dana Brooke and Mickie James came down the ramp to ringside. At one point, Nia knocked Alexa to the mat and Bliss rolled to the outside. She started to crawl around the outside of the ring and stopped as she got to Dana and Mickie standing in her path. She got up and went to fight them and they battled with Alexa. The ref called for the bell for a DQ. Post-match, an angry Nia Jax left the ring and shoved Dana and Mickie off Alexa. She tossed Alexa back in the ring and went to get on the apron but Bliss dropkicked her off. Mickie and Dana tried to attack Nia but she shoved them both against the barricade. She went back into the ring and Bliss fled to the ramp backing away with her title belt.

Paul Heyman was getting medical treatment backstage. He was on a phone call and said he thinks it’s time for him to “show up” and it’s time to “unleash the beast.”

Samoa Joe defeated Seth Rollins by submission. Late in the match, Rollins hit a huge move where he slammed Samoa Joe for a near fall. Moments later, Rollins still had some control of things but Bray Wyatt’s sound effect and video blip went off as the arena went dark. When the lights returned, Rollins was looking around for Bray Wyatt. Samoa Joe grabbed Rollins from behind into the Coquina Clutch and fell to the mat with the hold locked on him. Eventually, the ref called the match, giving Joe the win. The commentators talked it up as Raw went off the air with the ref checking on Rollins.

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