WWE Raw Results 05/29/17 for Greenville, SC Episode

Welcome to the quick WWE Raw results for Monday, May 29th, 2017. The latest episode of Raw was the Memorial Day 2017 episode held in Greenville, South Carolina. The show helped to build up the various feuds and matches that were on the way for Extreme Rules 2017 on Sunday. Here are all of the match-by-match results and highlights for the latest Monday Night Raw show from Greenville, South Carolina.

The show opened with Miz TV. Miz made claims that he would “finally get his hands on Ambrose” on Sunday and become a seven-time Intercontinental Champion. His guests were Sheamus and Cesaro. They continued to make comments running down The Hardy Boyz and Ambrose. Eventually, Ambrose came out to interrupt and said he wanted to rearrange Miz’s face. Miz taunted him saying it was 3-on-1 in the ring. Ambrose said he’s not stupid and the Hardy Boyz’ music hit as Matt and Jeff came out to join him for an opening match.

Dean Ambrose & The Hardy Boyz defeated The Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro via pinfall. The win came when Matt Hardy hit Twist of Fate on The Miz, then tagged in Jeff who jumped off the corner with the Swanton Bomb for the pinfall.

Corey Graves was intently looking at his phone when Cole asked him about something during commentary. Graves was lost in thought then got up and left his spot to go backstage. After a break, Graves was backstage showing his phone to GM Kurt Angle. Angle said if what’s being said on his phone is true it could ruin him. Graves told Angle he wanted to help him however he can. Angle thanked him as Graves left.

Elias Samson defeated Zac Evans via pinfall. Samson did a song with his guitar in the ring before the match. Samson dominated from the onset. He eventually won with his swinging neck breaker for the pinfall win.

Samoa Joe defeated Bray Wyatt via pinfall in a Triple Threat match. Finn Balor gained momentum late when he took out Joe who rolled to the outside. Balor charged and hit a running dropkick on Wyatt in the corner, then set up and hit Coup de Grace. He was about to make the pinfall but Joe rushed back in and shoved Balor into the ringpost, then stole the pinfall on Wyatt for the win.

Rich Swann defeated Noam Dar via pinfall. The match lasted under three minutes with Sasha Banks and Alicia Fox at ringside. At one point Fox got on the apron to try to distract Swann but Banks pulled Alicia off. Swann hit the Phoenix Splash to get the pinfall win. Post-match, Swann and Fox danced in the ring a bit.

Titus O’Neil defeated Kalisto via pinfall. Apollo Crews was ringside. They showed a video clip from earlier of Titus instructing Apollo to watch what he does and do what he says and the Titus Brand cane take him to the mountaintop. In the match, Titus won by grabbing Kalisto’s tights for the pinfall. Post-match, Titus posed with Apollo for another smartphone selfie.

Alexa Bliss came to the ring which was set up with a table full of Bayley’s items from her past. She showed off a trophy for “Best in Sportsmanship,” a doll Bayley had since she was two years old, and her yearbook. Alexa also had three special guests from Bayley’s past in the ring, her teacher Mrs. Flapper, her childhood best friend, and her first boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend talked about how Bayley always had her dad on the dates with them and he really had a crush on her best friend.

The best friend in the ring was shocked and they started to make out. Eventually, Bayley’s music hit and she came down to the ring to go after Alexa. They fought back and forth. Bayley gained control and was gonna go get the Kendo stick on a pole from the corner but Alexa yanked her foot off the ropes. Alexa had a kendo stick hidden in the table in the ring and used it on Bayley before she rolled out of the ring in pain.

Austin Aries & Jack Gallagher defeated Neville & TJP via submission. Aries gained control late with just he and Neville in the ring as Neville missed on the Red Arrow from the corner. Aries locked the Rings of Saturn on the champ. Neville fought it for a while but then was forced to tap out. Post-match, Neville was angry in the ring as Aries and Gallagher taunted from the ramp.

Roman Reigns defeated Seth Rollins via pinfall.¬†The two stars traded heavy offense throughout the contest. At one point, Rollins gained control and went for a Phoenix Splash, but Reigns rolled out of harm’s way. The two went back and forth with move attempts and counters. Rollins tried for a high running knee which Reigns avoided, then came back with a big spear to put down Rollins for the 1-2-3. Reigns posed from the ring corners with Rollins holding his ribs. The commentators signed off as they hyped up Extreme Rules PPV for Sunday.

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