WWE Raw Results 04/17/17 for Columbus, Ohio Episode

Welcome to the quick WWE Raw results for the Monday, April 17, 2017, episode. This post will feature a shortened recap of what went down for the Columbus, Ohio episode of the “red brand.” Among the big stories on the show were new matches being set up for the Payback pay-per-view including the women’s title match contender being determined. In addition, several other matches were announced during the show.

Braun Strowman came to the ring and bragged about sending Roman Reigns to the hospital last week. He said he planned to continue destroying the rest of the superstars backstage. Kurt Angle came out to confront him and told Braun he’ll be in a match at Payback against Roman Reigns, at Reigns’ request. Angle told Strowman to take the night off, but Strowman didn’t listen, as he attacked Golden Truth and Kalisto backstage later on. That eventually caused Big Show to knock down Strowman and tell him to “pick on someone his own size” setting up a match for later.

It was announced that Seth Rollins will go one-on-one with Samoa Joe at the Payback pay-per-view.

Samoa Joe defeated Chris Jericho via submission. Seth Rollins watched from commentary. The close saw Joe able to lock the Coquina Clutch on Jericho to make him tap out. Post-match, Joe called out to Rollins on the mic saying he’d avenge what Rollins did to his employer’s wife. Rollins vowed to get revenge on Joe for injuring him before this year’s WrestleMania.

Finn Balor defeated Curt Hawkins via pinfall. Balor was back despite news of a concussion suffered last week and won in a quick squash match.

Alexa Bliss won a Fatal Fourway via pinfall over Sasha Banks to become No. 1 contender for the women’s title. Also competing were Mickie James and Nia Jax. The close saw Jax hit a backdrop on Sasha but then Alexa dropkicked Nia out of the ring and stole the pinfall to become new No. 1 contender.

TJ Perkins defeated Jack Gallagher via pinfall. Neville and Austin Aries were both at ringside to watch. Towards the close, Perkins tossed Gallagher into Aries outside the ring. Once back inside, Aries got on the apron to jaw with Perkins. Neville rushed over and swiped Aries’ leg causing him to hit the apron and outside floor. The ref was distracted as Perkins snapped the rope into Gallagher’s face allowing him to hit a finisher for the win. Post-match, Neville and Perkins backed up the ramp taunting the two babyface Cruiserweight stars.

Jeff Hardy defeated Cesaro via pinfall. Matt and Sheamus were ringside. Jeff got the win with the Swanton Bomb. Post-match the two tag teams shook hands ahead of their tag team title match at Payback.

Big Show vs. Braun Strowman ended in a no contest. At one point, Show and Strowman blocked each other’s slam attempts but then Show picked up Braun and slammed him. Several moments later, Strowman landed a suplex on Show. Later on in the match, Strowman jumped off the corner at Show who grabbed Braun by the throat and hit a chokeslam. Braun kicked out of the pinfall before three. Moments later from that near fall, Strowman managed to get a huge powerslam on Show for a near fall of his own. At one point, Show hit a KO punch too, but Braun kicked out of that pinfall attempt too.

With Braun down on the mat, Big Show got up on the corner at one point late in the match. Strowman got back to his feet, rushed over and hopped up on the corner. He prepared for a suplex and after several moments landed it, causing the ring to implode as the two monsters hit the mat. The ref fell to the outside and both guys laid on the mat. Officials rushed in to check on them. Eventually, Strowman got back to his feet and let out a huge roar. His music played as he went up the ramp with Big Show still down and refs checking on him.

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