WWE Raw Results 04/10/17 – Superstar Shake-Up 2017 Begins

Welcome to the WWE Raw results for the Monday, April 10th, 2017, episode of the weekly program. This week’s installment was held in Long Island, New York. On the latest episode the WWE held a new “Superstar Shake-Up” between the rosters of Raw and SmackDown. During this event, various stars from each roster would get sent to the other. The latest new stars debuted on Monday’s Raw, coming over from SmackDown. Below are all of the latest WWE Raw results.

wwe summerslam 2016 match odds
Dean Ambrose is a favorite to win at SummerSlam 2016.

The opening segment featured John Cena’s music playing. Intercontinental Champion The Miz and Maryse came out dressed as Cena and Nikki again and started their spoof of the couple. Dean Ambrose came out to interrupt and seemed to think it was really Cena and Nikki. Miz tried to let Ambrose in on it, but he kept going, congratulating them on the engagement and on beating Miz and Maryse. Eventually the “It Couple” revealed who they were by Maryse taking off her wig and Miz taking off his baseball cap. Ambrose said “Oh well in that case” and hit Dirty Deeds on Miz before leaving the ring.

Sami Zayn talked with Raw GM Kurt Angle backstage about possibly going to SmackDown. The Miz and Maryse showed up with Miz complaining about what Ambrose just did out there. Zayn said he and Angle were talking but Miz brushed him off. Angle told Miz he’ll need to earn his respect on Raw. He booked Miz vs. Zayn for a match later.

The Revival defeated New Day via pinfall. Late in the match, Woods hit a coast-to-coast elbow drop from the top rope but Dawson kicked out before three. Moments later, Big E and Woods set up for their finisher, but it got broken up. Woods went off the top rope with The Revival hitting a double-team finisher for the win.

Backstage, Charley Caruso interviewed Neville about Austin Aries being the No. 1 contender again. Neville said he’s already proven Neville isn’t on his level. TJ Perkins showed up told him to be careful about what he says. Neville asked who was going to stop him, TJ? He taunted Perkins, suggesting that Austin Aries has taken away the opportunities that Perkins would have got. He told Perkins his career has been a joke in the wake of losing the Cruiserweight title. Aries showed up and said Neville is lying through his teeth. Neville walked off. Aries asked TJ if he’s really buying what Neville told him. Perkins thought about it and then walked off without a response.

TJ Perkins defeated Austin Aries via pinfall. Neville was on guest commentary up on stage. At one point, Aries had control and posed on the crowd barrier to mock Neville. The champ put his headset down and headed down the ramp. Aries told him to step up. The ref kept counting but Aries managed to get back in the ring at eight. Perkins was on the mat and caught Aries in the small package for the win. Post-match, Aries seemed irritated with Perkins who had fled the ring. Neville posed on the ramp and Aries turned his attention towards him. Perkins got back in the ring to attack Aries and left him laid out with a knee to the face. After that, Perkins seemed to think over what had just gone down.

Seth Rollins came to the ring to talk about what went down at WrestleMania 33 where he slayed the King of Kings. Rollins talked about the opportunities he still has on Raw and things he wants to do. He said WrestleMania wasn’t the finish line at all. He brought up Samoa Joe as someone he wants to take on. Rollins then said he might not get the chance after what happened at Mania. He had footage shown of the bump Stephanie took falling off the apron through a table. He said when she comes back to the show healthy, he may be shipped off to SmackDown.

Kurt Angle’s music hit and the GM came out to the “You Suck” chants as he went to the ring. In the ring he said several weeks ago Rollins might have been shipped off to SmackDown, but he saw something in Rollins at Mania. He said he was the “one-legged man who won an ass beating contest.” He told Rollins he was there to stay as long as he’s GM. Angle’s music hit and he went to leave the ring. Suddenly, Samoa Joe attacked Rollins from behind. Angle got back in the ring to try to break it apart but they kept going at it. Eventually, Rollins landed several kicks to send Joe to the outside.

Nia Jax defeated Charlotte Flair via pinfall. At one point, Charlotte was able to avoid Nia charging at her in the corner causing Nia to hit the ring-post shoulder-first. Charlotte went to the apron and then shoved Nia against the post again. Nia fell to the outside and Charlotte set up on the corner for a big reverse moonsault to take down Nia again near the barricade. Jax was able to barely beat the ref’s count to get back in the ring with Charlotte. Charlotte also hit Natural Selection but it wasn’t enough. Later, Nia sent Charlotte face first to the bottom turnbuckle and was able to hit a Samoan Drop moments later for the win.

They showed a video package to reintroduce fans to Finn Balor who just returned to Raw last Monday night.

Finn Balor defeated Jinder Mahal via pinfall. The match lasted just under three minutes. Balor hit a kick for his comeback late, and then a sling blade clothesline followed by a running dropkick. He finished Jinder off with the Coup de Grace for the pinfall win. Post-match, Bray Wyatt showed up on the big screen and said Raw is his new home now. He told everyone he didn’t come empty handed and brought the gift of payback. He said the world will get to watch him torture Randy Orton inside his House of Horrors match. Wyatt told Balor to watch himself because he certainly will be. “Monday Night Raw, I’m here,” Wyatt said to finish his promo.

It was announced that Kalisto, Heath Slater, and Rhyno were all joining the Raw roster.

Sami Zayn defeated The Miz via pinfall. Maryse was ringside. Towards the close, things went to the outside. Miz went back in the ring and Zayn went to slide in after him. Maryse grabbed Zayn’s leg and held it to prevent him from getting Miz while the ref was distracted. Miz grabbed Zayn from behind to set up Skullcrushing Finale, but Zayn countered it into a Sunset Flip for the pinfall win. Post-match, Zayn celebrated on the outside as Miz complained about the count in the ring.

Michael Cole had a sit-down interview backstage with Roman Reigns. He asked about Reigns possibly feeling remorse if it was Undertaker’s last match ever. Braun Strowman showed up out of nowhere to attack Reigns, tossing him against the wall as Cole fled the scene. Braun kept up the beatdown, tossing Reigns around into equipment in the parking area. He eventually powerslammed him on a large crate. Various personnel and referees kept trying to tell him to back off, but Braun kept going at Roman. Eventually he left him laid out and EMTs came in to strap Reigns to a stretcher to take him for medical help. Strowman showed up again and rolled the stretcher over to a ledge dock in the garage and shoved it off. He walked off and the refs and personnel went to grab the stretcher to bring Reigns to the ambulance. They finally loaded him in the back, but Braun showed up again. He yelled “I’m not finished with you” and went in the back of the ambulance to punch Reigns. Next, he walked around the side of the ambulance and started to lift it up by the side eventually tipping it over.

After the commercial break, EMTs were finally loading Reigns into another ambulance which drove off to take him for medical care. The commentators discussed how shocking what they just saw was.

Sheamus, Cesaro & The Hardy Boyz defeated Gallows, Anderson & Shining Stars via pinfall. Before the match got underway, The Drifter from NXT was shown up near the stage area of the ramp with his guitar. The commentators were confused as to what he was doing on Raw. The close saw all of the heels sent to the outside. Matt got down on all fours near the ropes and Jeff ran to hit a flying move over the top rope to take everyone out on the outside. Back in the ring, Matt avoided a Backstabber and hit Twist of Fate. Jeff tagged in to hit his finisher moonsault off the corner for the win. Post-match, the winning tag teams celebrated and shook hands despite the fact they have a match in several weeks from now.

Sasha Banks came to the ring saying she bets the fans want to know why she is out there. She said she’s got some unfinished business but first she wanted to introduce the woman who walked into WrestleMania and out as the Raw Women’s Champion, Bayley. Bayley came to the ring and gave a speech about what it meant to her to have that WrestleMania moment after growing up a big fan of WWE. Sasha told her that was great, but that moment is over. She started to suggest that she wants that title now. Suddenly, Alexa Bliss’ theme music hit and she came down to the ring.

Alexa talked up how she has now arrived to the Raw roster and will continue to do what she does best: Dominating and winning. She said she’s glad to have left all that SmackDown drama behind her. Just then, Mickie James’ music hit and she came down the ramp. She announced that the multiple-time women’s champ was back on Raw. She told Alexa that her drama isn’t over and that her nightmare is just beginning. Suddenly, Nia Jax rushed down the ramp and hit down Mickie from behind. Nia got in the ring with Bayley, Sasha and Alexa. Bliss taunted her to step to her and then shoved Sasha to Nia. Nia put down Sasha. Bayley went after Alexa who rolled out of the ring. Bayley went at Nia who grabbed her for a Samoan Backdrop leaving all of the women laid out in the ring and Mickie on the outside. Alexa went up the ramp a bit. Nia went up and stopped to stare at Alexa a bit before continuing up the ramp.

Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens via pinfall in a non-title champion versus champion match. Towards the end, Ambrose and Owens went back and forth with near big spots. Ambrose avoided a hold from Owens and turned it into a Dirty Deeds to plant him for the pinfall. Post-match, Ambrose celebrated the win for a bit and then Chris Jericho’s music hit. Jericho walked out onto the stage. Ambrose looked around and then left Owens in the ring. Jericho walked down the ramp and as he got in the ring, Owens went for him. Jericho ducked a move and responded with a Codebreaker to drop Owens. Jericho’s music played on as Raw went off the air.

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