WWE Raw Results 03/20/17 for Brooklyn, NY Episode

Welcome to the WWE Raw results for the Monday, March 20th, 2017 episode. Tonight’s installment of the weekly pro wrestling show was held at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York. Among the big stories heading into the show are the continued build towards WrestleMania 33 including the latest involving Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, Mick Foley, and Seth Rollins. Also, the continued build of other matches including Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker and Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens. Below are all of the latest WWE Raw results for Monday’s episode.

wwe superstar roman reignsMick Foley’s music hit and he arrived out to the ring with cards containing a written speech. Foley talked about his actions last Monday and said he was taking an indefinite leave of absence as the GM of Monday Night Raw. Foley eventually lost it and went on a rant about having Triple H give him index cards to read from. He tore them up and started to rant on the mic, but the mic kept cutting out. Eventually, Stephanie’s music hit to interrupt and she came to the ring with a mic in hand. Stephanie chastised him for being inept and unable to do anything right. She said he only cares about being liked by the fans not making the tough decisions. Stephanie said she had two words for him, “You’re fired!” She screamed in his face and pointed for him to leave the ring.

Just then, Sami Zayn’s music hit and he arrived out to the ring telling Stephanie what she was doing was wrong and that Foley’s shown more integrity and class since he’s been the GM there than Steph has in her life. Stephanie got upset and suggested Zayn wasn’t on the level to even speak to her so he should head backstage now. Zayn started to, but then turned back and said he’s not about doing the smart thing, but the right thing. Samoa Joe’s music hit and he came down the ramp. Stephanie told him to stop because she’s got things handled. She suggested for Foley to leave right now and told Zayn he just got himself a match against Samoa Joe, right now. Joe was still at the bottom of the ramp and Zayn rushed to flip out onto him before returning to the ring to fire up the crowd.

Samoa Joe defeated Sami Zayn via submission. Towards the end of the match, Zayn rushed at Joe for the Helluva Kick. Joe responded by grabbing him before he could and hitting a side slam before locking the Coquina Clutch onto Zayn. Sami eventually passed out giving Joe the big win to start off Raw.

Mick Foley was shown backstage talking to Sami Zayn. They shared a moment with Zayn thanking Foley for being his real life hero. They hugged and Foley continued on his way out of the arena. Various superstars were waiting to offer hugs or their words of encouragement including Cesaro, Sheamus, TJ Perkins and Bayley. Eventually, Triple H was standing near the exit door. He and Foley had a staredown and then Triple H blurted out “Have a nice day” before smiling and walking off.

The commentary team recapped what happened to Seth Rollins last Monday night with the injury setback. Corey Graves said he texted back and forth with Rollins about things and Rollins said he is determined to make a recovery. Cole and company spoke to Kevin Wilk, PT the Associate Clinical Director for the place offering Seth’s rehab. He said Seth was lucky to have not suffered a more serious injury because he was wearing a knee brace. Wilk said Seth is doing miraculously well but it will take months to recover so if Seth goes to WrestleMania he will only end up right back in rehab the next day.

Charlotte Flair defeated Dana Brooke via pinfall. Dana got a bit of offense for a bit with Charlotte escaping outside the ring to recover. Later on in the match, Charlotte delivered a big boot and then pinned Dana. She kicked Dana out of the ring to finish the segment.

Stephanie McMahon was walking backstage when she came up to Bayley. Steph mocked Bayley being down, asking if she needed a hug. Bayley said she used to look up to Stephanie growing up thinking she was a strong woman. She said in the past seven months since Mick Foley brought her to the main roster, she’s seen Stephanie do nothing but hurt people. Steph told Bayley being the women’s champion requires a strong woman too so she’s going to have to prove herself every night. She told Bayley she’ll go one on one with Nia Jax tonight in a No DQ match and if Nia wins, she’s part of the WrestleMania Raw women’s title match.

Chris Jericho held an edition of The Highlight Reel to expose the “real Kevin Owens.” He talked about Owens growing up as a wrestling fan and showed a picture of a much younger skinnier Owens wearing a Y2J shirt in his bedroom. Jericho also revealed a tweet message Owens sent back in 2014 to ask him for advice about being part of the wrestling business. Jericho continued to show footage and said he wants one thing from Owens now: that one night he took away from him when he sent him to the hospital on the night of the “Festival of Friendship.” Eventually, Jericho was interrupted as he was about to add Owens’ name to the list.

Samoa Joe showed up on the ramp and started down towards the ring but stopped in his tracks. Jericho put the list down and got ready for a fight, staring back out at Joe. Suddenly, Kevin Owens showed up in the ring to attack Jericho from behind. Owens got the upper hand kicking Jericho around and punching at him. Eventually, Owens stood over the fallen Jericho. He saw The List on the ground and picked it up. From there, Owens tore apart the list papers and threw them. He put one piece in his mouth and spit it out on Jericho before leaving.

The Brian Kendrick defeated TJ Perkins via pinfall. Before the match the ref tried to have them shake hands. Kendrick looked like he was going to, but then turned away from Perkins as the bell rang. In the match, the two traded offense throughout. Perkins managed to capture a pinfall win after hitting his Sliced Bread finisher. Post-match, Kendrick was outside the ring on the mic. He said Akira Tozawa isn’t there tonight. Perkins showed off that he had Tozawa’s passport which Akira had left lying around last week, proving Tozawa with another valuable lesson to watch what you leave laying around.

Nia Jax defeated Bayley via pinfall in a non-title match. Jax hit a big Samoan Drop towards the end to capture the pinfall. With the win, Jax became part of the match at WrestleMania 33 for the Raw Women’s title, making it a Fatal Fourway involving Bayley vs. Nia vs. Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks.

They showed a tribute video for Mae Young for Women’s history month which involved comments from Mark Henry, Stephanie McMahon, Ivory, Beth Phoenix and Pat Patterson.

They had an exclusive interview with Triple H regarding Seth Rollins situation. Triple H said it wasn’t his fault that Rollins got hurt again and won’t be able to make WrestleMania, but it was on the fans. He blamed them for how Mick Foley was disfigured from wrestling and got fired tonight. He also blamed them for encouraging Rollins to try to attack him. Hunter tried to make a “nice gesture” by handing two comp tickets for WrestleMania to Cole and telling him to give them to Rollins so he and a guest can come watch Mania. As HHH started to leave the ring, he turned back and told Cole he just thought of an idea. Hunter said if the fans and everyone really want to see him vs. Rollins at Mania in a match, then he’ll draw up the papers for it. He challenged Rollins to show up next week and sign off for the big match that will end his career unless he’s a “coward.”

Sheamus & Cesaro vs Gallows & Anderson, Enzo Amore & Big Cass in a 2-on-4 handicap match. If Sheamus and Cesaro lose the match they’ll no longer be part of the Raw tag team title Triple Threat match. As the match got started, Gallows and Anderson attacked their tag partners Enzo and Cass, tossing them out of the ring. That allowed Sheamus and Cesaro to get the advantage and grab a quick pinfall win. As they left, Cass helped Enzo hit the Rocket Launcher on Anderson.

New Day was shown backstage for a promo segment. It started off with an inside joke as Big E asked Xavier Woods if there was anything he wanted to tell them about. Woods started talking about how he was excited for WrestleMania. They kept talking about the big event with E saying he was excited for the Goldberg vs Brock match.

Austin Aries defeated Tony Nese. Post-match, Neville’s music hit and the Cruiserweight Champ came out on stage to talk some trash. Aries told him that Neville is going to realize when he gets in the ring that he’s taking on someone who’s not on his level, but above it. He said after WrestleMania Neville’s whole facade about being “King of the Crusierweights” will be over.

They showed various clips to build up the upcoming Universal Championship match involving Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg. Next week, both men will be on hand at Raw in Philadelphia for a face-to-face.

Charley Caruso tried to interview Braun Strowman backstage. He interrupted her and said he’s going to demolish Reigns tonight. He said Undertaker will need a shovel to pick up Reigns’ pieces off the mat when he’s done with him.

Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman ended in a no contest. Strowman dominated the match after the bell. He eventually whipped Reigns hard to the corner and watched him hit the mat then yelled as he posed over him. Moments later, Strowman locked a chokehold on Reigns to choke the life out of him. Reigns eventually powered to his feet to power out of the hold. Reigns staged a comeback but it was shortlived as he was unable to lift Strowman on his shoulders and fell back to the mat. A bit later, Strowman ran at Reigns in the corner to crush him with a splash move. He whipped him to the opposite post with Strowman running at him. Reigns moved out of the way and Strowman hit the post shoulder-first. Reigns hit multiple clotheslines on Braun in the corner and went for a Superman Punch but Braun caught him for a chokeslam attempt. Reigns slipped out and moments later was able to lift Braun on his shoulders for the Samoan Drop. He followed with the Drive by on the outside of the ring.

Strowman recovered on the outside and tore apart the ring steps. He brought one half of them into the ring to try to smash against Reigns but Roman was back up and hit a punch to knock them out of his hands. The two kept on battling with Strowman tossing Reigns up into the air and Reigns coming back down with a Superman Punch. Reigns set up for the Spear with Braun down in the corner. Suddenly, Undertaker’s gong sounded and the lights went off.

A moment later the gong sounded again and the lights came on with Undertaker standing in the middle of the ring. He and Reigns locked eyes and stared one another down. Strowman got back up but Taker turned and grabbed him by the throat then hit a chokeslam to put him down to the mat. Strowman rolled to the outside. Taker shook off the amount of energy it took to do the move and as he turned around Reigns hit a spear to take him down to the mat.

Reigns stared down at the Deadman and patted himself on the stomach before backing away and leaving the ring. His music played as he headed up the ramp. Suddenly, the music cut off and Taker sat back up in the ring. Undertaker stood up and stared out at Reigns on the ramp, then gave him the trademark cutthroat sign. Reigns nodded back as Taker’s theme music played with Raw going off the air.

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