WWE Raw Results 03/06/17 for Chicago, IL Episode

Welcome to the WWE Raw results for the Monday, March 6th, 2017 episode. The latest installment of the weekly professional wrestling program was held in Chicago, Illinois and followed up Sunday night’s big WWE Fastlane pay-per-view. Among the superstars expected to appear at the latest event were Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns, Bayley, Charlotte Flair and more. Below are all of the latest WWE Raw results as the “road to WrestleMania” continues.

wwe star kevin owensA video package showed some video and still shots from last night’s main event between Goldberg and Kevin Owens. Chris Jericho showed up to cause a distraction allowing Goldberg to get a quick win over Owens and become new WWE Universal Champion.

Chris Jericho came to the ring to start the show with a lot of fanfare. Jericho talked about how he screwed Owens out of the title last night because three weeks ago at the “Festival of Friendship” Owens betrayed him. Jericho said he wants to know why Owens did what he did, though, so he called him out to the ring to answer why. After a few moments of waiting, Owens’ music hit and he arrived out on the stage.

Owens told Jericho he was never his best friend and he used him. He said Triple H said once he won the title everyone would be coming around looking for him so he needed someone who had experience and had been there before. He said he also needed someone who was gullible which made Jericho a perfect tool until he outlived his uselessness. Owens said when Jericho accepted a title match on his behalf from Goldberg that made it too much.

Jericho said he still has all the “friends of Jericho” here with him tonight. The fans backed him up. Jericho told Owens this isn’t nearly over and they will fight at WrestleMania. The fans cheered for that. Owens told him he’ll get his Universal title back when the time is right but for now all he can think about is taking away Jericho’s US Championship. He told Jericho he’ll fight him at Mania if the title’s on the line. Jericho said OK and then said there’s still weeks before Mania so why not give the fans a fight right now in Chicago. Owens rushed to the ring and Jericho quickly got the upper hand, beating him up in the corner.  Suddenly, Samoa Joe got into the ring and attacked Jericho from behind, helping Owens with the beatdown. Sami Zayn’s music hit and he ran to the ring with a steel chair. He and Jericho eventually cleared Joe and Owens out of the ring.

Kevin Owens defeated Sami Zayn via pinfall. The match was joined in progress after commercial with the commentators saying Jericho vs. Samoa Joe will take place later. The match spilled to the outside after Zayn hit a flip over the top rope onto Owens. The two competitors got back to the ring but Owens quickly hit a Popup Powerbomb. He didn’t make a pin right away and threw punches at Zayn before hitting a somersault leg drop on the back of Zayn’s head. Owens hit another Popup Powerbomb and took the pin.

Neville defeated Rich Swann via submission to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Rich Swann had a near fall after a back suplex. Later, Swann tried for the Phoenix Splash off the top but Neville rolled away. Neville came back for a near fall and then locked on the Rings of Saturn to make Swann tap out. Austin Aries interviewed Neville in the ring post-match asking how it feels to be on top of the mountain. Neville paused for a bit and the crowd started an “Austin Aries” chant. Aries nodded and thanked the Chicago crowd. Neville yelled at the crowd and said for all those who doubted him, “Look at me now.” Neville said he’s laying waste to “pretender after pretender” and there’s nobody on 205 Live who holds a candle to the King of Cruiserweights. Aries asked him to repeat himself if there’s really nobody at his level of competition?

Austin Aries interviewed Neville in the ring post-match asking how it feels to be on top of the mountain. Neville paused for a bit and the crowd started an “Austin Aries” chant. Aries nodded and thanked the Chicago crowd. Neville yelled at the crowd and said for all those who doubted him, “Look at me now.” Neville said he’s laying waste to “pretender after pretender” and there’s nobody on 205 Live who holds a candle to the King of Cruiserweights. Aries asked him to repeat himself if there’s really nobody at his level of competition?

The crowd chanted for Aries again and Austin told Neville the Chicago fans seem to disagree. Neville told Aries he’s delusional to think he’s on the same level as him. Neville suggested Aries to leave the ring and go back to commentary where he can make little jokes or else he’ll make him leave. Aries took off his sunglasses and looked at Neville saying he was just doing his job. He said he doesn’t have any more questions just a statement. Aries dropped the mic and punched Neville down, then came off the ropes to hit him with a spinning punch move. Neville rolled to the outside as Aries got all riled up and tore off his shirt before posing on the corner.

Backstage, Enzo Amore and Big Cass were walking down the hall when they came up to Sheamus and Cesaro. Enzo referred to them as a “Cuppa haters,” and Sheamus made a joke that those two are a “cuppa jobbers” after losing their title match last night. Enzo promised that they’ll go out and win them tonight. Cesaro said they’d be there waiting whether they win or lose those titles.

The new WWE Universal Champion Goldberg came out to address the WWE Universe. He slapped hands with fans at ringside before getting in the ring to hold up the championship belt. He spoke about how the title belongs to all of them. As Goldberg continued to speak, the fans started up their “CM Punk” chant to which Goldberg nodded a bit. Paul Heyman’s voice came on as he came out to the stage to interrupt. Heyman said he won’t be going to the ring to shake Goldberg’s hand, but he didn’t come there tonight alone. Brock Lesnar’s music hit and he arrived out then headed to the ring. Lesnar got into the ring to go face-to-face with Goldberg. Heyman talked up how Brock wanted to personally shake Goldberg’s hand after his title win last night. Heyman kept talking things up and said that his client will leave Mania as undisputed Universal champion. He said after that, Goldberg will be referred to as “Brock’s bitch.” Goldberg turned to shoot a look at Heyman which allowed Brock to pick up Goldberg and hit him with an F5. Lesnar looked down at the fallen Goldberg next to his title belt and exited the ring with Heyman.

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson defeated Enzo Amore & Big Cass due to disqualification to retain the WWE Raw Tag Team titles. Enzo and Cass cleared the champs out of the ring at one point. Sheamus and Cesaro came walking down the ramp to watch the match. After commercial, things continued to go in favor of Enzo and Cass. However, Enzo hit a move on the outside and got knocked into Cesaro, spilling his coffee all over his suit. That caused Cesaro to chase Enzo into the ring. He went for a clothesline but Enzo avoided it and Cesaro took down Anderson. The ref called for the bell. All three teams got into it in the ring with Cesaro and Sheamus eventually clearing the ring to stand tall.

They showed a video package to introduce the latest WWE Hall of Fame inductee “Ravishing” Rick Rude as first reported today by Bleacher Report.

Raw returned from commercial break with a backstage argument going on between Enzo and Cass and Sheamus and Cesaro. Mick Foley stepped in and yelled at them that this will be settled next week on Raw in the ring. He said the winners get a title shot at the tag champs at WrestleMania. Foley said he’s going to try to have a nice day now. The teams left and Stephanie showed up standing next to Foley. She angrily said if he wants to have a nice day to follow her to her office right now.

Akira Tozawa vs. Ariya Daivari – Tozawa ducked a strike move from Daivari late in the match and then hit the snap German suplex into a pinfall for the win. Post-match, Tozawa got on the mic and called out Brian Kendrick to come fight him face to face right now. Kendrick arrived out on the stage with a mic in hand. He told Tozawa he’ll have an answer for him tomorrow night on 205 Live. He told Tozawa to be careful what he wishes for and then walked backstage.

New Day defeated Shining Stars via pinfall. New Day wheeled their ice cream cart down to ringside and threw boxes of Booty-O’s out to people in the crowd. Big E tagged in and put Primo up on his shoulder. Kofi jumped off the corner and helped slam Primo into the mat allowing E to get the pinfall.

They rolled a video package to commemorate former women’s wrestlers Trish and Lita for women’s history month.

After break, Mick Foley was in the ring to welcome WWE Raw Women’s Champion Bayley. She made her entrance with the inflated wacky wavers at the top of the stage. The commentary team talked up Bayley’s win last night over Charlotte to break her 16-0 undefeated streak at PPVs. Sasha Banks helped out again to give Bayley the win. Foley congratulated her on successfully defending the title last night at Fastlane PPV. Bayley said it’s tough to call herself a champion tonight. She said she asked Charlotte to leave Dana in the locker room last night but everyone saw what happened with Sasha in the match last night. Bayley said things just don’t feel right heading to WrestleMania like this. Foley told her it shouldn’t matter how she gets there, but that she is going. He asked who her opponent will be for WrestleMania.

Sasha Banks’ music hit and she arrived out with a mic in hand. She told Bayley just because Charlotte said she was going to send Dana back to the locker room doesn’t mean she was going to stay there. Sasha talked about how they have always talked about how they will tear the house down at WrestleMania, and suggested they do so at this year’s PPV. Foley asked if the crowd in Chicago agreed and they chanted “Yes.” Charlotte’s music hit and she arrived out with Dana Brooke.

Charlotte said the plan is now clear, that Sasha did all of this because she couldn’t get another rematch against her after losing at Roadblock, so she used Bayley and even pretended to be her friend. Charlotte complained she was robbed at Fastlane last night. Stephanie’s music hit and she arrived out to interrupt things saying Mick Foley is not the boss and neither is Sasha Banks. Steph said that Sasha’s the most manipulate woman in the locker room. Stephanie said the person most deserving of a shot at the title is the woman who was robbed: Charlotte Flair. Stephanie said she’s going to make the match official: Bayley will defend the championship against Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania.

Foley said she can’t leave the boss out in the cold, so he proposed next week Charlotte faces Sasha with the winner getting Bayley for the title at WrestleMania. Stephanie said if Sasha can win her match she will be entered into a Triple Threat for the women’s title at Mania with Bayley and Charlotte. Stephanie said Sasha has to defeat Bayley to get the opportunity and that match is going to happen right now.

Sasha Banks vs. Bayley – non-title match. If Sasha won the match she would be put into a Triple Threat against Charlotte and Bayley at WrestleMania for the title. Late in the match, Sasha was able to put the Bank Statement on Bayley but she quickly reached the ropes to break it. Moments later, Sasha hit a Backstabber to bring down Bayley and put the Bank Statement on again. Bayley dragged her towards the ropes again but Dana Brooke got on the side apron to distract the ref. Charlotte went over through the ropes to rake Bayley in the face as Sasha kicked off Charlotte to push back into the ring with the Bank Statement still locked on. The ref turned around and Bayley eventually tapped giving Sasha the win. Post-match, the ref raised Sasha’s arm in victory but Charlotte got in the ring and kicked her down. Charlotte waited on Bayley to get up and kicked her down as well.

They rolled out a video package about Seth Rollins’ rehab efforts for his hurt knee. After the video, Cole welcomed Triple H in for an interview via satellite. HHH said hats off to the WWE for the world class treatment they provide for their athletes. Triple H said he originally took what Rollins said last week as ignorance, but now he realizes it’s just stupidity that Rollins won’t listen to the medical professionals. HHH called Rollins a liar, saying he’s been calling himself “the man” for years but it’s a lie. Triple H reiterated his message that if Rollins shows up at WrestleMania it will be the last thing he ever does in a ring.

Roman Reigns was taping his wrists up backstage. Charley Caruso went up to him asking for his comments about what Braun Strowman said about wanting to finish business with him tonight. Reigns said if Strowman is looking for him he’ll know where to find him: out in the ring.

Samoa Joe defeated Chris Jericho via countout. Late in the match, things went to the outside. Joe wrapped up Jericho with the Coquina Clutch submission hold. He dropped to the outside floor with the move as the ref kept counting the two men out. It got up to 7 and Joe let go of the hold and slid back into the ring under the ropes to beat the countout. After the win, Joe went out and grabbed Jericho toss back in the ring. Joe went back in but Jericho got up and hit a Codebreaker to send Joe rolling out through the ropes.

Braun Strowman was shown backstage walking out to go out into the arena as Raw went to commercial.

Strowman’s music hit and he came to the ring on a tear. Strowman said Roman won by a fluke last night and demanded he get out there right now to face him like a man so he could rip him apart limb by limb. He yelled again for Roman but instead, The Undertaker’s gong sounded and the lights went out. Taker’s music hit and flames shot up around the stage as the music played. Eventually, The Undertaker arrived out on stage.

Taker made his way down to the ring and stood face to face with Strowman once inside. Strowman backed away and left through the ropes as Taker stood in the ring staring out at him. Strowman exited through the crowd. Taker eventually turned to leave as his music began to play but soon Reigns’ music hit to interrupt. Roman came out onto the ramp and stared towards The Undertaker in the ring. He walked down and eventually climbed into the ring to face The Deadman.

Reigns told Taker that Braun wasn’t calling the Deadman out, he was calling him out. Reigns said with all due respect “this is my yard now.” Taker looked over towards the WrestleMania sign hanging down and Reigns turned to stare at it as well. Suddenly, Taker grabbed Reigns by the throat and then hit him with a chokeslam to leave him on the mat. Taker left the ring with his theme music playing as Cole said “The original big dog is back to claim his yard.” Taker walked up the ramp and stopped to turn and look towards the ring and WrestleMania sign as Reigns got up to his knees.

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