WWE Raw Results 02/27/17 for Green Bay, WI Episode

Welcome to the latest WWE Raw results for the February 27, 2017, episode from the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The latest installment of the weekly professional wrestling program is the last episode before Raw’s Fastlane pay-per-view event. Among the superstars expected to appear on the show are Samoa Joe, Cesaro, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, and Goldberg. Also a special interview from injured Raw star Seth Rollins about his future for WrestleMania 33. Below are all of the latest match results and highlights for the Raw episode.

Goldberg came out to start off Raw and talked about how he’ll deliver on his promises this weekend. He said he’ll go into Fastlane and it will be spear, jackhammer, 1-2-3, he’ll leave as new Universal Champion. Kevin Owens came out in a suit with the belt to interrupt from the stage area. He talked about how he’s defeated the likes of John Cena, AJ Styles, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins. Goldberg gave him a mocking clap. Owens said he’s going to make Goldberg next in the “evolution of Owens.” Goldberg told Owens why wait until Sunday. Owens teased they could fight now in a “Green Bay Street Fight,” but then said Green Bay doesn’t deserve to see him fight. Owens dropped the mic and walked backstage.

New Day defeated Jinder Mahal and Rusev via pinfall. Before the match, New Day came out and said they were about to face Shining Stars. Their music played, but someone handed a card to Xavier Woods and he said there was a mix up, they were actually taking on Jinder Mahal and Rusev. In the match, Lana and Kofi got into an argument on the outside. Rusev went over to protect his wife. The distraction allowed Woods to get a rollup pinfall on Jinder in the ring.

Sheamus and Cesaro were backstage with Samoa Joe getting into it with Cesaro. Cesaro talked about how Joe is just carrying Triple H’s jockstrap. Joe chuckled over it and told Cesaro to keep being clever because it looks like it’s worked well for him. Joe walked off and Sheamus said he was going to kick his head off. Cesaro told Sheamus to let him handle it.

Backstage, Stephanie yelled at a WWE staffer as Mick Foley showed up and said hello. Steph said she wanted to apologize to him. However, she talked to him about how Triple H ended his career there 17 years ago on this night. She said her husband seems to keep getting stronger while Mick seems to be going the other way and keeps getting weaker.

Akira Tozawa defeated Noam Dar via pinfall. At one point, Tozawa had control and went to the top rope but Alicia Fox distracted him. Dar rushed over to cause Tozawa to fall off the turnbuckle to the mat. Later, Tozawa hit a snap German suplex towards the close and used it to secure the pinfall. Post-match, Fox comforted Dar near the ramp. Tozawa celebrated in the ring but was attacked from behind by Brian Kendrick. He got on the mic and told him that was lesson number three, that he needs eyes in the back of his head, and even with the match is over, it’s not really over.

Nia Jax and Charlotte Flair defeated Bayley and Sasha Banks via pinfall. Late in the match, Bayley had some control against Nia. Charlotte hopped on the apron as Bayley rushed over to knock her off the apron. Bayley turned around and was leveled by Nia. Moments later, Sasha tried to jump off the corner but Nia caught her and then slammed her on top of Bayley. Sasha rolled to the outside and Nia hit a leg drop on Bayley with Cole saying Nia just pinned the champion.

Backstage, Braun Strowman demanded that Mick Foley get him a contract. He said he thinks he has Roman Reigns about ready to break and wants Reigns to sign on the dotted line for their Fastlane match, so Reigns can’t tuck his tail and run. Foley assured him that Reigns won’t do that. He said if he wants to stand in the ring and sign a contract, so be it, but don’t be upset when things might not go how he wants. Strowman told him to have Reigns in the ring or else.

Big Cass defeated Luke Gallows via pinfall. Enzo Amore and Karl Anderson were ringside. The match took place days ahead of the two teams’ meeting for the tag titles at Fastlane. Gallows hit a big boot on Cass at one point and ran at him in the corner. Cass hit a big elbow to knock the charging Gallows off and then took control. Cass hit Empire Elbow but on the outside Anderson tried to attack Enzo. Enzo turned the tables and threw Anderson into the steel steps. Cass turned around as Gallows ran the ropes at him, but Cass avoided him and hit a big boot to level Gallows for a pinfall.

Seth Rollins interview segment. Corey Graves was in the ring and introduced a video package highlighting what has gone down between Seth Rollins and Triple H over the past weeks. It included Rollins losing a match which lost his Royal Rumble spot and then Rollins came out to try to attack HHH on Raw. Samoa Joe rushed in to attack him instead, which led to Rollins being out of action for weeks.

Graves introduced Rollins. His theme music hit and Rollins arrived out using a crutch to walk with his right leg in a brace. Graves helped him into the ring through the ropes and asked him to take a seat. Rollins talked about how mentally it sucks to be hurt again and said he thought about how maybe he deserves this. He said he should have known better with Triple H stabbing him in the back. He said he let it happen and he should have come back better before, but somewhere along the way, he lost sight of it. Graves asked about Rollins’ plans for WrestleMania since Samoa Joe and Triple H said he won’t be there this year. Rollins took a moment and thought about it saying right now it’s not looking great and it doesn’t look like the doctors will clear him in time for WrestleMania.

Triple H’s music hit and out came The Game in a suit all smiles. HHH walked down the ramp and played to the crowd re-introducing Seth Rollins to them. Triple H said it was good to see him because last time he saw him he thought it might not be ever again. HHH got on the apron and asked Rollins if he remembers Joe and Samoa Joe was seen standing at ringside in a suit. He informed Rollins that he won’t be at WrestleMania. Hunter kept taunting Rollins saying he knew this day was coming for him. Joe got up on the opposite apron on the ring. HHH told Rollins he used him and spit him out, profiting off him. He said, “Rollins is just the past, a washed up, beat up superstar who is worthless.”

Hunter told Seth to make the right decision now. He threatened him not to call him out at WrestleMania or it will be the last thing he ever does in a WWE ring. HHH started to leave down the steps as Joe started to get off the apron too. Rollins yelled out “Hunter” and told him he told his wife he had nothing left to lose and that couldn’t be any truer than right now. He told him he’ll be at WrestleMania and if it’s the last thing he does, it will also be the last thing HHH does. Rollins’ music hit and HHH left up the ramp with Joe while Rollins stared out at them.

Big Show defeated Epico & Primo in a 2-on-1 handicap match. The Shining Stars handed out travel brochures on their way to the ring. In the quick match, Show hit a Knockout Punch before delivering a Chokeslam in the squash win.

WWE showed a video package to honor the late Martin Luther King Jr. It featured comments from Alicia Fox, Kofi Kingston, Titus O’Neil and Jason Jordan.

They showed a video highlight package of Austin Aries announcing himself ahead of joining Michael Cole and Corey Graves for the Cruiserweight match. Aries told Cole and Graves that very soon fans may see how great his in the ring.

Jack Gallagher & TJ Perkins vs. Neville & Tony Nese. Neville rushed over and knocked Gallagher off the apron to start things. Perkins tried to gain control for a bit. Moments later, Perkins knocked Gallagher off the apron accidentally. Late in the match, Nese was the legal man and Perkins set him up in the corner. Gallagher was able to plant Nese on the mat and wrapped his leg around him in a submission lock to make him submit as Neville watched from the ramp area.

“The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix was announced as the latest inductee into the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame Class. A video of highlights was shown along with comments from John Cena, Trish Stratus, Eve Torres, Natalya and The Miz.

Bayley was sitting backstage icing her neck while Sasha talked to her about her match for Sunday. She told her not to worry about Charlotte at Fastlane because she’ll be ringside to keep an eye out. Stephanie came into the scene and told Sasha she’ll have her own match to worry about on Sunday when she takes on Nia Jax.

Samoa Joe defeated Cesaro via pinfall. Joe managed to target Cesaro’s left knee. Late in the match, Cesaro started to gain some momentum and went for the Swing but Joe hit his hurt knee to block it. Cesaro went for the Neutralizer but Samoa backdropped him. Cesaro landed on his feet and tried for a reverse off the side ropes but Joe ran at him and shoved him hard against the ropes, causing Cesaro to catch his leg up. From there Joe took him for the finishing side slam for the pinfall. Post-match, Charly Caruso came out to the top of the ramp to ask Joe how he has achieved so much success so quickly. Joe said he came here to hurt people. Joe mentioned Cesaro, Sami Zayn and Seth Rollins. All of a sudden, Zayn’s music hit and he came rushing out to attack Joe. The two fought towards the crowd barrier and a bunch of security and refs separated them. Joe tossed Zayn onto the stage. Zayn seemed to be backing off then ran and jumped off to dive onto Joe. The guards separated them again with Joe looking furious.

Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns contract signing for Fastlane. Foley was in ring with everything set up for the contract signing. He started to talk about it but Strowman’s music hit. Strowman got in the ring and told Foley everything was set up for the signing so he can leave now. Foley told him no he was going to listen to what he had to say as the GM. Strowman laughed it off and told Foley he used to respect him but now he’s washed up and a broken down suburban dad. Strowman said to leave again, but Foley had enough. He tossed the table aside and got in Strowman’s face saying he’ll respect him as a legend. He kept yelling at Strowman who knocked the mic away and started to back him down.

Roman Reigns’ music hit and he came to the ring before Strowman could hurt Foley. Braun went out of the ring and the two started to fight ringside. Strowman tossed Reigns over the steps but Reigns came back with a Superman Punch off them. The two ended up fighting up into the stairs in the crowd area with Reigns jumping off the steps for another. Moments later, Reigns hit a huge spear to tackle Strowman through the timekeepers barricade with a security guard also getting taken down.

Reigns rolled back into the ring and went over to pick up the contract and sign it. Just then he saw Strowman stand up at ringside area. Braun yelled out “is that all you got?!” and then re-entered the ring. Reigns ran at him and hit another Superman Punch. He set up for the Spear from one corner and rushed towards Braun who turned and blocked it, then threw Reigns hard into the corner turnbuckle causing it to snap off with Reigns falling to the mat clutching his chest area.

As Strowman went up the ramp, Reigns managed to get over and grab the contract and signed it. Strowman saw it and chuckled as he continued backstage.

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