WWE Raw Results 01/02/17 for Tampa, Florida Episode

Welcome to the WWE Raw results for the Monday, January 2, 2017, episode of the weekly pro wrestling program. Tonight’s show was held at Amalie Arena in Tampa Bay, Florida and was the first episode of the new year. Among the scheduled appearances or events for the show were the return of Goldberg to Raw as well as Sami Zayn taking on Braun Strowman in a Last Man Standing Match. Below are all of the latest WWE Raw results for the latest installment of the show.

WWE GoldbergMick Foley started off the show in the ring talking about a New Year and how he has made resolutions. He talked about the big Royal Rumble and how he made sure Roman Reigns gets a fair shot at Kevin Owens’ title with Chris Jericho in a cage above the ring. Owens and Jericho came down to the ring to protest the idea. Foley told Owens he wants to wipe the slate clean and since he’s never seen the “Kevin Owens Show” but wants to. He told Owens he can host his show tonight in the ring, with his first-ever guest Goldberg.

Jericho and Owens continued to complain until Stephanie McMahon came to the ring. She told them Foley isn’t abusing power but she wishes he’d consulted with her before making the shark cage decision. After some more bickering, Stephanie booked Jericho vs. Reigns in a US Championship match and Rollins vs. Owens. The loser of the Owens-Rollins match would be banned from ringside for the US title match.

Seth Rollins defeated Kevin Owens due to disqualification in a non-title match. Late in the match, Rollins dropped down causing Owens to spill to the outside. From there, Rollins hit the suicide dive and then punched away on Owens near the timekeepers area. Rollins managed to get back in the ring to break the count out, and then went back out after Owens. By then, Owens had grabbed the ring bell and hit Rollins in the gut with it, causing a DQ.

Due to the loss, Owens is banned from ringside during Chris Jericho’s match against Roman Reigns for the US Championship.

Karl Anderson defeated Cesaro via pinfall. Sheamus was on guest commentary while Luke Gallows was at ringside. At one point, Gallows got on the apron to cause some interference to Cesaro. Sheamus left the commentary spot and headed to ringside to keep watch. Things broke down late with Sheamus getting involved to go after Gallows as Cesaro was on the corner trying a Superplex. Sheamus yanked Gallows off the apron and he pulled on the top rope, crotching Cesaro. From there, Anderson hit a neckbreaker from off the corner to get the win.

Braun Strowman defeated Sami Zayn in a Last Man Standing Match. Early on, Zayn had a bit of control with a Kendo Stick but Strowman quickly overcame the strikes and started to dominate. Zayn was down for a count multiple times. After a commercial break, things went backstage where they fought around various equipment. Zayn grabbed a steel chair and hit Strowman several times with it as they went back into the arena. From the stage, Sami kept bashing Strowman with the chair and eventually got him near the end of the stage, then hit a flying cross body to take him off the stage through a table. Strowman beat the 10 count and the two fought down to ringside where Braun eventually captured the win. Mick Foley came to ringside with medical personnel and a stretcher for Zayn.

Post-match, Strowman appeared to be leaving the scene but rushed back over and pushed the stretcher with Zayn on it over. He picked up Zayn and tossed him into the barricade, then walked away and raised his arms before backing up the ramp.

Xavier woods defeated Titus O’Neil via pinfall. Late in the match, Woods grabbed a surprise rollup pinfall to get the big win. He celebrated at ringside with Big E and Kofi as Titus was upset in the ring.

Backstage, Bayley approached Stephanie about how she made Dana the special guest referee for her rematch against Charlotte last week. Steph explained it was due to Charlotte’s high powered attorneys. She went on to tell Bayley she didn’t feel she was a good fit for Raw and then talked about how she doesn’t compare to a champion of Charlotte’s status. Bayley smirked and then told her she worked hard to get where she is and won’t give up on what she wants. She told Steph she may not look like the other champions but she belongs there. Steph gave Bayley a No. 1 contender’s match against Nia Jax with the winner getting Charlotte at the Royal Rumble.

Alicia Fox and Cedric Alexander were walking backstage when Noam Dar was there. Dar told Alexander it’s a new year so he wanted to apologize. Alexander suggested he direct the apology to Alicia instead. Dar said “OK, I’m sorry, sweet cheeks,” and then walked away with Alexander looking ready to go at him. Alicia stopped him and reminded him he’s got a match next.

Drew Gulak defeated Cedric Alexander via pinfall. Alicia Fox came to ringside with Alexander. Tony Nese was also ringside and caused a distraction late in the match. That allowed Gulak to get a rollup pinfall by securing the tights.

Roman Reigns defeated Chris Jericho via pinfall to retain the United States Championship. The stipulations made earlier were that if Reigns was disqualified or counted out he’d lose his title. Early during the match, things went to the outside. Reigns tried for a huge move with Jericho but ended up crashing headfirst into the ringpost. With Reigns down on the outside, the ref counted all the way to nine, but Reigns managed to dive into the ring to beat the count out.

During the late part of the matchup, Reigns managed to hit a Superman Punch when Jericho went for a move off the corner. He had a near fall and then set up for the Spear, but Jericho avoided it and Reigns hit the corner. With the ref checking on Reigns, Jericho went over and pulled a turnbuckle cover off. The ref saw it and yelled at Jericho then went to fix it with Reigns still down. Jericho went to the outside and grabbed the US title belt and got back in the ring. He waited for the ref to put the turnbuckle cover back and then threw the belt to Reigns when he was on his feet. Jericho fell on his back, pretending Reigns hit him with the belt just as the ref turned around.

The ref went over and saw it and started yelling at Reigns, who explained what happened. From there, Jericho got up and hit a Codebreaker, but couldn’t capture the pinfall. Moments later, Jericho went for a move but ended up hitting head first into the turnbuckle he’d exposed earlier. Reigns hit the spear and got the win.

TJ Perkins defeated Brian Kendrick via submission. Austin Aries from 205 Live joined in on commentary. Neville was shown watching the match from backstage. At one point, Perkins caught Kendrick in a submission hold, forcing him to tap out. Neville was shown again as he watched Perkins celebrating the win.

Cole brought up the big United Kingdom Championship that is coming up for WWE. They rolled a video package to show the announcement of the UK tournament. The tournament will be held on January 14th and 15th to crown the UK champ. Triple H and William Regal were among those speaking at the press conference.

Jinder Mahal & Rusev defeated Big Cass in a 2-on-1 handicap match. Enzo came out in a motorized wheelchair again. Cass said Enzo is unable to fight but Cass said he’s going to take on both men in the ring.

Bayley defeated Nia Jax via pinfall in a No. 1 Contender’s match. Women’s champion Charlotte was on guest commentary. Nia was dominating the match, tossing Bayley around like a rag doll. She was in control with Bayley down and got up on the corner for a big move. Sasha Banks’ music hit and she arrived out on stage, causing Nia to turn her attention to the stage. With Nia distracted, Bayley quickly got up on the corner and grabbed Nia to hit a Bayley to Belly suplex for the big win. Now she’ll go on to the Royal Rumble to face Charlotte for the WWE Raw Womens’ Championship. Post-match, Sasha celebrated with Bayley up the ramp. Bayley looked over at Charlotte who raised her championship belt up from the guest commentators table area.

The debut Kevin Owens Show featuring Goldberg Kevin Owens arrived to the ring which was set up with a table with two comfortable chairs and a guy wearing a “The Kevin Owens Show” t-shirt and a big “The Kevin Owens Show” sign for his face. Owens and Jericho sat down at the table with Owens welcoming everyone to the very first Kevin Owens Show. Owens talked up his his guest for the night making it sound like he meant Goldberg, but instead announced “Chris Jericho.” Jericho stood up and scolded the crowd for chanting “Goldberg” during the Kevin Owens Show.

He had the list in hand and added Tampa Bay to “The List” for chanting for Goldberg. Before Owens could introduce Goldberg, Jericho said he had huge news to announce. He said Chris Jericho is the third entry in the Royal Rumble match. Owens got a bit irritated by the new saying he doesn’t want to fight his best friend at WrestleMania. Jericho tried to tell him it was a genius plan and that no matter what one of them would be Universal Champion. As Owens was trying to plead, Goldberg’s music hit and he was shown backstage walking out to the ramp.

Once in the ring, Goldberg confronted Jericho and Owens. Jericho got irritated by Goldberg telling him he was “first.” Jericho asked Goldberg if he knows what happens when he talks like that. He prepared to write his name on the list but Goldberg said “Yea, Spear” as he looked right at Jericho and then went up to Owens and said “Jackhammer.” Owens welcomed Goldberg to the show and offered him a seat in the lawn chair that was sitting next to the table. Goldberg took the chair and tossed it out of the ring, then took off his jacket. Owens asked if he was supposed to be intimidated. He threw the table and chairs out of the ring then went up to Goldberg to get in his face. Goldberg taunted him to take a shot. Just then, Paul Heyman’s voice came on the speakers and he arrived on the ramp. He started with “My name is Paul Heyman, and my client Brock Lesnar – is not here.” Heyman talked up how Brock will dominate at the Rumble to win it.

Goldberg told Heyman he’ll take care of his client again, and then Jericho. He told Owens he doesn’t care whether it’s him or Roman Reigns, but he’s coming for the Universal title next. Reigns’ music hit as Goldberg was in Owens’ face.  Once in the ring, Reigns told Jericho and Owens they’re delusional if they think they’re winning anything at the Rumble. Reigns added “that brings me to you” and turned to go face Goldberg. As they were face-to-face, Braun Strowman’s music hit and he came down the ramp. Strowman had a mic and said he’s the one who will win the Royal Rumble.

Strowman got on the apron and then into the ring across from Reigns and Goldberg. They were still looking eye to eye, then looked at Strowman. Eventually they gave each other a nod and rushed over to double Spear Strowman down. With Strowman out of the ring, Reigns shot a look at Goldberg and nodded before leaving the ring. Goldberg’s music played on as he posed from the ring corners to close Raw out.

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