WWE Payback 2016 Results Coverage (Part 3)

Welcome to WWE Payback 2016 results coverage part three! This article features the final hour of pay-per-view matches and highlights including Vince McMahon’s announcement of who will run WWE Raw. Also, the main event match featuring AJ Styles taking on Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Check out the latest Payback match results and highlights below!

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Vince McMahon made his entrance to the ring. He talked about Raw’s success and how he reinvented Raw all the time. The crowd chanted for CM Punk and Vince told them they could do better. He said Raw needs a leader with great ethics, business acumen and vision. He polled the crowed if it should be Shane and they cheered, then asked if it should be Stephanie and they booed. Vince called Stephanie to the ring. The crowd booed as he talked about her in the ring and Vince told them to shut up and give respect. Stephanie said she doesn’t want their sympathy and would rather be feared and respected.

Stephanie talked up all The Authority accomplished while running Raw including switching from a Divas revolution to the women’s evolution. She said Shane left WWE for seven years when the going got tough and asked what would stop him from doing it again. She brought up Shane losing to Undertaker at WrestleMania and the leap he took off the cage being a moment of stupidity. Shane made his entrance.

Shane talked up how there’s been headlines made since he’s been back including the interest in his match against Undertaker at Mania. He brought up how he left the company when his voice wasn’t being heard and said The Authority got their poisonous venom into the product because of some ego trip. Shane told Vince that the fans are who speaks for him and held the mic up for the crowd to cheer. Vince told them “enough of that crap.” Vince said the alternative to seeing his two children tearing each other apart for control of Raw is to have them collaborate. He said they both have equal say and told them to go figure it out. Vince left the ring. Shane extended a hand and Stephanie shook it.

Cole brought up Enzo Amore’s incident from earlier in the show

Roman Reigns defeated AJ Styles via pinfall to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Early on Reigns went for a back suplex or atomic drop but Styles flipped over and landed on his feet then kicked Reigns in the leg. Reigns recovered near the ropes but moments later Styles kept kicking at his legs more. The chant started up several chants including “You can’t wrestle” and “A-J Styles.”

Later on, Styles put on the Calf Crusher but couldn’t quite get it locked. Reigns managed to escape it. Reigns was recovering at ringside near the announcers table and Styles did a jump off the top rope to hit a Phenomenal Forearm and smash Reigns through the table. The ref started counting both men out as they were down on the debris. Styles got up first and started to bring Reigns to the ring but couldn’t get him in. Styles rolled in to beat the count but the ref finished counting out Reigns. The bell rang and Styles was announced winner by countout with Reigns retaining.

Shane McMahon’s music hit and he came to the stage. Shane said that may have been how a championship match ended in the old era, but not in the new one. He said effectively immediately to ring the bell and restart the match with no countouts. The crowd cheered as Shane went backstage. Styles asked the ref if the match was restarted and brought Reigns in the ring. Moments later, Styles went for a flip off the corner but Reigns blocked it. Styles recovered and went for another high risk move but this time Reigns punched him mid air. Styles immediately started to clutch his ribs and groin area. The ref called for the bell for a DQ of Reigns for a low blow.

Stephanie’s music hit and came on to the stage. She said as usual her brother missed something and this match will also be restarted with no disqualification. The bell rang and Reigns punched Styles, knocking him over the ropes to the outside. Reigns went to the outside and smashed Styles into the steel steps.

Reigns continued to attack and ended up throwing Styles over the crowd barrier into the crowd. Back in the ring, Styles went for a move off the ropes for another Phenomenal Forearm but Reigns hit a Superman Punch. He had the pinfall but somehow Styles barely got an arm up. Reigns hit another Superman Punch and then set up in the corner for his finisher. Suddenly, Gallows and Anderson came to the ringside area and yanked Styles out of the ring. They got up on the apron and then into the ring with Reigns to attack him. The duo hit a double team move to take down Reigns then left the ring to root on Styles. Styles struggled to get himself up from the floor by the ropes and eventually got up on the apron and then the ropes for a Phenomenal Forearm. He had the pinfall with Reigns getting a foot on the bottom rope to stop it at 3.

The Usos came rushing down the ramp and attacked Gallows and Anderson. They fought near ringside so Styles got on the corner to go at Reigns. Reigns got up and shoved Styles off causing him to crash on the four guys outside the ring. Moments later, Reigns dove over the top rope to take down the Usos and Gallows & Anderson. Styles flew off a nearby crowd barrier to hit another forearm on Reigns. He rolled the champ into the ring and then hit a huge flip off the ropes with a Shooting Starpress for a near fall. Styles went for the Styles Clash but Reigns fought out. Styles got dumped onto the apron and then tried for another forearm. Reigns ducked it and shoved Styles to the ropes then hit the big Spear for the win.

Backstage, Mr. McMahon praised Shane and Stephanie for working together to restart the main event and make it a great one. He then asked if they thought AJ Styles deserved a rematch and they agreed he did. Shane brought up that it should be an Extreme Rules match at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view in three weeks from now.

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