WWE Payback 2016 Results Coverage (Part 1)

Welcome to WWE Payback 2016 results coverage from Ringside Results! The latest WWE pay-per-view was held Sunday, May 1st from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. Among the big matches on the card were Natalya vs. Charlotte for the WWE Women’s Championship, Cesaro vs. The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship and AJ Styles vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Below you’ll find the match-by-match results, winners and major highlights for the latest PPV event in part one of our 2016 Payback results coverage!

Styles and Reigns will headline the latest pay-per-view in an anticipated match with plenty of questions. Will Styles be able to capture the title? What sort of role might his longtime friends Anderson and Gallows play? Are they with AJ or someone else? Also, several champions look to extend their reigns even longer such as Charlotte, The Miz and Kalisto, plus the tag team tournament finals take place. Will it be Enzo & Cass or The Vaudevillains moving on to challenge New Day for their tag team belts?

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Payback Kickoff Show Results

Dolph Ziggler defeated Baron Corbin via pinfall. The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy was at ringside. Early on, Corbin ran Ziggler into the corner and stomped away at him. He kept up on the attack and got a two point a bit later. Ziggler had a comeback but Corbin ran him chest first to the corner again. Things moved to outside the ring later with Ziggler trying to jump off the steps. Corbin caught him with a kick mid-air and then ran him against the ring post. Back inside the ring, Corbin made the mistake of getting a bit too cocky and Ziggler took advantage with a roll up pinfall for the win.

Kalisto defeated Ryback via pinfall to retain the United States Championship. The match went over eight minutes. Towards the close, Ryback went to the ropes for a move but Kalisto landed a kick on him. Kalisto went up top after Ryback, but the Big Guy grabbed him for a gorilla press as he jumped off the top rope. He went to follow with a top rope splash but Kalisto got out of the way. Moments later he hit Salida del Sol for the win.

WWE Payback PPV Results:

Enzo & Cass vs. Vaudevillains – #1 Contenders Tag Team Match – No decision. At one point Enzo got tossed towards the outside and caught his head against the middle rope, causing him to bounce his head against the mat before falling to the outside. Cass quickly went over to check on Enzo and soon medical personnel came over as he appeared to have been knocked unconscious. The referee called for the bell with no decision given on a winner. Cole and the commentators reviewed what happened on video again before saying they were moving on to a preview of Zayn vs. Owens.

After a video highlight package of Owens and Zayn’s feud, Cole said Enzo Amore had just been taken away from the arena for medical attention and they’d try to bring updates throughout Payback tonight.

Kevin Owens defeated Sami Zayn via pinfall. At one point, Owens hit two-straight cannonballs on Zayn in the corner. Moments later he told Zayn “You’re done” and went for a Pop up power bomb, but Zayn countered it with a suplex. Owens responded with a kick to take down Zayn as both guys recovered on the mat. Later, Owens trash talked Zayn on the apron before punching him then tried a Powerbomb. Zayn countered with a backdrop to drop Owens onto the side apron instead. Moments after that, Zayn ran from the side area to dive through the ropes and land a spinning DDT on Owens outside the ring. Zayn set up for his finisher but Owens responded with a superkick and then shoved him to the ropes for the Popup Powerbomb. Owens took the pinfall as he was seen visibly bleeding from the nose.

Post-match, Owens attacked Zayn and threw him out of the ring. He called Byron Saxton to get in the ring and interview him then told him where to stand and what to ask. Saxton didn’t ask him what he wanted so Owens ripped the mic away to give his own comments, praising himself as the better man. He said now he will focus on his quest to regain the Intercontinental Championship. Saxton told him that match is next and asked if he thinks Miz will retain. Owens says he doesn’t care who wins but thanked Saxton for the invite to do commentary. He went over and replaced Saxton’s chair with a steel chair, then took the more comfortable chair for himself.

Payback has a live start time of 8 p.m. Eastern Time, with the Kickoff Show starting at 7 p.m. ET. Both events are available on the WWE Network with major cable companies also offering their customers the ability to order the pay-per-view on TV.

Also on tonight’s pay-per-view, Vince McMahon will reveal who run’s WWE Raw going forward. Will it be Shane McMahon, or The Authority? Thanks for referring to Ringside Results for your 2016 WWE Payback results. Stay tuned for the latest results, or refresh this page to see any updates!

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