WWE Night of Champions 2015 Match Card Predictions

wwe night of champions 2015 predictions
Seth Rollins will defend both of his championship belts at the 2015 WWE Night of Champions PPV in Houston, Texas.

The WWE Night of Champions 2015 match card is stacked as every championship on the roster gets defended on Sunday night. Houston’s Toyota Center will serve as the host venue for this latest pay-per-view featuring Seth Rollins defending both the United States and WWE World Heavyweight titles in one night. Will Rollins retain both titles, lose one, or lose both? Here’s a look at Ringside Results’ Night of Champions 2015 predictions for each match Sunday!

Dudley Boyz vs. New Day – Tag Team Championship

When the Dudley Boyz arrived back on the scene in WWE a few weeks ago, they quickly served notice on the current champions New Day. A recent episode of Raw set up the championship match for NOC when Prime Time Players lost in their rematch attempt. That pits Dudleys vs. New Day in an exciting new feud for the tag division. It seems only a matter of time before Dudleys are wearing the belts again and it wouldn’t be surprising to see them overcome the odds of 2-on-3 to hit a 3D for the title win. However, a cheap finish could also come and set up a tables match for the next PPV.

Prediction: Dudley Boyz win the titles by pin, or via disqualification.

Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella – Divas Championship

Let’s face it, now that Nikki has officially taken over the record for longest-reigning divas champ, she can pass the torch. Charlotte certainly has the lineage to follow in the footsteps of a legend and start to put the divas division on a path to excellence. With the way things went down on Monday’s Raw it seems a foregone conclusion that Charlotte grabs the belt Sunday to start her title reign. Paige and Sasha Banks would continue their feud to become #1 contenders.

Prediction: Charlotte defeats Nikki Bella via submission.

Kevin Owens vs. Ryback

This is a tough one, because if anyone’s deserving of grabbing a championship it seems to be Owens, based on the work he’s put in over the past several months since being called up to the main roster. He’s had some epic battles with Cena, and while it’s doubtful he’ll produce one with Ryback, it seems he could be the guy to take the IC title away from him. However, let’s go out on a limb that he won’t win it here but at a future matchup. For now, Ryback somehow gets a win, or this is a double countout type situation.

Prediction: No contest, Ryback retains.

John Cena vs. Seth Rollins – United States Championship

If ever there was a spoiler alert in effect, here it is. WWE has been rumored to have bumping up the production of John Cena US Champion merchandise such as T-shirts which would seem to point to another title run. Let’s face it, he’s the type of guy they want carrying that belt, especially with WWE’s connection to military efforts and Tribute to the Troops in the coming months. So, expect Rollins to drop that title here at the very least.

Prediction: John Cena wins the US title by pinfall or submission.

Sting vs. Seth Rollins – WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Here’s where things get tricky. There’s going to be a Triple H/Authority swerve against Rollins at some point, most fans see it coming miles away. Whether it happens at Night of Champions or a bit closer towards Mania is the question. For now, the assumption seems to be that Rollins will drop at least one title. However, it’s totally foreseeable that he has a really bad night, losing both titles and getting into it with Triple H.

We don’t see Sting winning the title necessarily at Night of Champions, but it’s possible Sheamus can get involved with Triple H’s help to cash in. However, the commentators have mentioned it so much it seems unlikely. Let’s say Rollins retains with some sort of help and it possibly sets up a cool cage match featuring him and Sting at Hell in a Cell?

Prediction: Rollins somehow retains the championship, or there’s a DQ finish.

Those are the main match predictions for the show. Of course the event is going to feature several other non-title contests. Just to pick some winners for those: Rusev defeats Ziggler since Lana is away (possible Summer Rae involvement), Neville defeats Stardust on the Kickoff Show and as for the six man tag involving Reigns/Ambrose/mystery partner vs Wyatt Family, it seems that should go the way of the face team.

Let us know your thoughts on who will be the big winners at Sunday’s 2015 Night of Champions PPV in the comments below!

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