WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 Results Part 2 (Updated)

WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 results

Welcome to the second half of the WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 results coverage. On this second half of the pay-per-view were three championship matches. They included Nikki Bella versus Charlotte for the WWE Divas Championship, Ryback versus Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Championship and Kane versus Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Also, Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker would lock up in their final epic battle inside Hell in a Cell.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 second half match card:

Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte (c) – WWE Divas Title Match

The two divas went back and forth early but eventually Nikki landed a huge shot to the face and Charlotte rolled to the outside. Outside the ring, Nikki was able to toss Charlotte into the crowd over the barricade. Charlotte got on the barrier and tried to fight back but Nikki hit her and shoved her to the floor then got on the barricade and jumped off to take her down on the floor.

Later in the ring, Charlotte made an impressive counter from the corner area and then hit a big spear tackle as Nikki got up. Charlotte put on a Figure Eight but Nikki managed to turn herself over and got to the ropes to break it up. As Charlotte charged at her, Nikki was able to avoid it and toss Charlotte out through the ropes. On the outside, Nikki hit an Alabama Slam to hit Charlotte head first on the ring apron. Back in the ring, she set up for a Rack Attack but Charlotte countered and put on a Figure Four to force Nikki to tap out.

Post-match, Paige and Becky Lynch rushed to the ring and joined Charlotte to hoist her arms up in a victory celebration.

Winner: Charlotte won via submission over Nikki Bella to retain the WWE Divas Championship.

Kane vs. Seth Rollins (c) – WWE World Heavyweight Title Match

Early on, Rollins was able to take off part of the corner turnbuckle and then yanked Kane face first against it. Kane fell to the outside and moments later Rollins did a running jump over the top rope to take Kane down on the outside. He continued to stay in control in the ring until he tried a corner move and Kane chopped him. Kane missed on a rushing corner move later and got stuck there, allowing Rollins room to kick away on Kane’s leg more.

Later, Kane landed a superplex to take Rollins down from the corner. Both men struggled to get up, with Kane on his feet first. He clotheslined Rollins corner to corner and then went for a sideslam. Rollins slipped off but Kane hit a big boot for a near fall. Kane got on the corner for a move and Rollins jumped up to fight him. Kane blocked the superplex, shoved Rollins down and then flew off to take him down with a strike move. He set up for a chokeslam, but Rollins blocked it and hit a big kick to Kane’s head. He tried for a Pedigree but Kane blocked that. Moments later, Kane hit a chokeslam for a near fall. He stood up and signaled for a Tombstone Piledriver but Rollins slid off his back and out of the ring.

On the outside, Kane grabbed Rollins and sideslammed him onto the announce table. He tore apart the table and threw the monitors off then tossed Rollins across it near the announcers. He stood on the announce table and tried for a Chokeslam. Rollins blocked it and got down to Powerbomb Kane through the Spanish announcers table. Instead, Rollins hit him against it but it didn’t break. Rollins got back in the ring after a bit and the ref started a count out, but Kane got in at 8 to beat it. Rollins took control with several big kicks to the head and then a huge Frog Splash for the near fall. The crowd chanted “Eddie” in appreciation.

Rollins went over to grab Kane but instead Kane grabbed his throat to try a chokeslam. Rollins blocked it once again and put Kane into a Pedigree which he hit to collect the winning pinfall. The commentators noted that it means Kane is no longer going to have his job on Monday night.

Winner: Seth Rollins won via pinfall over Kane to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Ryback vs. Kevin Owens for Intercontinental Title

The match lasted just about over five minutes. At one point, Ryback had Owens up for the Shellshocked. Owens grabbed the ropes to escape the move. Ryback tried to get Owens again but Owens kicked him in the eye. Owens followed with a Pop-up Powerbomb for the win then fled the ring clutching his title belt.

Winner: Kevin Owens won via pinfall over Ryback to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker – Hell in a Cell Match

At one point, Lesnar tried for a German Suplex in the ring but Taker blocked and used his weight to send Lesnar to the outside floor. The two fought on the outside with Taker getting the upperhand after blocking an F5 attempt. Undertaker sent Lesnar face first into the ring post with the commentators saying Lesnar got his hand up to block it. However, moments later Lesnar was busted open on the forehead and bleeding profusely. Undertaker continued to stay in control but back in the ring a bloodied up Lesnar grounded Taker and then used a steel chair on him. Finally, the ref had a medical staff come in to wipe up Lesnar’s forehead and Brock said he was good to go.

Lesnar hit several big chair shots on the outside to knock Taker down then pressed his foot against Taker’s throat against the cage wall. From there, Brock whipped Taker into the cell wall hard as Brock still had blood visible on his forehead. Lesnar tore off one of his gloves to hit Taker with an open fist punch. The Deadman managed to block a suplex attempt and hit one of his own on the outside.

Inside the ring, Taker put the steel chair against Brock’s throat then slammed him down to the mat. Taker had a near fall after that, with blood visible on Taker’s head but it was unclear if it was his own or Lesnar’s. Back in the ring, Lesnar landed three consecutive German suplexes on Undertaker. He connected on an F5 but Undertaker got a shoulder up before 3. A doctor came in to check on Lesnar but Brock shoved him out of the ring then went over, grabbed Taker and hit another F5. Undertaker kicked out once again.

Lesnar tossed half of the ring steps into the ring and then hit Taker down with them. He pinned him again and once again Undertaker kicked out of it. Brock pulled Taker to the center of the ring and tried to smash the steel steps down on him but Undertaker rolled out of harm’s way. Moments later, Taker managed to kick Brock away and the steel steps fell onto Brock’s head as he hit the mat. Undertaker managed to get Hell’s Gate locked on a bit later with Cole claiming “Lesnar’s fading!” Brock managed to fight out and started to pound down on Taker MMA style to pummel his opponent.

With Taker down, Brock started to rip up the ring, exposing wooden boards underneath. However, Undertaker sat up then got up and chokeslammed Lesnar onto the exposed wooden ring structure. Moments later, Taker grabbed Brock and set up a Tombstone Piledriver. He connected on it, driving Lesnar onto the exposed wooden part of the ring again. Taker took what looked like a winning pinfall with Brock just barely kicking out of it.

Taker walked over and signaled his cutthroat signal and then tried to grab Brock, but Lesnar connected on a low blow. Taker keeled over on the mat holding his groin area as Brock smirked from the mat. He stood up, picked up Undertaker and hit the F5 on the exposed wooden part to get the winning pinfall.

Winner: Brock Lesnar won via pinfall over The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell.

Post-match, Brock Lesnar left the ring with Heyman congratulating him at the bottom of the ramp. Brock fell to the ground and had to collect himself on one knee with Heyman encouraging him. He finally stood up and they backed up the ramp to head backstage In the ring, Undertaker was still down on the mat on his back. He tried to sit up several times but struggled. The crowd started to chant for him and eventually Taker sat up, but rolled over. He got to his feet as the crowd chanted “Thank you Taker!” Undertaker stumbled around a bit and put his hands on his hips trying to process what went wrong. Suddenly, the Wyatt sounder and video effects hit and the lights went out.

The entire Wyatt Family – Bray, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman all headed to the ring and surrounded it from all four sides. Eventually they got onto the apron. Taker stumbled around but got in a fighting stance, but was soon overpowered by Harper, Rowan and Strowman. They kicked away and punched on him, then held him for Bray to punch several times. Taker tried to go after Bray, but Wyatt bashed him down on his back to keep him on the mat. From there, Wyatt got outside the ring as his family picked up Taker’s limp body. Wyatt led them up the ramp as the lights dimmed and his music played out the pay-per-view close.

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Also, stay tuned for WWE’s Monday Night Raw on USA on Monday night to catch all the followup and fallout from tonight’s huge pay-per-view event in Los Angeles!

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