WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Results Coverage

Welcome to the 2017 Great Balls of Fire results coverage. Among the big matches at Sunday’s PPV were Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman in an Ambulance Match and Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship. Here are the results for each of the matches from Sunday’s Raw exclusive pay-per-view, Great Balls of Fire 2017.

wwe brock lesnarWWE Kickoff Show – Neville defeated Akira Tozawa via pinfall to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Titus O’Neil was ringside for Tozawa. Late in this match, Tozawa had control after a Frankensteiner, a shining wizard and a top rope senton move. Neville rolled out of the ring. Tozawa went after and threw him back into the ring. As Tozawa was setting up for a move off the top, Neville crotched him on the ropes. Neville kicked the top rope then hit a spinning kick on Tozawa for the win.

Bray Wyatt defeated Seth Rollins via pinfall. Wyatt rolled to the outside to escape for a bit. Rollins grabbed him through the ropes to keep beating up on. When the ref backed Rollins away, Bray got a cheap shot in and raked him in the eye. He got back in the ring and grabbed Rollins to hit Sister Abigail for the win.

Big Cass defeated Enzo Amore via pinfall.

Sheamus & Cesaro defeated The Hardy Boyz 4-3 to retain the WWE Raw Tag Team titles. Sheamus & Cesaro captured the first pinfall when Cesaro rushed at Matt who avoided him and then Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick for a quick pinfall. It was 1-0 very early. Later on, Sheamus and Cesaro hit a double team move with Sheamus hitting the Irish Curse as Cesaro flew off the corner to help take him down for the pinfall. That made it 2-0 in favor of the champs with 20 minutes left. With about 17 minutes left, Matt hit a Side Effect and then Jeff hit Twist of Fate on Cesaro to capture their first pinfall. It was 2-1 in favor of the champs. With nearly 13 minutes remaining, Matt was on the outside trying to get in before a count. Cesaro grabbed him before he could get in the ring and shoved Matt into the ringpost. The ref counted Matt out giving the champs a 3-1 lead.

With under 7 minutes to go, Jeff scored a pinfall on Cesaro to make it 3-2. Matt hit a Twist of Fate off the corner with Sheamus to score a tying pinfall with under three minutes to go making it 3-3. In the final minute, Jeff Hardy hit a move off the corner onto Sheamus but Cesaro rushed over and grabbed Jeff for a surprising pinfall to go up 4-3. Matt was bloodied up on his face and the ref put on some gloves. Cesaro rushed outside the ring with Jeff chasing him back into the ring. Jeff went for Twist of Fate but by the time he pinned Cesaro the buzzer sounded with the champs winning 4-3.

Sasha Banks defeated Alexa Bliss via countout. Late in the match, Sasha and Alexa fought on the outside. The Boss tossed Bliss into the barricade, but she managed to grab her and they got in to beat the count. Back in the ring, Alexa hit a move to stun Sasha, then escaped the ring. Sasha grabbed her through the ropes but Alexa slapped Sasha, then slumped against the barricade as the ref counted to 10. Sasha won but Alexa retained. Alexa strutted up the ramp with her belt in hand, but Sasha ran up and attacked her, bringing Alexa to the stage and tossing her into the set. They ended up trading blows and Alexa tore the commentators table top off. She set up for a DDT with Sasha on top but Sasha knocked Alexa off the table, then jumped onto her with double knees to take Alexa down. Sasha stood on the table tall as the match aftermath ended with refs checking on Bliss.

The Miz defeated Dean Ambrose via pinfall to retain the Intercontinental title. Miz was accompanied by Maryse and the Miztourage. Late in the match, Ambrose hit a Dirty Deeds and covered Miz, but Maryse was able to pull Miz’s foot onto the ropes without the ref seeing her do so. Ambrose would hit a suicide dive out onto Miz and then put him back in the ring. Ambrose got into it with Axel and brought him into the ring. Miz charged at Ambrose but Dean hit Miz with the forearm. Bo Dallas got on the apron and hit Ambrose from behind without the ref seeing. Miz took advantage and hit Skull Crushing Finale to win.

Braun Strowman defeated Roman Reigns in an Ambulance Match. Towards the end of the match the two competitors fought near the ambulance with the back door open. Strowman was leaned against it at one point and Reigns went for a Spear. Strowman moved away causing Reigns to go into the back of it. Strowman closed the doors and was the winner.

Post-match, Reigns opened the back doors and speared Strowman from out of the back. He slammed the door on Strowman repeatedly and then tossed him in the back. After shutting the doors, Reigns got in the driver’s seat and drove the ambulance through the backstage area. He stopped near a bus. Reigns looked into the rearview mirror and then backed the ambulance into a production truck nearby. A bunch of people came running out in suits with phones, with one saying he was calling 911. Kurt Angle and other officials came out. Angle asked Reigns what the hell he was doing as officials tried to pry open the back door.

Heath Slater defeated Curt Hawkins. During the match, sirens were heard and Angle was shown calling a U.S. Air Force rescue truck in to try to get into the ambulance to free Strowman. Meanwhile, the bell rang signaling the match had ended with Slater winning.

Brock Lesnar defeated Samoa Joe via pinfall to retain the WWE Universal Championship. Joe attacked Lesnar before the bell and beat him up on the outside. He ended up slamming Brock through one of the announcers tables near ringside. Back in the ring, the bell rang to start things and Joe took control by ramming Brock into the corner. Joe got a Coquina Clutch on but Lesnar managed to grab the ropes. Eventually, Lesnar came back and hit multiple suplexes. Later, the two were wrapped up near the ropes. The ref came over and Joe put an arm to block his face as he delivered a backwards kick low blow on Brock. He had a pinfall but Brock kicked out. A bit later, Samoa Joe put on the Coquina Clutch and Brock struggled. He managed to power up and slammed Joe down. Moments later, more suplexes from Brock on Joe. Joe managed to get another Coquina Clutch on, with Brock falling to one knee in the ring. Heyman screamed for Brock to not quit and he eventually escaped the hold quick then picked up Joe to hit a surprise F5 for the win.

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