WWE Fastlane 2016 Results Coverage (Part 1)

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Welcome to WWE Fastlane 2016 results coverage at Ringside Results! This year’s pay-per-view takes place at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, home of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. There’s plenty of big matches on tonight’s card including a Triple Threat to determine the No. 1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Either Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar will be going on to WrestleMania 32 to face Triple H for the title. Also on the card, the Divas Championship, Intercontinental Title and United States Championship will be on the line as well as several other feud matches. Below you’ll find the latest match-by-match results and recaps from the 2016 WWE Fastlane pay-per-view held on Sunday, February 21st.

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2016 WWE Fastlane Match Results:

Alberto Del Rio vs. Kalisto (c) – US Championship Best of 3 Falls (Pre-Show)

Things went to the outside where Kalisto went to jump up on the barrier near the timekeeper area to jump at Del Rio. Del Rio had a steel chair behind the wall and used it to hit Kalisto, which caused the ref to call for the bell and give the first fall to the champion. Kalisto up 1-0. During break, Del Rio kept up his attack on Kalisto outside. After the Network came back, Del Rio was yelling at the ref to start the bell for the next fall. As soon as the bell rang, Del Rio attacked Kalisto in the corner and was able to get a quick pinfall to win Fall 2. Falls tied at 1-1. Kalisto fought back from the corner after being hung up in a Tree of Woe. He made the comeback with quick moves for a near fall.

Later, another near fall for Kalisto with Del Rio just barely getting an arm up before 3. Del Rio made his own comeback and hit an impressive inverted Superplex off the corner, but Kalisto rolled to the outside falling onto the floor. Del Rio went out and hung Kalisto on the timekeepers wall area and hit the double stomp move. From the corner, Kalisto tried for a Salida del Sol but instead he used his momentum to throw Del Rio face first into the corner turnbuckle. Kalisto with the quick rollup pinfall.

Winner: Kalisto won 2-1 over Alberto Del Rio in the Best of 3 Falls match to retain the United States Championship.

The pay-per-view opened with a video package discussing the road to WrestleMania and showing highlights of the build towards the Triple Threat match involving Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar with the winner getting Triple H for the WWE Championship at Mania. Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton checked in on commentary as Sasha Banks and then Becky Lynch made entrances for the opening match.

Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks vs. Team BAD

Becky and Sasha had early control and knocked Team BAD to the outside then jumped off the apron onto them. The heels managed to turn the tables and get control of things against Becky as the crowd chanted “We want Sasha.”

Tamina cheapshotted Sasha as she rushed over and hit her off the apron. Becky was able to kick Tamina away and went to leap over to tag Sasha, but Naomi was on the outside and yanked Sasha down from the apron before the tag could happen. On the outside, Becky was knocked to the floor by Tamina and as she got up Naomi clotheslined her down. Becky managed to pull the top rope down and Naomi fell over. Becky kicked Tamina off the apron then crawled over to final hot tag Sasha as Naomi also tagged in.

Sasha managed to hit a Backstabber on Naomi from the corner, then put a Banks Statement on, but Tamina yanked Sasha out of the ring. Naomi managed to hit a Booty move on Sasha for the pin but Becky rushed in to break it up. Moments later, Sasha was able to turn a DDT into a Banks Statement on Tamina. Becky grabbed Naomi and put Dis-Arm-Her on her as Tamina tapped.

Winners: Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks defeated Team BAD via submission.

The commentators recapped how Dean Ambrose lost the Intercontinental title in a Fatal 5-Way where Kevin Owens managed to hit a Pop-Up Powerbomb on Tyler Breeze to win the belt.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens (c) – Intercontinental Championship

At one point in the match, Owens whipped Ziggler hard against the corner and Ziggler fell to the mat clutching his left shoulder or neck. JBL suggested it could be a broken collarbone if he wasn’t careful. Owens continued to target that area by stomping on him right after. Owens missed on a right hand shot and Ziggler started a comeback which included a corner splash and swinging neck breaker. Owens avoided a flying elbow drop and then hit a senton bomb on Ziggler’s back for a near fall. Owens had control for a while but taunted the fans too much. He went to run and fly into Ziggler in the corner but Dolph moved away and Owens hit the ringpost shoulder first. Back in the ring, Ziggler took over and had momentum hitting several elbow drops.

Ziegler flew across the ring and hit a DDT on Owens, then fell onto him. The ref counted it but Owens got his arm up before 3. Ziggler set up Owens on the corner and climbed for the Superplex. Owens grabbed him and hit a slam move from off the corner. Ziggler rolled to the outside to avoid being pinned. Dolph would later land a Superkick in the ring and had yet another fall on top of Owens pin for a near fall. Owens rolled out of the ring after, then Dolph tried to pull him back in, but Owens yanked him to the outside. Owens tried to Powerbomb Ziggler onto the steps, but Ziggler hit a hurracanrana instead to throw Owens head-first into them.

Ziggler revved up for the Superkick towards the end but Owens ducked away and Dolph almost caught the ref. He made sure the ref was OK but Owens quickly grabbed Dolph and hit the Pop-up Powerbomb for the win. Post-match, Owens went outside the ring to retrieve his belt. He walked over and stood in front of the commentators then stared at Michael Cole to tell him he was watching him. As Owens left around the ring he yanked a Ziggler sign out of a fan’s hands and threw it to the ground.

Winner: Kevin Owens won via pinfall over Dolph Ziggler to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

Ryback, Kane & Big Show vs. The Wyatt Family

Late in the match, the action broke down with everyone getting involved. Ryback hit multiple slams on Harper and then a powerslam for a pinfall but Rowan jumped in and broke it up. That brought in Kane to chokeslam Rowan. Strowman came in and clotheslined Kane to the outside, so Big Show came in and grabbed Strowman by the throat to shove to the outside. Next, Harper tried to hit Show from behind, but Show grabbed him and threw him over the top rope onto the other Wyatts. Show went to the outside and then ran over to shoulder tackle Strowman near the ramp. Back in the ring, Ryback went for a move on Harper but got distracted by Bray on the outside. He swiped at him over the top rope and Harper grabbed Ryback for a rollup pinfall. Ryback kicked out, but then Harper hit him with a big superkick. Harper prepared for a finishing move, but Ryback picked him up and hit the Shellshocked for the win. The face team celebrated in the ring after their big win.

Winners: Ryback, Kane & Big Show defeated Erick Rowan, Luke Harper & Braun Strowman via pinfall.

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Tonight’s pay-per-view begins at 8 p.m. Eastern Time, with the “Kickoff Show” at 7 p.m. ET. Fans can watch on the WWE Network for all the live coverage of WWE Fastlane. We’ll have the complete results here at the site as of 11 p.m. ET so stay tuned!

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