WrestleMania 32 Results Coverage Pt. 3 (Updated)

Welcome to part 3 of WWE WrestleMania 32 results for Sunday night! This third and final results coverage post features all of the matches from the final half of the WrestleMania pay-per-view in Dallas, Texas. Included matches are Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell, the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and Roman Reigns vs. Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Below are all the latest match-by-match WrestleMania 32 results and highlights for the final part of the show!

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Shane McMahon vs. Undertaker – Hell in a Cell Match

At one point, Undertaker slammed Shane hard to the mat and had a pinfall with Shane barely kicking out to Taker’s dismay. He looked at the ref, then got up and told Shane to stay down. Taker went to the outside and grabbed steel steps to shove into the ring. He got back in and went to grab Shane from the mat, but Shane locked his legs around Taker to pull him into a Triangle submission. Taker fought with it for a while frothing spit out of his mouth a bit.

Moments later he managed to power out and then with Shane on his feet, Taker chokeslammed him onto the half of the steps in the ring. He took the pin and Shane barely put a foot on the nearby ropes before 3. Moments later, Taker went for an elbow drop on Shane on the steps with Shane movie away. Taker went over as Shane taunted him seated on the steps. As Taker got nearby, Shane sprang to life to DDT Taker face first into the steps. He had a near fall of his own. He delivered an elbow drop for another near fall with Taker kicking out. Taker sat right up and Shane punched at him but Taker locked a Hell’s Gate onto Shane. After some fight, Shane reversed it and got into a Sharpshooter on Taker for a bit, until Undertaker got away.

Shane went to the outside and got a trashcan from under the ring. He put it against Undertaker in the corner of the ring, then went over to the opposite corner and climbed up. From there, Shane flew across the ring to dropkick into the trashcan. He took what seemed like his final pinfall, but Taker again kicked out. Moments later, Shane left the ring again and got bolt cutters from under the ring. He cut some of the clamps on one of the cell wall panels. Taker came to the outside and started to punch on Shane, getting the apprehend. He grabbed Shane in a bear hug and then rammed him through the panel, crashing it into a nearby announcers table.

Taker began to take apart the other announce tables, then grabbed a TV monitor to smash on Shane several times. He beat up Shane into the side crowd area. Taker tore his upper gear straps down, then climbed on a barrier area with Shane. He gave the cutthroat sign then picked up Shane on the barrier area. Taker went for a Tombstone Piledriver but Shane slipped off to put a sleeper on Taker instead. Finally, Taker used his weight to throw himself forward with Shane, smashing through the announce table nearby.

Shane found a red toolbox nearby and used it to smash on Taker’s skull twice on the announcers table. Cole noted that Undertaker seems out of it and Taker is barely moving. Saxon said Shane’s “wheels are turning” as Shane got to his feet, picked up a TV monitor and clocked Taker with it. Shane pulled himself up with the cage wall and then looked up towards the top. He started to climb to the top as the fans cheered. Cole noted its 20 feet high up there. Shane got up the top and laid on his back, then rolled over to look down at the Undertaker. He stood at the edge and gave the sign of the cross before going for a huge elbow drop. Undertaker rolled out of the way and Shane came crashing down through the table. The crowd was stunned as Undertaker crouched against the crowd barrier panting.

Still outside the ring, Shane taunted Taker to give him more as Taker stood up, so Undertaker picked him up to bring back in the ring. Taker laid on his back a bit to recover in the ring with Shane also looking lifeless. Taker stood up and taunted for Shane to bring it. Shane walked over and patted Shane on the neck, then picked him up and hit a Tombstone Piledriver to put Shane out of commission for the winning pinfall.

Winner: The Undertaker won Hell in a Cell via pinfall over Shane McMahon.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Big Show and Shaq each had entrances for the battle royal. During the match, they trash talked each other and eventually got eliminated together, then walked backstage together. Diamond Dallas Page and Tatiana were also among the entrants for this year’s matchup along with Fandango, Damien Sandow, Jack Swagger, Goldust, R-Truth, The Ascension, Tyler Breeze, Bo Dallas, Adam Rose, Darren Young, Heath Slater and Curtis Axel. At one point, one of the Ascension eliminated DDP, but then Truth and Goldust clotheslined them out. Baron Corbin made the elimination on Tatanka and then Kane tossed Swagger out over the ropes. R-Truth ran through his big moves and knocked down one of Social Outcasts, then did a Whats Up yell. He got tossed right out by several other Social Outcasts. Kane eliminated Axel and then Corbin eliminated Rose.

Mark Henry was back up and caught Slater on a jump off the corner, then tossed him to the outside. Henry pressed Breeze overhead and tossed him out onto other Outcasts outside the ring. Kane tried to eliminate Henry with Young coming over to help and they got him out. Young celebrated thinking he and Kane were working together. Kane eliminated both Young and Dallas and then looked at them out of the ring. Baron Corbin rushed over and shoved Kane to the outside, stealing the big win. He went to the outside to pose with the trophy as the winner.

Winner: Baron Corbin won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal by eliminating Kane last.

Cole talked about how big this year’s Mania has been, but said “wait till you see where we are next year.” He sent it to a video package for WrestleMania 33. Next year’s big pay-per-view will take place on April 2, 2017 in Orlando, Florida.

Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders came out onto the stage to do a routine to the AC/DC song “Thunderstruck.” They closed doing a line of splits on stage. As the music ended, The Rock’s theme song hit and the crowd erupted. Rock came out onto the stage as the cheerleaders lined up along sides of the ramp.

Rock made his way down to the ring with the cheerleaders lined up on the sides of the ramp. Once in the ring he said he told Dallas they would make history. He said records are made to be broken and this is a WrestleMania record crowd. A graphic showed that 101,762 people were in attendance for tonight’s PPV. Rock told them, now things are going to get good. Suddenly, the Wyatt Family sounder went off and their music came on. The lights went out and then Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman and Erick Rowan headed to the ring.

After Rock trash talked all three guys a bit, he said he’s had his eye on Bray Wyatt. He talked up how great Bray Wyatt is, saying he’s got the talent and the charisma. The fans responded with cheers to what Rock said. Eventually, The Rock got around to saying he’s not here to have a fight in Dallas, he’s going to have a WrestleMania match. He said he doesn’t care whether its Bray or one of his Duck Dynasty inbred bitches, he wants one of them to go one on one now. Rock told a ref to get in there, then tore off his pants to reveal his wrestling trunks and the fans went wild. Bray and Braun left the ring for Rowan to go at it with Rock.

The Rock vs. Erick Rowan

Rock and Rowan had a staredown as fans chanted “this is awesome.” The ref made sure both guys were good to go and then called for the bell. Rock quickly sprung to action and grabbed Rowan to hit The Rock Bottom and then grabbed a quick pinfall for the win. The ref called for the bell and Lilian announced The Rock was the winner in six seconds. Cole said it was a new WrestleMania record. Rock stayed in the ring, as the Wyatts regrouped outside and circled.

Post-match, the Wyatts got up on the apron to surround The Rock. Suddenly, John Cena’s theme music hit and he came out from backstage to the crowd’s cheers. Cena rushed to the ring and joined Rock to fight The Wyatts. Rock hit a huge move on Strowman and then Cena hit a Five Knuckle Shuffle on Rowan. He followed with Attitude Adjustment on Rowan. Bray got in the ring behind Cena to try to hit Sister Abigail, but Rock intervened and planted Bray on the mat. He hit The People’s Elbow to finish things off as Bray rolled out of the ring. Rock grabbed a mic and looked over at Cena, said “Welcome back” and then finished his “If you smellllll what The Rock is cookin!”

Winner: The Rock defeated Erick Rowan via pinfall.

Roman Reigns vs. Triple H – WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

After a video package was shown covering the feud, a video started on screen with a variety of same face individuals in suits. Someone was wearing a skull mask up on a throne above the stage and then took off the mask to reveal it was Stephanie. She stood up and talked about how she and Hunter own them all, and they are just hoping for a savior or that someone will take away the pain that is their “pathetic lives.” She continued her speech saying “after tonight all hope will be gone, because there will be only one who stands” as undisputed champion and wears the serpent crown.

She told them all to bow down to the king. Eventually Triple H’s theme song hit and he arrived on stage wearing the belt with a bunch of skull-masked men standing there with replica championship belts on their shoulders. HHH and Steph walked down the ramp to the ring with all the men following.

Next, Roman Reigns made his entrance and came out onto the stage. He stood in the middle of a big star which said Roman Empire. At one point, he stopped and then cocked his Superman Punch fist, before hitting a mock punch onto the stage. Pyro shot up from around the star, and then the outside of the arena showed fireworks shooting off. Reigns headed down to the ring staring at Triple H who stood by in the ring with Stephanie.

The match itself lasted over 26 minutes. Towards the end, Stephanie pulled out the ref after Reigns hit a spear on Hunter. The ref got back in the ring, but Hunter was able to kick out of the pinfall by then. Stephanie got into the ring. HHH grabbed the ref as Reigns went for another spear. Both Hunter and the ref moved and Reigns speared Stephanie. HHH hit a Pedigree on Reigns and nearly got the pinfall. Reigns came back with a Superman punch at the 25 minute mark, then sat in the corner to get himself fired up. Hunter managed to get back to his feet. HHH hit a running knee to the head as Reigns tried for a spear. HHH with a pinfall but Reigns got out at 2.

Outside the ring, Stephanie was still down from the spear, but grabbed Hunter’s sledgehammer from under the ring. HHH had the weapon in hand and the ref warned him. Reigns hit a Superman Punch and then a second. He managed to avoid a sledgehammer shot from Hunter and then hit the ropes to come back with the Spear for the big pinfall win.

Reigns celebrated his title win as fireworks shot off from the outside of the AT&T Stadium’s sides and overhead. Reigns posed up on the ring corner as fans cheered him on and he hoisted the belt above his head. Michael Cole signed off from the record-setting WrestleMania. A video package set to different songs including Flo Rida’s “My House” was shown to end the night.

Winner:  Roman Reigns defeated Triple H via pinfall to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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