Sting injured at Night of Champions 2015

sting injured at night of champions
Did Sting suffer a career-ending injury at the WWE Night of Champions 2015 pay-per-view?

WWE star Sting has reportedly suffered a serious injury while wrestling in the main event match at WWE Night of Champions 2015. The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer reported that Sting suffered a serious neck injury during his match with Seth Rollins, but the full extent of the injury is not quite known. Reports say the injury was “legitimate” and “significant” though. With Sting injured, it could mean the superstar who has now lost in two different pay-per-view matches will see his career end.

It’s believed that the injury may have occurred late in the match when SethRollins power bombed Sting into the turnbuckles. The move saw Sting’s head snap back. Moments later, he ducked a Rollins clothesline and fell to the mat in an awkward moment. The referee and then a trainer came in to check on him, with Rollins playing it up and taunting.

The finish came moments later as Sting had attempted several of his submission moves on Rollins. He tried for a Scorpion Deathlock, but Rollins countered it and rolled him into a small package pinfall. A group of referees helped the 56-year-old superstar backstage as Rollins celebrated in the ring. The two superstars were competing for Rollins’ WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event match at Houston, Texas.

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