SmackDown Results for 10/1/15

wwe smackdown results featuring seth rollins
The WWE SmackDown results on October 1, 2015 feature WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins in action and more!

Here are the SmackDown results for the October 1, 2015 episode of the show on SyFy. These spoiler results are for the episode taped this past week at Times Union Center in Albany, New York. Among the divas and superstars featured are Team Bealla, Ryback, Kevin Owens, Kane, Dudley Boyz and Seth Rollins. Here’s a look at the complete match-by-match results.

SmackDown opened with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins coming out to call out Kane. Corporate Kane came out on crutches and booked The Dudley Boyz and Demon Kane to take on Rollins and The New Day. Corporate Kane says he’ll be at ringside for the match.

Team BAD defeated Team Bella via submission. Late in the match, Naomi managed to get away from Team Bella for the hot tag. Sasha came in to clear Brie and Alica from the apron. She hit double knees on Nikki in the corner. Sasha had the pinfall but Alicia was able to break it up. The action broke down with all the divas involved and various divas spilling out of the ring. Ultimately, Sasha put the Bank Statement on Nikki to make her tap out.

A backstage interview had Charlotte and Becky talking about giving Paige the benefit of the doubt and not understanding her “entitlement” issue. Paige walked up and Charlotte and Becky told her the deal. She asked if that was an ultimatum and they walked off. Natalya came up to Paige telling her she better not disrespect her like on Raw ever again or else.

Ryback defeated Kevin Owens via countout. Ryback hit a Spinebuster late as he made his comeback. He hit the Meathook clothesline and went for Shellshocked, but Owens grabbed the ropes and then slipped to the outside. Ryback and Owens hit a double countout on each other outside the ring. Ryback managed to get back in, but Owens refused to, causing him to be counted out. Post-match, Ryback got control of things and hit a Shellshocked on owens in the ring.

The Lucha Dragons & Neville defeated Stardust & The Ascension via pinfall. Kalisto and Stardust were in the ring late. Konnor made a blind tag to get in. Neville and Stardust ended up fighting to the outside, while Kalisto was able to hit Salida Del Sol finisher on Konor for the pinfall win.

Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns had a promo segment to set up a Hell in a Cell PPV match they’ll have this month.

Kane & Dudley Boyz defeated The New Day & Seth Rollins via pinfall. Corporate Kane came out on crutches and started the match watching from ringside as his regular self. At one point, Rollins hit a dive out of the ring to take down Corporate Kane. Kane was taken away but then came back as “Demon” Kane. Dudley Boyz ultimately got the winning pin on Kofi Kingston in the match after hitting 3D. Post-match saw Demon Kane snap and hit Chokeslams on Big E, Kofi and the Dudley Boyz after Rollins took off. He delivered a Tombstone on Xavier Woods and picked up Seth Rollins’ championship belt. A terrified Rollins watched from the stage area as SmackDown ended.

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