Smackdown results 08/09/16 for Bakersfield, CA

Welcome to the WWE Smackdown results for the August 9, 2016 episode of the weekly professional wrestling program. This week’s show was held at the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, California. Among the superstars expected to appear were John Cena, AJ Styles, The Miz, Apollo Crews and Dean Ambrose. Below are all the match-by-match highlights and WWE Smackdown results for the latest episode.

dean-ambroseWWE Smackdown Results:

Smackdown opened with Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan in the ring. Wyatt talked about how he was cheated last week by Dolph Ziggler who had to shove his head into the steel ring corner to get a win. He said Ziggler should know he’s a God and you can’t kill a God. Wyatt brought up Ambrose and said that this is Wyatt’s show now. Dean Ambrose came out and interrupted saying this show belongs to the people and the WWE World Champion. He said he knows Wyatt wants him to come rushing into the ring and fall into his trap of a 2-on-1 beatdown, but he’s smarter than that. Ambrose waited on the ramp and then Ziggler’s music hit.

Ambrose gave an annoyed look as Ziggler came walking past him on the ramp and then rushed into the ring to attack the Wyatts. He quickly got beat down. Ambrose dropped the WWE belt and went in to try to help. He helped for a bit but Wyatt grabbed him for a Sister Abigail. Ziggler tried to do a Superkick to prevent it but Wyatt tossed Ambrose into the kick. Dolph dropped down as Rowan charged at him so Rowan fell out of the ring. From there, Bray was able to hit Sister Abigail on Ziggler to finish the segment.

Backstage, Dean Ambrose confronted Ziggler about what just happened in the ring. Ziggler said he was getting even and Ambrose had nothing to do with it. Ambrose felt it wasn’t an accident. Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon came up to separate the two wrestlers. They booked a match for Ambrose and Ziggler vs. The Wyatts later on.

Mike O’Shea & Mikey vs. American Alpha

American Alpha faced two jobbers in the ring. They made quick work of their latest opponents with throws and suplexes. The match wrapped up with Great Amplitude for the pinfall win. Post-match, all of the other Smackdown tag teams surrounded the ring and then tried to jump Alpha. Alpha ended up clearing everyone from the ring to stand tall.

Winners: American Alpha won via pinfall over amateur opponents.

Backstage, The Miz and Maryse were on Talking Smack set with Renee Young. Miz told everyone to look at Maryse. The husband and wife crawled across the desk staring at each other intently. Renee fed to some footage of Apollo Crews winning a match to become No. 1 contender. When the camera returned, Miz and Maryse were on the table, made some comments to one another and then made out, ignoring Renee.

Becky Lynch vs. Eva Marie

Becky Lynch made an entrance to the ring and then Eva Marie did. Once Eva was in the ring, she didn’t have any injuries, but her top almost popped off, so she had to hold her top in place. The ref got a towel from ringside and then helped Eva to leave the ring. He went over and told the announcer something and he then told everyone the match was called off due to Eva’s malfunction. Becky looked frustrated at the decision. She got on the mic and said she was ready to go and didn’t make any excuses ever. She issued and open challenge to the back. Alexa Bliss came out told her she could think of no better debut than knocking off Smackdown’s first female draft pick tonight.

Winner: The match was called off due to Eva Marie’s wardrobe malfunction.

Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss

Early on, Alexa gained control of things and had several near falls. Becky began to make a comeback, but Eva Marie made her entrance into the arena again. Her announcer said she was ready to compete. The distraction helped Alexa to trip Becky and then hit Twisted Bliss off the corner.

Winner: Alexa Bliss defeated Becky Lynch via pinfall.

On the top of the ramp, Charley interviewed Eva who said Alexa beat her to the punch but she’ll be ready to make her debut next week. Eva blew a kiss to everyone to finish the interview.

Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

Late in the match, Del Rio went to the top rope but Orton crotched him. Orton followed with a Superplex but appeared to have hurt his shoulder. The two traded shots and Orton came ahead with some clotheslines and a powerslam. He tried for his draping DDT but Del Rio reversed the move. The two each tried for their trademark moves but were about to counter and reverse one another. Orton eventually hit a draping DDT. He prepared for the RKO but Del Rio fled to the outside. Outside the ring, Orton clotheslined ADR into the timekeeper’s area. Del Rio grabbed a chair and hit Orton on the shoulder and arm, causing a DQ.

Post-match, Del Rio sent Orton into the ringpost and put him back in the ring. He went to hit him again with the chair but Orton quickly hit an RKO to drop Del Rio.

Winner: Randy Orton defeated Alberto Del Rio due to disqualification.

Heath Slater vs. Rhyno

Slater got some early offense in but Rhyno gained control after a short arm clothesline. Slater got a nearfall after hitting a clothesline. He put a chin lock on. Later, Slater was able to avoid the Gore. He rolled up Rhyno and used the ropes but the ref spotted it. Slater argued with the ref and then turned around to get hit by a Gore. Rhyno got the pinfall win.

Winner: Rhyno defeated Heath Slater via pinfall.

They showed and outdoors video segment where Miz pulled up to the Mystery Machine in his fancy car. He got out and walked over to someone dressed up as Scooby Doo and complained about the fact Miz’s face isn’t on the DVD cover. He told Scooby to have all of them recalled and changed or he’s calling his lawyer. Scooby said something to Miz and pointed inside the back of the van. Miz went looking for Scooby snacks and Scooby shoved him in the back, then closed the van door. With Miz locked in, Scooby went over and got in Miz’s car with Miz pounding on the van windows yelling at him.

Carmella vs. Natalya

During her entrance, Carmella started talking about how she got attacked from behind by Natalya last week. Nattie came rushing out down the ramp to attack again, but this time Carmella saw her from the corner of her eye and turned to drop her. She threw Nattie into the ring and the match started.

Late in the contest, Carmella and Natalya hit each other with a double clothesline. Natalya hit a strike to the back of Carmella and put an Abdominal Stretch on. She drove a knee in Carmella’s midsection, then hit a lariat for a near fall. She went for the Sharpshooter but Carmella countered into the Code of Silence to make Nattie tap out.

Winner: Carmella defeated Natalya via submission.

Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan were shown talking backstage. Bryan says even though Slater lost he still showed a lot of fighting spirit in the match. Slater came into the office and started to go off on a rant talking about how he has to go home and tell all seven of his kids he doesn’t have a job. He tells them he is sick of this and is out of there because Smackdown doesn’t deserve Heath Slater. He leaves the office and then Bryan and Shane say they don’t need to offer him that contract that had for him.

Backstage, Baron Corbin attacked Kalisto. He chases off the security team. He tells Kalisto the beatdown is because he cost him a shot at the Intercontinental title at SummerSlam, and then walks off.

Dean Ambrose & Dolph Ziggler vs. Bray Wyatt & Erick Rowan

Late in this contest, Ambrose hit a swinging neck breaker on Bray after ducking a clothesline attempt. Ziggler and Rowan get the big tags with Dolph coming in to knock Bray off the apron. He hits an elbow drop on Rowan for the two count. He hits a huge DDT for another near fall. Ziggler tried for the Superkick next, but Rowan countered it with a Spinning Heel kick for his own near fall. Ziggler hits the Zig Zag. Bray comes in to break up the pin attempt so Ambrose tosses Bray out of the ring. From there, Ambrose hits a Tope Suicida outside onto Bray. Rowan tries for the Exploder Suplex on Dolph, but Ziggler counters and hits a Superkick to get the pinfall. Post-match, Ambrose comes back in the ring and hits Ziggler with Dirty Deeds to close out Smackdown.

Winners: Dean Ambrose & Dolph Ziggler won via pinfall over The Wyatts.

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