Seth Rollins girlfriend Zahra Schreiber fired for racist Instagram posts

seth rollins girlfriend zara schreiber
NXT diva Zahra Schreiber was fired by WWE over offensive Instagram posts.

An up and coming WWE diva has been fired by WWE for what they deemed as “inappropriate and offensive remarks.” Seth Rollins girlfriend Zahra Schreiber is the latest to have been released for racist remarks or images, weeks after one of WWE’s biggest stars was fired. The member of the NXT developmental roster was let go after what may have been considered racist Instagram posts. Schreiber’s posts contained an image of a swastika on the Instagram account, which reportedly led to her release. She had just recently made a debut as another wrestler’s manager during a live pro wrestling event.

Schreiber, the girlfriend of current WWE World Heavyweight and United States Champion, Seth Rollins, had just recently showed up as a diva at a live event. She worked as a valet with wrestler Solomon Crowe at a recent NXT live house show for her debut, but this latest Instagram posting controversy has resulted in her being fired. The UPROXX site also posted several screenshot images of Schreiber using offensive language or remarks, as well as defending her showing of the swastika.

The WWE’s statement about her release reads:

“WWE released Zahra Schreiber due to inappropriate and offensive remarks she made that were recently brought to our attention.”

The Cageside Seats website managed to capture one of Schreiber’s images from the Instagram account before it was taken down (seen here). The image shows a picture of a swastika hanging in Schreiber’s room in 2012. When asked about the posting of the pictures with Nazi-themed imagery, Schreiber responded that “in 2012 she is a history buff who does not associate the swastika with Adolf Hitler.” (according to Cageside Seats)

WWE recently fired one of their biggest superstars, former champion and Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, when an audio recording was released to the public containing a racist rant and slurs spoken by Hogan. Hogan, real name Terry Bolea, has since apologized for what was contained on the audio recording and is working on social causes now. His references and images have mostly been removed from WWE’s website and shop.

Image via YouTube screenshot

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