Seth Rollins appears on ESPN First Take show (video)

Seth Rollins recently went on ESPN to do some SummerSlam promotion. After stopping by SportsCenter, he also went on the First Take show. The show stars Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman as they debate a variety of sports topics. Rollins took on the topics of Conor McGregor, UFC vs. WWE athletes, Goldberg, The Rock and his opponent for Sunday, Finn Balor, among other issues.

wwe seth rollinsSeth Rollins ESPN First Take bits:

Stephen A. Smith brought up Conor McGregor’s comments on WWE. Rollins said he had been mostly staying quiet about it but he felt it was “Conor just being Conor.” He said he knows he’s got a big pay-per-view fight to promote for Saturday and all the extra attention will make him an even bigger star if he wins. He also brought up that he feels WWE wrestlers do just as much training as UFC stars and are on the road a lot more, so there’s just as much athletics involved.

Max Kellerman mentions how Brock Lesnar was accepted back into the WWE after his USADA troubles with PEDs at UFC. Rollins went on to discuss WWE’s Wellness Policy and how it’s in place to protect the health of the talent.

Stephen A. asked Rollins about if he would ever take on Bill Goldberg. Rollins said that Goldberg is a bit past his prime, but he’d still welcome the opportunity. In addition, Rollins said that he’s “smelled what the Rock is cookin’ and it smells like sweet garbage.” Rollins also told the hosts he will win Sunday’s match for the WWE Universal Championship against Finn Balor.

Along with all of that, Rollins talked about his favorite football team, the Chicago Bears. He got into a bit of a debate session with Stephen A. Smith over quarterback Jay Cutler, “Da Bears,” Aaron Rodgers and more. Check out the full ESPN First Take video interview below.

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