Roman Reigns, Kurt Angle & others respond to UFC star’s rant

Just recently, UFC fighter Conor McGregor drew the outrage of the WWE Universe and its associated wrestlers with comments he made towards the professional wrestling company. McGregor’s comments came as he was asked about whether or not he’d ever make the transition to working with World Wrestling Entertainment in addition to or after his work in MMA. McGregor seemed to brush off the idea with some harsh words.

ufc star conor mcgregorIn McGregor’s rant he would go on to say “For the most part, those WWE guys are p—sies.” He would add that Brock Lesnar was “juiced up to the [expletive] eyeballs” and that he couldn’t respect him. To his credit, McGregor gave respect for The McMahons, Triple H and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but seems to not have much respect for the rest of the pro wrestlers.

That sort of talk sent the WWE Universe into a frenzy, with UFC fans who dislike the WWE seeming to back up McGregor, and others who dislike McGregor using it as a springboard to hate on him even more.

A day later, McGregor tried to issue an apology, sort of, to the WWE fans in a tweet he sent out on Twitter.

Part of McGregor’s comment were “fighting words” in the minds of various WWE wrestlers, past and present, including Roman Reigns and Kurt Angle.

Other superstars who responded included the current WWE Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks. “The Boss” seems ready for McGregor to back up his talk.

Former WWE wrestler Montell Vontavius Porter aka “MVP,” also had several tweets in response to McGregor.

Conor McGregor is scheduled to fight at the UFC 202 pay-per-view where he’ll compete in a rematch against the first fighter to defeat him during his UFC time, Nate Diaz. The pay-per-view is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 20, which is ironically a day before WWE’s SummerSlam PPV takes place. It seems McGregor could be playing up the controversy he’s generated from this trash talk to draw out WWE personalities to give him more publicity.

Wrestling fans, what do you think? Would McGregor be able to back up his trash talk in the WWE ring?

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