Raw Results for 9/14/15 – Last Raw Before Night of Champions

wwe raw results sept 14 2015
“The Icon” Sting was scheduled for an appearance on Monday Night Raw for September 14, 2015.

Welcome to the WWE Raw Results for the September 14, 2015 episode of the USA Network show which took place live at Memphis, Tennessee. The latest episode was the final Raw before Night of Champions 2015. On commentary, Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton were present. Michael Cole welcomed everyone to Monday Night Raw just before Triple H’s “King of Kings” theme song hit to bring out he and Stephanie McMahon of The Authority. In the ring, Stephanie welcomed everyone to the season premier of Monday Night Raw. 

Triple H and Stephanie ran down a list of names of the “next generation of stars” including Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. HHH said they’ll be led into the future by “The Man,” Seth Rollins, the current United States and WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Triple hyped Rollins having two matches at Night of Champions to defend the US title versus John Cena and the World Heavyweight title against Sting.

Stephanie hyped the Divas Revolution and tonight’s Divas title match featuring Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella. Steph said either Charlotte will become new champ or Nikki will become longest reigning divas champion in history. Triple H added that history will also be made tonight on Raw when Sting competes in the ring against The Big Show. They introduced a tag team championship as New Day arrived out to defend the titles against Prime Time Players.

Prime Time Players vs. New Day (WWE Tag Team Championship Match)

New Day arrived out to the ring after Stephanie introduced the tag title match. Big E, Kofi and Woods came skipping down to the ring clapping to their theme song with Woods carrying his trombone. In the ring, they danced with Stephanie a bit as HHH watched from the apron. After a few moments he got in the ring and joined in.

Kofi had control against Young after Raw returned from commercial. Kofi tossed Young to the outside and then Woods played “Pink Panther Theme” as Big E stalked him. Big E tagged Kofi so he could start beating up Young on the outside. Titus tried to come over to help but the ref backed him off. Big E drove Young into the barricade and then tossed him back in the ring. Young managed to get both feet up to block Kofi’s jump off the corner and then made a hot tag to Titus. O’Neil came in and tossed Woods out of the ring then booted E down. He hit a double splash on E and Kofi in the corner, then powerslammed E for a near fall.

On the outside, Kofi knocked down Young which distracted O’Neil. Woods jumped on the apron and taunted him with the trombone, so Titus went over and yanked part of it off the trombone. Woods dropped down and Big E clubbed Titus down from behind before tagging in Kofi for their double team finisher. New Day celebrated post match by dancing up on the commentary table. Dudley Boyz came out on the ramp to point and yell down at New Day.

Winners: New Day defeated Prime Time Players via pinfall to retain the WWE Tag Team titles.

Cole, Saxton and JBL hyped up the other segments for Raw including MizTV featuring Wyatt Family, Nikki Bella defending the Divas title and Sting facing Big Show in the main event.

Backstage, Stephanie was praising HHH’s dance moves from earlier. Seth Rollins came in to offer his own praise and then complimented them on tonight’s Sting match with Big Show. Rollins said that’s one problem down but what about Cena, and also Sheamus. HHH said it sounds like he figured it out himself. Rollins thought about it then said Cena vs. Sheamus? Steph told him to just relax and prepare for Night of Champions.

Renee Young introduced Charlotte and her Hall of Fame father Ric Flair. Flair put over the divas in the Divas Revolution as well as Charlotte’s match against Nikki tonight. Flair said it will rock the house. Renee asked about the pressure of trying to beat Nikki as she’s going for the record of longest divas title reign. Charlotte and Flair each did some “Woos” before leaving.

Paige vs. Sasha Banks

In the matchup, Sasha was able to hurt Paige’s arm at one point and kept putting on more holds to work the injury throughout. Sasha seemed to dominate, but Paige made a comeback eventually hitting a German Suplex which caused Sasha to roll out of the ring. Team BAD rushed over to check on her. Back in the ring, Sasha managed to land a move on Paige’s arm again and then locked her into the Banks Statement for the submission win. Post-match, Becky tried to check on Paige, but Team BAD beat her down and tossed her out of the ring with Paige.

Winner: Sasha defeated Paige via submission.

The commentators covered the recent actions by Wyatt Family against Randy Orton and Jimmy Uso, both of whom seemed to be aligned with Reigns and Ambrose.

Cole talked about Connor’s Cure to help save children’s lives. They fed into a video package about the young boy Connor “The Crusher” Michalek who passed away on April 25, 2014 from cancer. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Daniel Bryan and won the Warrior Award because of his bravery. Connor’s Cure was designed to help find a cure for Pediatric Cancer.

MizTV featuring The Wyatt Family

The Miz was in ring and welcomed fans to the season premier of MizTV. His guests for the night were The Wyatt Family who made their dark ring entrance as crowd members help up phone lights around the arena. Cole mentioned that Wyatt Family will face Ambrose, Reigns and a mystery partner at Night of Champions. Strowman and Harper tossed their two chairs out of the ring and stood behind Bray who sat down. He told Miz not to sit down and that he wasn’t safe in the ring. Miz assured Bray he’s not the mystery partner. Miz said he wanted to know “Who is Braun Stowman?” Braun took off his mask and glared at Miz. Bray started laughing and said nobody thinks about the consequences they just want and want. Miz asked “what do you want Bray?” He told Miz “I want you to suffer.”

Bray got up and started yelling at Miz that eventually “They all fall down.” As Bray had backed Miz against the ropes, Roman Reigns’ theme music hit and he showed up in the stands with Dean Ambrose. They made their way to the ring with Miz pleading with the Wyatts that he wasn’t responsible for this. Reigns and Ambrose got in the ring and Miz tried to announce on the mic that he had Wyatts, Reigns and Ambrose all on MizTV. Ambrose kicked Miz and tossed him out of the ring.

Ambrose and Reigns stared down the Wyatts with Bray sitting down. Reigns told Wyatt he’s going to pay for taking out his cousin Jimmy Uso. He told Bray he can’t beat him one on one and Wyatt and Harper couldn’t beat them 2-on-2 at SummerSlam. Reigns told Wyatt that at Houston it won’t be 3-on-2, they found a partner to make it 3-on-3. The segment finished with a staredown before the lights cut out and the commentators wondered who the mystery partner might be.

John Cena vs. Sheamus

Mr. Money in the Bank Sheamus took control of things before Raw went to a commercial break. After break, Sheamus went to the top rope for a knee drop on Cena for another near fall. Back on their feet, Cena blocked some punches to return strike on Sheamus, but The Celtic Warrior got Cena in a sleeper hold. Cena made a comeback and waited for Sheamus to get up near the ropes, then grabbed him for an AA. Sheamus slid down Cena’s back and put a pinfall on but Cena kicked out. Sheamus turned that into the Cloverleaf to try to make Cena tap out. Cena crawled to the bottom rope to break it.

Cena put on an STF but Sheamus eventually managed to crawl to the bottom rope to break that. Cena went for another AA after bashing Sheamus’ chest through the ropes 10 times. Sheamus came back with a high knee to Cena’s face to knock him down. Sheamus prepared for a Brogue Kick and started towards Cena who blasted him with a big clothesline. Moments later, Cena got Sheamus up for an electric chair to slam him down and then locked the STF on. Sheamus tried for the bottom rope but Cena yanked him back. Sheamus escaped it and picked up Cena to hit the rolling senton. Cena responded though and was able to grab Sheamus for the AA and the win.

Winner: John Cena defeated Sheamus via pinfall.

The WWE slam of the week came from SmackDown’s Lumberjack match between Seth Rollins and Ryback. Ryback had Rollins up for the Shellshocked but the ref was distracted. Kevin Owens grabbed Ryback’s leg from the outside to trip him up, helping Rollins get the win.

Ryback was in the ring after break talking about being proud to stand there as their Intercontinental Champion. He mentioned it was appropriate they’re in Memphis, TN because people think he’s “All Shook Up” over Kevin Owens. Ryback tried to sing a bit of the Elvis song (badly). He talked about Kevin Owens costing him the match on SmackDown against Rollins for a bit.

Kevin Owens’ music hit and he came out to interrupt. Owens was carrying the book “The Secret” and said after reading it, he feels sorry for Ryback and all the other delusional pieces of garbage who believed it. He got in the ring and said the book is a crutch for weak people. He told Ryback he can’t blame him for reading it, but he can blame him for being weak to begin with. Owens tried to throw the book out of the ring after calling Ryback “weak.” The book hit the ropes, so Ryback told him “you missed.” Owens tossed it out, but the cover was still in the ring so he picked it up and tossed it in Ryback’s face.

Ryback talked about how he had an elevator ride to the top and then fell on his face, but he didn’t stop, he kept going until he could get back and eventually become Intercontinental Champion. Owens said he is “for now,” but if he ever gets a shot at the title he’s going to take it from him and show everyone “the big guy is nothing more than a weak little boy.” Ryback told him that was funny because he went to The Authority earlier and had them set up the match for Night of Champions. He told Owens he’s not just “some big guy, but THE big guy.” He started a feed me more chant and Owens backed out of the ring to go up the ramp.

Lucha Dragons & Neville vs. Stardust & The Ascension

Early on Lucha Dragons and Neville rushed to the ring and started to beat up the heels. They cleared the ring of them before Lucha Dragons did a pair of dives out onto The Ascension. Eventually, Stardust got knocked out of the ring too. Ascension started to drag him up the ramp and retreat so the match never really started.

Winners: Match never started, was a no contest.

They had a Nikki Bella video package where she asked viewers how they spent their year and said she spent hers cementing the Divas Revolution legacy. She said it wasn’t Paige or Becky Lynch or Sasha and it certainly won’t be Charlotte. She said after tonight, Charlotte will only be a footnote on her championship reign.

Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella (WWE Divas Championship Match)

Paige and Becky joined Charlotte at ringside. Nikki arrived out with Team Bella and showed off her divas title belt. Early on, Charlotte had the upperhand, using some unique leg scissor take downs and throws to toss Nikki to the side of the ring. Nikki managed to make a comeback and snapped Charlotte’s arm against the top rope, then knocked her to the outside. Nikki put a foot on her and stood tall as Raw went to break.

In the closing moments of the match chaos broke out as Alicia Fox got involved. Charlotte flipped her into the ring. Brie was also on the apron and ended up in the ring with Nikki on the outside. Charlotte rolled up Brie into a pinfall and the ref counted it 1-2-3! Charlotte was handed the divas belt and Ric Flair came rushing to the ring to celebrate with Charlotte, Paige and Becky.

Team Bella was down on the outside as Stephanie McMahon’s music hit. She came onto the ramp and told Charlotte that she can’t win the title by pinning someone who isn’t the champion. She said that Charlotte won the match due to a disqualification and would get a rematch for the title at Night of Champions. She also announced that if Nikki loses for any reason – pinfall, submission, contout or disqualification, she will lose the title belt. The ref retrieved Nikki’s title belt and then Alicia and Brie hoisted up Nikki to celebrate her as longest reigning divas champ.

Winner: Charlotte defeated Nikki Bella due to disqualification. Nikki Bella is still WWE Divas Champion.

Cesaro vs. Rusev

At one point, Rusev was being dominated by Cesaro until he grabbed him and dropped Cesaro against the top rope. As Cesaro staggered around, Rusev came off the ropes with a flying lariat to take him down. As Rusev was dominating, Dolph Ziggler came walking down the ramp with a small gift box in hand. He walked around the ring and over to Summer Rae and tried to hand her the gift but she kept saying no that she didn’t want it. Rusev looked out and was getting angry about it. Ziggler eventually placed the box down on the commentators table and Summer noticed. Meanwhile, Cesaro grabbed Rusev and locked him into a pinfall for the win. Post-match, Ziggler got into the ring and surprised Rusev with a Superkick. Rusev went to the outside to recover with Summer Rae checking on him. She eventually grabbed the small gift box and walked up the ramp with Rusev.

Winner: Cesaro defeated Rusev via pinfall.

The commentators talked up the matches for Night of Champions including the new matches set up tonight: Dudley Boyz vs. New Day, Kevin Owens vs. Ryback and just made, Stardust vs. Neville.

Backstage, Big Show walked in to talk with Stephanie and Triple H. They talked him up saying they know he’s got this tonight. Show put a fist out and then walked off confidently. Cole talked over what happened last week when Sting shoved Seth’s statue into the back of a trash compacting truck.

Cole announced that Nikki Bella’s reign as longest-reigning Divas champ continues on Thursday night’s SmackDown with her “Bellabration.”

Sting vs. The Big Show

The Authority watched from the outside as Show was introduced first and then waited on Sting’s entrance. Early in the match, Sting ducked Show early and started to chop at him. Show tried for several attacks near the corner but Sting dodged those and kicked away on Show, then climbed the turnbuckle to connect on 10 punches. Sting let out a “Whoo” but then Show grabbed him for a Chokeslam. Sting countered and hit a DDT. Sting seemed to be in control until Seth Rollins came in to attack out of nowhere. Rollins and Show began to assault Sting but suddenly John Cena rushed to the ring to make a save. He cleared Rollins out of the ring and then Sting was back up to help Cena doubleteam Show. They tossed Show to the side ropes to go for another move, but Show slipped down and out of the ring. On the outside, Triple H got on the mic and said they’ve had enough controversy for a night so they’re going to have a tag team match: Cena & Sting vs. Rollins & Show, right now.

Winner: Sting defeated Big Show due to disqualification.

John Cena & Sting vs. Big Show & Seth Rollins

The match was joined in progress after break with Cena and Show the legal competitors. HHH and Steph sat near the commentators table to watch the match. Cena tried to hit a shoulder tackle on Show but Show bumped him down hard instead to take control. Rollins eventually tagged in to punish Cena some more and taunt Sting. The ref had to stop Sting who tried to get in the ring. Rollins rushed at Cena who backdropped him out of the ring. Show went out to help encourage Rollins to get back to the ring. Rollins did so and made the tag to Show who cut off Cena from the tag to Sting.

Cena managed to roll out of harm’s way when Show went for a corner splash move. Show crawled to a tag and Cena leapt over to tag in Sting too. Sting came in against Rollins and started to take it to him with Stinger Splashes in the corner followed by a running bulldog. Big Show came in and shoved Sting down, but Cena came in and hit an AA on Show. Rollins kicked Cena and went for The Pedigree but Sting was behind him and hit his finisher. He put the Scorpion Deathlock on Rollins who tapped out quick.

Winners: Sting & John Cena defeated Big Show & Seth Rollins via submission.

Cole and the commentators talked up Sting winning by submission and said if he can do that at Night of Champions he’ll leave as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Sting’s music played on as Cena and he celebrated while Big Show got up near the side of the ring. Triple H and Stephanie comforted Seth Rollins on the outside. Cole signed up talking up the possibilities that Cena, Sting and possibly Sheamus could have a championship Sunday night.

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