Raw Results for 10/5/15 – Hell in a Cell 2015 Build-Up 2

wwe brock lesnar
Brock Lesnar made an appearance on the October 5, 2015 episode of WWE Raw held at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

Welcome to the WWE Raw results for the October 5, 2015 episode on USA. The latest edition of Raw took place at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. Among those scheduled to appear were Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Seth Rollins, Kane and more. The show would continue the WWE’s build up to the 2015 Hell in a Cell pay-per-view scheduled for Oct. 25th in Los Angeles.

The opening segment featured Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman coming to the ring. Heyman talked up Lesnar destroying Big Show as part of the Go to Hell Tour at WWE’s Live from MSG event this past Saturday. He said now the attention shifts to Hell in a Cell and Undertaker is in a fight he simply can’t win. Big Show eventually came out to interrupt but got in the ring to offer a handshake to Brock. Lesnar laughed and walked out of the ring. Show said it must be nice to be arrogant like Brock is. He said he hopes when he faces Undertaker, he loses, again. Lesnar stopped smiling and got back in the ring. He hit a suplex on Big Show and followed it up with an F5 to put Show down.

Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, & Randy Orton vs. The Wyatt Family

After break, Orton, Reigns and Ambrose were on the offensive and seemed to have the upper hand. Strowman yanked Reigns off a cover of Wyatt to ringside and then Dean Ambrose hit a running suicide dive onto Strowman. After another dive with both men hitting the floor, Strowman got up and slammed Ambrose into the timekeeper’s area. The finish saw Wyatt try for a finisher on Orton. Orton avoided it and went for RKO but Wyatt got away. Orton hit an RKO on the legal man, Harper, and Reigns speared him down to get the pin. Post-match, Reigns vowed on the mic he will beat Wyatt at HIAC and he can “believe that.”

Winners: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, & Randy Orton defeated The Wyatt Family via pinfall.

Neville vs. Sheamus

King Barrett was on guest commentary. Prior to the match starting, Sheamus cut a promo on the mic calling Neville a real leprechaun. In the match, Neville gained control with a kick before the bell, then separated the two to start the match. Barrett said he needed to go have a word with Neville. That distracted Neville who ended up getting a quick Brogue Kick from Sheamus for the pinfall win.

Winner: Sheamus defeated Neville via pinfall.

Corporate Kane was in the ring and talked about being a bit hobbled lately, having trouble getting around. He said Rollins got carried away last week but he can’t blame him since a demon from Hell is after him. Kane said maybe he should be Rollins’ tag partner tonight against Dudley Boyz since Big Show was injured earlier. Rollins came out protesting the idea and the two trash talked a bit, with Kane pretending to be positive. Stephanie McMahon came out to interrupt.

Stephanie said the only way to resolve things is for the Demon Kane to get his day with Seth Rollins, at Hell in a Cell for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Rollins tried to protest but Steph wasn’t having it. She said tonight if Kane can tape up his ankle he can team with Rollins to take on The Dudley Boyz. She went to leave then turned back and said if Demon Kane can’t defeat Rollins at HIAC, then Corporate Kane will be relieved of his duties as head of operations.

After commercial, most of the roster was assembled on the stage wearing “Rise Above Cancer” gear. Cena was in the ring with a group of women and Roman Reigns. He talked about how because of the fans they were able to support Susan G Komen for the fourth-straight year. Cena hyped up Boston and the MA area, then asked the crowd to give a warm welcome to their breast cancer survivors in the ring. Reigns talked about his mantra being “One vs All” but in this fight it’s “All vs One.” He talked up how fans could go to WWE Shop and buy gear this month to support the fight.

They had a “WWE Rewind” bit from GEICO which was still shots from the cage match on WWE Live from MSG featuring Rollins vs. Cena for the United States title with Kane getting involved.

Dudley Boyz vs. Seth Rollins & Corporate Kane

Lilian introduced Corporate Kane as he came to the ring limping and wearing his suit. He removed his suit jacket and waited in the ring as Rollins came to the ring. Rollins yelled at him before the match telling him he’d take care of things if Kane couldn’t go with his leg.

Kane tried to start the match and hobbled around. He was near Rollins who slapped his back and yelled at Kane to just wait on the apron. Rollins jawed at Bubba and shoved him then Bubba knocked him down before gaining control. Kane eventually blind tagged back in as Rollins was getting beat up by D-Von. D-Von went right at Kane’s hurt leg to take control so Kane limped over and tagged out.

Rollins kept getting frustrated with Kane and told him to just stay put. He eventually handcuffed him to the ring. Kane somehow fell and the handcuff snapped. A doctor helped Kane limp up the ramp backstage. As they got to the top, Kane turned back briefly and gave an evil smile. Rollins saw him and yelled “You can’t do this.” D-Von nearly stole a pinfall on the distraction. The Dudleys hit their “What’s Up” double team on Rollins, then Bubba yelled for D-Von to get the table. They went to the outside and grabbed one from under the ring. Rollins got to his feet and hit a baseball slide dropkick to knock the Dudleys down. The ref called for the bell due to the table being introduced.

Rollins rolled to the outside and got his title belt to try to leave the scene. As Rollins was ringside, Kane’s pyro and theme music hit, bringing Demon Kane down the ramp to head off Rollins. Rollins tried to hit him with the championship belt but Kane punched at Rollins first. Things went in the ring with Kane ready to chokeslam Rollins. The Dudleys rolled back into the ring and got ready behind Kane. As he turned they hit a 3D on him to drop Kane to the mat. Dudleys left up the ramp and Rollins got up laughing at Kane. He hesitated then left the ring.

Rollins stopped at the ramp and turned back with an idea. He got the table and set it up in the ring, then stood over Kane to taunt him. Suddenly, Kane sprung to life and grabbed Rollins by the neck. Rollins fought out and kicked Kane, then tried to jump off the corner. Kane caught him with a hand on the neck and chokeslammed Rollins through the table.

Winners: No contest due to disqualification when Dudley Boyz got a table from under the ring.

Natalya vs. Paige

The match lasted over five minutes. The two went back and forth with some near falls mixed in. Later, Natalya got a Sharpshooter on but Paige got the ropes. Natalya reapplied the move and Paige tapped.

Winner: Natalya defeated Paige via submission.

Sin Cara vs. Kevin Owens

Sin Cara had a bit of offense at one point, but he went for a springboard move and Owens connected on a kick. Owens hit a Pop Up Powerbomb for the win. He went to beat up Kalisto post-match but Ryback came out to make a save.

Winner: Kevin Owens defeated Sin Cara via pinfall in a non title match.

Team BAD vs. Team Bella

The commentators fed to an earlier video from a limo arriving to the TD Garden with The Bellas getting out to complain how cold it is and asking why they had to be there. A black SUV rolled up as they were walking and stopped. Team BAD got out. The two teams started trash talking and Sasha took off Nikki’s NY Yankees cap to toss away.

In the match, Team Bella worked to keep Naomi away from a tag for a while. Naomi eventually escaped Alicia Fox in the corner and made the hot tag to Boston’s Sasha Banks. She came in and knocked Nikki and Brie off the apron then took it to Alicia. She had a pinfall after some knees in the corner but Brie got in to break it up. Each of Team BAD got a big move in on one of the Bellas. Sasha was left alone in the ring with Alicia who she put the Bank Statement on to make her tap out.

Winners: Team BAD won via submission over Team Bella.

Summer Rae was in the ring and said she wanted to introduce the man she goes home with every night, Rusev. He came out to his theme music and got into the ring. Summer too d him he’s the man who has done the most this past year in WWE and she wanted to dedicate this tribute in his honor. A video package was shown of all Summer and Rusev’s moments together and some of the highlights of Rusev beating up opponents such as Dolph Ziggler.

After the video package ended, Rusev talked about how he wasn’t sure he liked Summer at first, but after these last several weeks with her under his arm, he has fallen. Summer said she’s glad he said that, because she needs to ask him something. She got down on one knee and presented a ring, then asked Rusev on the mic to marry her. He seemed confused over it and Summer suggested he should just say “Yes.” Rusev started to answer but couldn’t finish a sentence and then said “I say yes.”

Rusev got on the mic again and said “yes, but not yet.” Rusev said they need to prove to each other they’re worthy and he needs WWE gold around his waist and then she will have gold around her finger. Rusev dropped the mic and then went in between the ropes, holding them open. Summer looked confused and upset but pulled it together and then went out of the ring to walk up the ramp with Rusev.

Big E vs. John Cena – United States Championship Match

Cena came out for the main event, his US Championship Open challenge match. New Day arrived out from backstage carrying a beat up Dolph Ziggler who they dropped on the top of the ramp. Woods spoke on the mic asking Cena what he said last week about getting serious, then said “John, is this serious enough for you?” Big E entered the challenge for tonight’s match. During the match, E got control after running into Cena to bump him off the apron to the floor. He stayed in control in the ring as Xavier and Kofi laughed and danced outside the ring.

Cena started fighting back with punches but missed on one and Big E bounced against the ropes then knocked Cena down for a near fall. He rushed at Cena near the ropes, but Cena ducked down and dropped E to the outside. Woods and Kofi went over to encourage him to get up. Cena went out to get E, but got whipped into the steel steps instead.

Cena eventually made his comeback and put E down for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. E got up and Cena went for the AA, but New Day got on the apron to grab E’s arms and helped pull him down. The ref saw it and yelled at Woods and Kofi to go backstage. During the commotion, E picked up Woods’ trombone and went towards Cena with it. Cena ducked and the ref grabbed the trombone away. From there, Cena picked up E and hit an AA for the win. Post-match, Woods and Kingston slid into the ring and attacked Cena.

Dolph Ziggler’s music hit and he came rushing down to try to intervene. During the brawl in the ring, he went for a Superkick but missed New Day and hit Cena instead. Ziggler was laid out by New Day. Dudley Boyz came rushing to the ring to try to fight off New Day, but were overpowered by the three members of New Day who eventually hit their finisher. They left Dudley Boyz, Cena and Ziggler all laying in the ring to close Raw out as Woods played his trombone and all of New Day danced to their theme music on the ramp.

Winner: John Cena defeated Big E via pinfall to retain the WWE United States Championship.

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