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Welcome to the WWE Raw results for the October 12, 2015 episode of the weekly show on USA Network. This week’s show was held at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. Among the storylines heading into this show are the upcoming Hell in a Cell pay-per-view and the already scheduled matches such as Kane versus Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt. Also, John Cena could continue his United States Championship open challenge and find an opponent for the upcoming pay-per-view. Below are match-by-match recaps and results for this show.

They showed Kane backstage as he talked on the speaker phone to Triple H and Stephanie. They told Kane he’d need to handle the show since they were just leaving now and it would take time for them to arrive. Kane assured them he’d make sure to run things fairly and put his differences with Seth Rollins aside. After the call, Kane pulled a WWE staffer aside and told them to go inform Rollins he’s got a Lumberjack match against Kane tonight.

Dean Ambrose hit the ring to start off the show with a promo, talking about how he’s not going to stand there and drone on to start the show, he just wants a fight. Randy Orton’s music hit and he came out. The two discussed how the Wyatts are a common enemy but Ambrose needs to follow his lead. Ambrose said he doesn’t follow any leads and doesn’t trust Orton. New Day came out to interrupt. They talked trash about how they laid everyone out to end last week’s show. New Day mocked Orton as a “groupie” for all the groups he’s been in. Xavier Woods talked some trash and then Kane showed up on the big screen. He booked Ambrose and Orton versus Kofi and Big E, next.

Kofi Kingston & Big E defeated Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose via pinfall in a non-title match. During the match, Orton and Ambrose argued a bit. At one point, Orton hit a hanging DDT on Kofi Kingston and went for the finish. Kofi managed to shove Orton into Ambrose and then rolled Orton up for the pinfall.

Nikki Bella defeated Naomi via pinfall. Brie and Alicia were ringside, as were the rest of Team BAD. Late in the match, Brie stood on the announcers desk and chanted “We want Sasha.” Sasha came over to knock her down. The distraction in the ring allowed Nikki to hit Rack Attack for the win.

John Cena defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall to retain the United States Championship. Cena issued his US Championship Open Challenge and Dolph Ziggler came out to accept. The match lasted just under 18 minutes. At one point, Ziggler raked Cena in the eyes when Cena had him up for an AA. Ziegler had a Superkick and the near fall. He had another near fall after a Zig Zag at 17 minutes in. Eventually, he pulled himself up by the ropes and Cena quickly hit the AA for the win.

The Dudley Boyz defeated The Ascension via pinfall. Ascension started things off with an attack on the Dudleys only for D-Von and Bubba to make a comeback. They eventually hit a Doomsday Device and then the 3D for the win in about 2:30 of match time.

King Barrett & Sheamus defeated Neville & Cesaro via pinfall. At one point during the match, Cesaro pressed Neville over head and tossed him out onto the two heels outside the ring. Back in the ring, Neville had a pinfall on Sheamus but he kicked out and it sent Neville towards the ropes. Barrett connected on a Bull Hammer and then Sheamus got the winning pinfall.

Roman Reigns came out to cut a promo detailing how his feud with Bray Wyatt went back to the Money in the Bank PPV when Wyatt cost him the MITB briefcase. He talked about how he tells his seven year old he’s going to win the title for the two of them. The fans chanted “Boring” a few times, and Reigns told them it isn’t boring but “real life.” Eventually Reigns said he’s going to rip Wyatt apart. Wyatt’s music hit and the family came out onto the stage. Reigns said when the cell gets locked at the PPV, Wyatt will wish he was in there with anyone but him. Bray dropped his mic and whispered to Braun Strowman who headed to the ring.

Roman Reigns defeated Braun Strowman via countout. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper were ringside. Late in the match, Reigns took out Harper at ringside before hitting a Superman Punch on Strowman to send him over the announce table. Reigns got back into the ring as Strowman got counted out. Post-match, the Wyatt Family surrounded the ring and then all entered at once. Reigns slid to the outside. Wyatt knelt down in the ring to pose and Reigns was able to punch him from the outside before heading backstage.

Backstage, Kane got a call on the speakerphone from Triple H. The call was breaking up as Triple H asked about who was fighting in the main event tonight. Kane told him about Seth Rollins and Hunter asked who he’s facing. The line broke up a bit as Kane said “It’s me.” Triple H said he knows who he is talking to but wants to know who Rollins is facing. The line soon disconnected.

Ryback defeated Rusev via pinfall. Summer Rae was ringside and Cole asked what was going on since hearing the earlier news about Rusev’s engagement to Lana. Ryback eventually avoided Rusev charging at him in the corner and then hit Shellshocked for the win.

Post-match, Summer got into the ring to address the latest news. She said she could have done this backstage in private but wants the world to know what kind of man he is. The Rusev and Lana engagement story showed up on the big screen. Lana said Rusev is just a whipped little boy and she’s not wasting another minute of her time on a narcissistic, self-centered and egotistical bastard. She slapped Rusev and then left the ring.

Kevin Owens defeated Kalisto via pinfall in a non-title match. Owens rolled to the outside during the match and Kalisto kicked him, then tried for a springboard hurricanrana. He didn’t land the move but managed to fall to the floor safely. Once back in the ring, Kalisto got a knee shot to Owens’ head and then hit a cross body for the near fall. He hit a DDT a bit later for another near fall. Kalisto tried for another big move but this time Owens caught him, then set him down and picked him back up for the power bomb finisher.

Brie Bella & Alicia Fox defeated Charlotte & Becky Lynch via pinfall. The match lasted a bit over 3 minutes. Natalya and Nikki Bella were ringside while Paige was on commentary. At one point, Paige shoved Natalya who got kicked by Brie. In the ring, Brie got the win after hitting a missile dropkick on Charlotte for the pinfall.

Kane got a call backstage from The Authority. Triple H told Kane under no circumstances can he go out to work the match against Rollins so he’d need to find a suitable replacement. Kane told him he understands.

They had another bit backstage with Seth Rollins talking to Big Show and suggesting of all the lumberjacks he knew he could count on him for help. Show laughed at Rollins saying he has a good sense of humor. Corporate Kane showed up and informed Rollins not to worry, that Triple H told him he won’t be facing him in the ring tonight.

Seth Rollins made his entrance for the main event. Michael Cole said Rollins will be on ESPN SportsCenter with Jonathan Coachman on Tuesday night. “Demon” Kane came out as Rollins’ opponent with Cole and the commentators discussing how Triple H told “Corporate” Kane he couldn’t face Rollins, but that didn’t mean Demon Kane can’t.

Kane defeated Seth Rollins via pinfall in a non-title Lumberjack match. The match went over eight minutes and featured a variety of superstars around the ring as lumberjacks including Big Show, Cesaro and New Day. At one point in the match, Kane and Big Show got into it and Show punched Kane before leaving. Rollins hit a flying knee from the top rope for the two count. Later, New Day yanked Kane to the outside to stomp away on him. A bunch of the lumberjacks fought on the outside. Kane got rolled back in the ring and some lumberjacks went in to attack him. Big E tried for a running splash but Kane got up. A brawl happened in the ring with the lumberjacks. Kane grabbed Stardust and Xavier Woods to hit chokeslams. Rollins kicked Kane and went for the Pedigree. Kane fought his way out and hit a Tombstone Piledriver on Rollins for the win.

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