WWE Raw fan almost gets in ring with Seth Rollins (video)

During Monday’s episode of WWE Raw, a random fan tried to go after superstar Seth Rollins. The incident came after Rollins had been trying to summon the Demon King to the ring throughout the night. Luckily for Rollins, the fan was grabbed while attempting to get in the ring and then subdued at ringside. A few video clips surfaced on various social media platforms following the incident.

wwe fan goes after seth rollins on raw

In one clip posted to Twitter (below), Rollins is seen doing his in-ring promo speech. Suddenly he stops and just stares, taking a few steps back to watch what’s going down. After the individual is nabbed, Rollins makes light of it saying “So that’s the Demon King?” and then laughing the incident off.

In another clip, Rollins is shown standing in the ring, while WWE personnel are holding down someone near the bottom of the ramp. They appear to be trying to get the individual up and out of the way, because the lights dim, go out completely and Finn Balor’s music hits for his Demon King entrance.

It’s not the first time Rollins has nearly been attacked by a fan. Back when he was the WWE and United States champion, a fan walked out onto the Raw ramp as if he was heading to the ring with Rollins. The man was stopped from getting in the ring before anything major could happen.

Luckily for Rollins, security at WWE live events is certainly on top of things. It seems the camera people are as well, as they manage to keep the incident off live television so fans at home will still be able to enjoy the full experience of the show and its segments. Right now, there’s no word on any arrest for the latest incident.

Rollins will take on Balor for the WWE Universal Championship at Sunday’s WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view in Brooklyn. Expect the security to be on top of things at the Barclay’s Center for an event of that magnitude as WWE has a zero tolerance policy for fans jumping the barriers and trying to get involved in the action.

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