Extreme Rules 2016 Results Coverage (Part 3)

Welcome to part three of the WWE Extreme Rules 2016 results coverage. On this report, you’ll find the match results for the WWE Womens Championship bout and the Extreme Rules match for the WWE World Heavyweight title. Check the links below for part 1 and part 2 of Ringside Results’ ongoing coverage of this pay-per-view event.

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Charlotte defeated Natalya via submission to retain the WWE Women’s Championship. Charlotte focused her attack on Natalya’s legs with several moves, including tossing her legs first into the ropes. Charlotte headed up top and connected on a moonsault then put a Half Crab on Natalya. Nattie fought it and then hit a big German Suplex. She put the Sharpshooter on and pulled Charlotte towards center ring. Charlotte managed to get to the ropes once but Natalya pulled her back.

Suddenly, Nature Boy Ric Flair’s music came on. A figure in a robe and Flair wig came out on the stage posing with arms raised. The person revealed themselves and it was Dana Brooke. She pulled off the wig and robe and headed towards the ring. Meanwhile, Charlotte tried to put a move on but Natalya knocked her to the outside. Dana got up on the apron and Nattie went over to confront her. She grabbed Dana by the hair and nearly pulled her into the ring but Charlotte rushed back over to grab Natalya. After the attack, Charlotte locked the Figure Eight on Nattie to make her tap. Post-match, Ric Flair came out from backstage and hi-fived Dana at ringside. The two joined Charlotte in the ring to celebrate her title win.

The commentary team hyped up the main event match. They had a video package shown to detail the ongoing feud between AJ Styles and Roman Reigns, as well as the involvement of Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and The Usos.

Roman Reigns defeated AJ Styles via pinfall to retain the WWE World Heavweight Championship. Early on, Styles took the fight to the outside and set up Reigns near the barrier. He ran from a distance away and hit a huge punch to take Reigns over the barrier. The two superstars kept on fighting into the crowd area. Later, Styles tore padding off the ringside barriers to bounce Reigns face first onto the exposed hard surface. He pulled up some of the padding on the outside floor and tried to hit a move on Reigns, but Roman countered and knocked Styles to the floor. Reigns tore apart the nearby commentary table, moving the cover off and trying for a Powerbomb.

Styles punched away on Reigns and fell onto him on the table, keeping up the attack. Up on the German announce table he set up for a Styles Clash but Reigns blocked it and punched Styles back onto the nearby barricade. Styles fell over into the crowd area. A bit later, Reigns hit a huge backdrop to crash Styles through the U.S. announcers table.

Back in the ring, Reigns set up a Razor’s Edge on Styles and hit a Sitout Powerbomb with him for a near fall. Styles just barely kicked out of it. Reigns went for a Superman Punch and Styles hit a shoulder tackle which seemed to tweak Reigns’ left knee. Styles took advantage with a suplex to smash Reigns’ hurt leg into the corner turnbuckle.

On the outside, Reigns grabbed Styles and hit him against the apron and crowd barrier. From there, he power bombed him onto the Spanish announcers table to smash it as well.¬†Reigns gave a huge warrior’s yell on the outside and rushed at Styles for a spear, but Styles moved aside and Reigns crashed through the timekeeper’s wall area.

Reigns was able to connect on a huge spear on the outside after running around the side of the ring and leaping over the steel steps to take Styles down. As Reigns got back in the ring with Styles, Anderson and Gallows came to the ring and hit a double team attack on Reigns. They took Reigns down and then put Styles on him for the cover but Reigns kicked out. Gallows and Anderson got a steel chair to bring in but The Usos rushed to the ring to hit Superkicks. They hit two on Styles and a big splash, then rolled Reigns over to cover. Styles kicked out before three and then Gallows and Anderson rushed over to attack The Usos at ringside. Anderson and Gallows got back in the ring but Reigns hit Superman punches on each.

Reigns waited in the corner for Styles to get to his feet and then went for a spear. Styles blocked it and then hit a Styles Clash on Reigns. He had the pinfall with Reigns able to barely kick out. Next, Styles set up for Styles Clash on a steel chair but Reigns blocked that and backdropped Styles onto the chair instead. Moments later, Reigns went for another Superman Punch but Styles hit a Phenomenal Forearm and then hit Styles Clash on the chair. He had the pinfall but one of The Usos pulled his leg briefly to prevent it.

Styles grabbed the Steel Chair and smashed it against The Usos as they got into the ring. He bashed the chair against Reigns multiple times then took off his elbow pad. He got on the apron for a Phenomenal Forearm springboard off the ropes, but Reigns jumped to spear him down mid-air for the win.

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