Extreme Rules 2016 Results Coverage (Part 2)

Welcome to WWE Extreme Rules 2016 results for the Sunday, May 22 pay-per-view from Newark, New Jersey. This report covers part two of our ongoing results coverage including several big championship matches and more. Among the bouts featured were the WWE Tag Team Championship match with New Day defending against The Vaudevillians. All of the match-by-match results and latest show highlights can be seen below.

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The New Day defeated The Vaudevillians via pinfall to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship. Xavier Woods participated in the match along with Big E. Early on, The Vaudevillians kept Woods isolated and dominated him. Eventually, Woods hit an enziguiri kick to escape the heels and tagged in E. Big E came in for multiple belly-to-belly duplexes and a huge splash on Aiden English. He set up for the Big Ending, but English countered it. Moments later, English connected on a DDT for a near fall. The Vaudevillians managed to get Big E out of the ring after a tag to Woods and then threw E into the steel steps. They quickly tossed Woods back in the ring and hit the Whirling Dervish on him but he barely kicked out before 3. A bit later, Big E was back in the ring to dive at English and take him down outside the ring. Kofi got in the ring behind the ref’s back to hit Gotch, allowing Woods to connect on a move for the pinfall.

AJ Styles was shown walking backstage when Renee Young walked up to him. She asked him how much Anderson and Gallows will be involved if at all. Styles told her they’ve talked about that enough and no matter what happens tonight he’ll walk out as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He walked off and went inside a locker room door with “The Club” on it.

The Miz pinned Cesaro to win the Fatal Fourway Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Champion The Miz took on Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Cesaro. As soon as the bell ran, Zayn charged across the ring and connected with a Helluva Kick on Owens knocking him down. Owens fell out of the ring to the floor. A few moments later, Cesaro went over and hit a big uppercut to knock The Miz out of the ring. That left it as Cesaro vs. Zayn to start the match. Miz managed to get back in the ring and punched Cesaro off the apron, but then was clotheslined back out by Zayn. Zayn hit a running dive to land on both Miz and Cesaro on the outside before rolling Miz back in for a near fall. Owens was able to get back in and got the upperhand against Zayn. He connected on a Senton bomb for a near fall.

At one point, Miz and Zayn both climbed up with Owens to try a double suplex. Cesaro came under Zayn and power bombed all three guys to the mat then had a near fall. Moments later, Cesaro had control hit a barrage of uppercuts in each corner on all three of his opponents. Cesaro prepared for the swing on Miz but Owens rushed over and hit a German suplex on him. Owens took over and hit moves on each guy in the corner. He went for a Popup Powerbomb on Zayn who avoided it and hit a move. Cesaro hit a big uppercut on Zayn, and then Miz rushed over to hit Skullcrushing Finale on Cesaro. He had the pinfall and Cesaro just barely kicked out. Cesaro finally hit a big uppercut on Miz and then did the Swing on him for multiple revolutions. Cesaro managed to avoid Owens’ attack and hit the Neutralizer. He had what looked like a winning pinfall, but Zayn rushed in to break it up before 3.

The close saw Sami Zayn hit a Helluva Kick on Cesaro after Miz got thrown to the outside. Zayn had the pinfall locked on Cesaro but Owens yanked Zayn to the outside. Zayn was furious and kept attacking Owens, tossing him to the crowd barriers. Meanwhile in the ring, Miz crawled onto Cesaro to collect the winning pinfall. Maryse knelt down near Miz on the ramp to celebrate the win.

Dean Ambrose defeated Chris Jericho via pinfall in the Asylum Match. Ambrose took it to Jericho as soon as things started, beating him up from corner to corner. Jericho demanded the refs open the door but it was locked shut. Cole reminded fans escaping the cage wasn’t one of the ways to win, only pinfall or submission inside. Jericho tried to climb the cage wall to get a weapon or escape, but Ambrose went up and yanked him down to beat up Jericho some more. The two men climbed the one cage wall trying to grab the mob with Ambrose able to get to it. He jabbed Jericho with it in the ear to knock him off the side of the wall, then beat Jericho some more with the mop on the mat.

Jericho managed to gain the advantage and slammed the mop down against Ambrose. He looked up at the barbwire 2×4 and then climbed the cage wall towards it. Ambrose got up and hit Jericho, then slammed Jericho off the side to the mat. Both guys got up on different sides of the cage a bit later with Ambrose getting the nunchucks and Jericho grabbing the 2×4. Jericho charged at Ambrose but Ambrose avoided him and hit him with the nunchucks multiple times to gain control.

Jericho regained control and had a near fall on Ambrose. In frustration, he kicked Ambrose in the gut and then climbed the wall to get the leather strap. He hit Ambrose with it several times and yelled “Come on whipping boy!” Moments later, Ambrose got control back and started hitting Jericho with the strap. However, Jericho was able to turn the tables and threw Ambrose against the cage wall. He demanded the ref should open the door but the ref told him no. Jericho tried to climb out, but Ambrose rushed up after him and the two fought on the top rope. Ambrose jumped on the top rope to crotch Jericho. He went up to the top and grabbed the fire extinguisher as his next weapon. Jericho climbed the opposite wall and had his hands on the straightjacket. Ambrose yanked him down as Jericho had the straightjacket. On the mat, both men recovered with Ambrose charging at Jericho with the fire extinguisher. Jericho tossed the jacket in his face and hit an enziguiri kick for the near fall.

In a huge spot, Ambrose climbed up to the top of the cage and then flew off with a huge elbow to take down Jericho. Ambrose covered him but Jericho was able to get his arm up at the last possible second. With Jericho still recovering, Ambrose went up the cage wall and grabbed the bucket that was hanging up above the cage. He brought the bucket down and took the lid off then pulled out a small black bag. Ambrose opened the bag and looked inside then poured a large amount of thumb tacks around on the mat. There were multiple spots where Amrose and Jericho traded near slam moves onto the tacks but neither connected.

Jericho managed to reverse an Ambrose move and put him in the Walls of Jericho. Ambrose crawled on the mat and eventually reached the kendo stick to start hitting Jericho with, breaking up the hold. Ambrose tried to jump off the corner with the kendo stick but Jericho had the fire extinguisher and sprayed him in the face. Jericho hit a Codebreaker fro a near fall. Jericho grabbed the barbwire 2×4 and hit Ambrose in the gut and back a few times with it. He yelled “Get up Ambrose, come on Mr. Crazy!” Ambrose finally stood up. Jericho jumped at him but Ambrose caught him and slammed Jericho down back-first onto thumb tacks. Jericho stood up screaming and moments later Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds for the win.

The Extreme Rules panel talked about some of their favorite moments so far. They reviewed the Corbin win against Ziggler during the pre-show.

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