Championship Winners at WWE Night of Champions 2015

2015 wwe night of champions winners
Seth Rollins had both championships on the line at WWE’s 2015 Night of Champions pay-per-view as he faced John Cena, and then Sting, in back-to-back matchups.

There were several title changes that went down at the WWE Night of Champions results on Sunday night from Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. All of the major championships on the roster were on the line during the event, including both of Seth Rollins’ titles. Rollins was made to defend his U.S. title against John Cena and then the WWE World Heavyweight title against Sting in unprecedented back-to-back matches. Also defending titles during the event were Divas champion Nikki Bella, Intercontinental Champion Ryback and tag team champs New Day. Let’s break down who the big winners were as well as some of the returning WWE superstars during the PPV.

Kevin Owens was able to capture the Intercontinental Championship in the first title change of the night. Owens exploited an early shoulder injury he caused on Ryback and would continue to target that injury through the match. On a Shellshocked attempt by Ryback, Owens raked Ryback’s eyes with the ref not seeing it. That led to Owens getting a schoolboy pinfall for the big championship win.

Later on the card, Charlotte was able to defeat Nikki Bella for her WWE Divas Championship. Once again, an injury was targeted as Nikki worked over a hurt leg that Charlotte tweaked early in the match. However, Charlotte managed to hang around¬†through the punishment and eventually was able to counter Nikki’s flying move off the¬†corner. Charlotte put a Figure Eight on Nikki to make her tap out in frustration. Ric Flair eventually joined Paige and Becky Lynch in the ring to celebrate with his daughter as tears of joy rushed down his face.

The big surprise mystery tag partner for Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose was none other than Chris Jericho. Y2J showed up and attempted to help them overcome the Wyatt Family trio. Late in the match, Jericho got excited and tagged himself into the match late to try to hit Walls of Jericho and pin Braun Strowman. However, the newest Wyatt was able to toss Jericho off the pin and then decimate him in the ring to get his team the win.

In the first of his title defenses, Seth Rollins dropped the United States title to John Cena. The match was a great back-and-forth contest with Cena ultimately able to counter a Rollins move and hit a reverse suplex followed by the Attitude Adjustment for the win. Cena reclaimed the U.S. Championship and then headed off Rollins as he tried to leave before the main event championship match.

The main event saw some dramatic moments including the 56-year-old Sting flying off the corner to take down Rollins on the outside with a crossbody. At one point, Sting appeared to get hurt and need a referee and trainer to check on him. After several moments, Sting stumbled around and was able to put a Scorpion Deathlock on Rollins. Rollins escaped one and then moments later managed to counter another to roll up Sting in a small package for the win. Post-match, Rollins celebrated with his belt and laughed as Sting was helped backstage.

The celebration was short-lived as Sheamus showed up and hit a Brogue Kick, then was about to cash in for the title. Kane’s music hit and he made his surprise return, coming to the ring to get revenge on Rollins with a chokeslam. Sheamus got back in the ring and asked Kane to do one more, which Kane did, but on Sheamus. After a Tombstone to Rollins, the pay-per-view ended with Rollins still the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but the old school Kane (mask and all) is back!

Other winners from the PPV included The Cosmic Wasteland by pinfall over Neville and Lucha Dragons, as well as Dolph Ziggler by pinfall over Rusev.

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