Bayley makes WWE entrance at Battleground PPV

WWE NXT women’s wrestler Bayler made her WWE entrance at the 2016 Battleground pay-per-view Sunday night. Bayley ended up being the mystery tag team partner that Sasha Banks chose to take on the team of WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte and her sidekick Dana Brooke. She was also on the winning side in her debut on a major pay-per-view with the sports entertainment company.

Sasha Banks’ Mystery Partner

Sasha played up the drama after she got to the ring, waiting for several moments as there was no theme music. The crowd knew what was up, as many fans could be hand giving a “Bayley” chant. Soon their chant was answered as Bayley’s upbeat theme music hit and she arrived out to make her entrance at the Battleground 2016 pay-per-view.

The two were victorious in the contest as Bayley helped take care of Dana Brooke from interfering late. Sasha ended up grabbing WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte and hitting a Backstabber, then put her into the Bank Statement. After several moments of struggle, Charlotte had no choice but to tap out. The post-match celebration went on with Banks’ theme music and Bayley encouraging them to “hug it out.” Sasha obliged in her good friend’s suggestion.

Bayley from NXT to WWE?

Bayley’s been starring in NXT since 2012 and is a former NXT women’s champion. She has most recently feuded with Asuka who won the NXT women’s title off Bayley. Not only that, but Bayley and Sasha were part of the “Four Horsewomen” faction which also included leader Charlotte and fellow women’s wrestler Becky Lynch.

After the recent brand split into separate shows, many fans were upset when the popular NXT women’s star wasn’t drafted to a show. Instead, her fellow NXT women’s wrestlers Nia Jax, Alexa Bliss and Carmella were placed on shows. While Bayley wasn’t brought up to Raw or Smackdown in the recent WWE Draft, she appears headed for the main roster after tonight’s debut!

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