2016 Royal Rumble Match Order: Entries & Eliminations

wwe superstar roman reigns

The 2016 Royal Rumble match took place on Sunday, January 24th as part of the pay-per-view at Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. This year’s 30-man match featured the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the line. Roman Reigns was slated to enter at No. 1 and would have to last the entire match to stay champion. The odds were effectively stacked against him in terms of holding onto his championship belt. Here’s a look at the complete Royal Rumble match order of entries and eliminations, as well as who eliminated who from the match.

01 Roman Reigns – elim. 28 by Triple H
02 Rusev – elim. 1 by Reigns
03 AJ Styles – elim. 11 by Owens
04 Tyler Breeze – elim. 2 by Reigns/Styles
05 Curtis Axel – elim. 3 by Styles
06 Chris Jericho – elim 27 by Ambrose
07 Kane – elim. 9 by Braun Strowman
08 Goldust – elim. 4 by Titus O’Neil
09 Ryback – elim 8 by Big Show
10 Kofi Kingston – elim by Chris Jericho 6
11 Titus O’Neil – elim 7 by Big Show
12 R-Truth – elim. 5 by Kane
13 Luke Harper – elim. 19 by Lesnar
14 Stardust – elim 14 by Harper
15 Big Show – elim 10 by Strowman
16 Neville – elim 13 by Harper
17 Braun Strowman – elim. 20 by Lesnar
18 Kevin Owens – elim. 12 by Sami Zayn
19 Dean Ambrose – elim. 29 by Triple H
20 Sami Zayn – elim. 16 by Strowman
21 Erick Rowan – elim. 17 by Brock Lesnar
22 Mark Henry – elim. 15 by Harper, Rowan & Strowman
23 Brock Lesnar – elim. 20 by Wyatt Family
24 Jack Swagger – elim. 18 by Brock Lesnar
25 The Miz – elim. 22 by Reigns
26 Alberto Del Rio – elim. 23 by Reigns
27 Bray Wyatt – elim. 26 by Sheamus/HHH
28 Dolph Ziggler – elim. 24 by HHH
29 Sheamus – elim. 28 by Reigns
30 Triple H – Winner

Surprise entrants in tonight’s match were former TNA Heavyweight champion AJ Styles at No. 30 and NXT star Sami Zayn coming in at No. 20. Beyond that, there were no major returning stars or former legends in the match.

Some of the more notable eliminations included Kevin Owens ousting newcomer AJ Styles from the ring and yelling “Welcome to WWE,” as well as Brock Lesnar eliminating Strowman, Harper and Rowan of The Wyatt Family. Those three later worked together with Bray Wyatt to lift Lesnar up over the ropes to eliminate him.

Also of note was Reigns lasting most of the match, but being attacked by League of Nations at the orders of Mr. McMahon. That saw Reigns carted off on a stretcher and staying out of the match for a good bit, until he rushed back down to attack the No. 29 entry, Sheamus.

Triple H made his entrance as a surprise in the match at No. 30 and he would ultimately be the one to eliminate Reigns with a quick scoop up over the ropes right after Reigns had Superman Punched Sheamus off the apron. From there, HHH battled Dean Ambrose and managed to backdrop him out over the top rope to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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